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Updated: January 20th, 2022 03:41 PM IST

Laugh all you want, but Rudy is ready to take this subpoena straight to the Supreme Courtyard by Marriott.

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Donald Trump Attorney Hall Of Fame Roy Cohn 1 Michael Cohen 1,3,4,5 Rudy Giuliani 2,3,5,6 Victoria Toensing 2,3,5 Jenna Ellis 2,5 Sidney Powell 2,5 1 disbarred 2 disbarment formally requested by court 3 office raided by FBI 4 convicted 5 unpaid 6 farted

Rudy Foto,Rudy Twitter Tendenze : Top Tweets

Nick Kyrgios having a Rudy Giuliani moment as hair dye melts off his face

Rudy Foto,Rudy Twitter Tendenze : Top Tweets

Vivere in attesa della lettera di Rudy ad Alex. Perché tutto il mondo SA. #amici21 #alex

Rudy Foto,Rudy Twitter Tendenze : Top Tweets

It’s really a treat to watch Rudy play defense. He’s so good. Not only on his huge blocks but he’s directing everything back there. His basketball IQ is insanely high.

The supportive comments & the outrage I could see indirectly on Twitter from so many of you was very encouraging, sincerely. Special thanks to Adam for his efforts. I must have some influential Twitter friends. Not everyone who gets suspended here does.

Laugh all you want, but Rudy is ready to take this subpoena straight to the Supreme Courtyard by Marriott.

BOOM! The Jan. 6 committee has subpoenaed Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell. How does that make you feel?

BREAKING: Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Trump “war room” attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Boris Epshteyn, as well as Trump election lawyers Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis

la cattiveria di rudy e il suo discorso completamente fuoriluogo #Amici21

Sono contenta che a Rudy stia sul caxxo Alex. Tutti quelli a cui va contro poi finito il programma sfondano. #amici21

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Il confronto tra la maestra Celentano e Mattia, il prof Rudy Zerbi ha qualcosa da dire ad Alex e… Cliccate qui per rivedere la puntata di oggi di #Amici21 ⬇

Marcy Wheeler (⁦@emptywheel⁩) is the closest thing we have to IF Stone, a journalist who found stories in the things reporters overlooked.

I believe this was Rudy’s last play date with his Doberman girlfriends. He belly was already so big 😭😭 I’m sorry buddy. I wish there was more I could have done. #fuckcancer

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Rudy stranamente stupito quando vedrà Nicol eliminata. (lo sappiamo tutti che lo fai apposta e fai pure il finto tonto) #amici2021

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Rudy Zerbi che in questo programma non può mandare in sfida nessuno: #cepostaperte

Rudy Foto,Rudy Twitter Tendenze : Top Tweets

The Rudy Giuliani Radio Show will begin in #Missouri on Monday at 7 pm on the Real Talk Radio Network

1900’s: - Communism is bad, people starve, even fellow travelers end up in the gulags read The Commissar Vanishes. - Crime gets out of control and ruins cities see New York pre Rudy “Educated” people in 2020’s: - Defund the police - Stalin emojis in profile

Nicol eliminata perché rudy ha proposto di fare una media delle classifiche e nicol è risultata ultima #Amicispoiler

Nicol eliminata quindi hanno accettato quello schifo di cosa che ha proposto Rudy #Amicispoiler

Biden Gives Border to the Cartels | Guest: Sara Carter | Rudy Giuliani | January 14th, 2022 | Ep 205

Updated NBA MVP Tracker, via @bball_ref: 1.) Giannis Antetokounmpo 2.) Nikola Jokic 3.) Kevin Durant 4.) Steph Curry 5.) Rudy Gobert 6.) James Harden 7.) Joel Embiid 8.) Chris Paul 9.) LeBron James 10.) Ja Morant

Jazz this season: 27-10 with Rudy Gobert 1-4 without Rudy Gobert They are ranked 30th in defensive rating in those 5 games without Gobert.

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Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell will likely lose EVERYTHING after following Trump. Who else thinks they deserve it? ✋

I guess this is what puzzles me about this story. We kind of knew they were doing this fake elector thing at the time and it was just dismissed as nuts along with all the Rudy litigation, right?

Rudy Giuliani Put On Notice For Testimony By Jan. 6 Committee

Breaking: Bennie Thompson, chairman of the Jan. 6 Committee, tells NBC News that the panel wants to speak with Rudy Giuliani and is not ruling out a subpoena to compel his testimony. @MSNBC

New: Jan. 6 committee chair Bennie Thompson says Trump Willard “war room” lawyer Rudy Giuliani remains on list of people they want to interview, potentially pursuant to a subpoena — as I reported last month.


Comunque Rudy poteva far vedere in privato quel video ad Elena sinceramente, trovo che l’abbia messa un po’ in ridicolo così #Amici21

Maria che in rubrica ha segnato RUDI e non RUDY perché ✨ a lei non interessa ✨ #Amici21

Rudy Foto,Rudy Twitter Tendenze : Top Tweets

The answer is “yes.” Conspiracies are most often secret criminal agreements. Trump’s conspiracy? Had admitted co-conspirators like Bannon, Navarro, Rudy, multiple Republican politicians, etc. It had PowerPoints, memos & letters to state election officials. It’s. Time. To. Indict.

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