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Dimitrov defeats Nishioka 6-1, 6-0 and is into the third round in just under an hour. 💥 Up next for him: Jannik Sinner 👀 #IBI20

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Vincenzo Martucci
Vincenzo Martucci ()

Vincere tre set a zero al primo ostacolo del Roland Garros: bravi Sinner, Cecchinato e Travaglia 💪👏🏻👏🏻💪 il Rinascimento de tennis italiano

Roland-Garros ()

Sinner, Azarenka, Halep, Bonzi, Sakkari, Les premiers gagnants de cette édition 📝👇 #RolandGarros

Victoria Evans
Victoria Evans ()

This is a great Sunday afternoon listen. Big fan of Confessions of a Justified Sinner, and of course my great pal @GMacraeBurnet - the next @HughesPeg interview with Katie Patterson is fab too.

La Stampa
La Stampa ()

Tennis, Roland Garros: esordio vincente per Sinner che elimina Goffin

Adnkronos ()

Roland Garros, grande esordio di Sinner che batte belga Goffin

Yellow Panda
Yellow Panda ()

Definitely, a sinner tonight 🤤 hehe #9entBD18th #MewSuppasit

수완 ()

사람 말은 잘 안 믿어요. 이해한다는 사람 중에서 제대로 이해하는 사람이 없거든요. 그러니까 말을 조심해야 돼요. 해봤자, 날 이해하는 건, 나밖에 없으니까.

Traveling Dad
Traveling Dad ()

Ecclesiastes 9:18: Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner destroys much good. via @VerseOfTheDay

ESPN Tenis
ESPN Tenis ()

Qué futuro tiene Italia con estos tres. ✨ 🇮🇹 Berrettini - 24 años 🇮🇹 Sinner - 19 años 🇮🇹 Musetti - 18 años #TENISxESPN

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ATP Tour en Español
ATP Tour en Español ()

¡Duelos de 3R confirmados en Roma! 🇷🇸 Djokovic vs 🇷🇸 Krajinovic 🇮🇹 Berrettini vs 🇮🇹 Travaglia 🇧🇬 Dimitrov vs 🇮🇹 Sinner 🇦🇷 Schwartzman vs 🇵🇱 Hurkacz 🇪🇸 Nadal vs 🇷🇸 Lajovic @InteBNLdItalia | #IBI20

Dodikan ()

Friday order of play #IBI20 Halep & Yastremska 💣 Dimitrov & Sinner 💥 Mertens & Kovinic 🔥 Djokovic & Krajinovic 💣 Nadal & Lajovic 💥 Kuznetsova & Svitolina ⚔️ Rybakina & Putintseva 💣 ...

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Hannah ()

you ship akechi and joker? cool you ship joker and futaba? cool but if you ship sae with a man you are a sinner

Giorgio Spalluto
Giorgio Spalluto ()

Domani si parte alle 11 con Berrettini vs Travaglia e Sinner vs Dimitrov. Sperando in Sonego e Musetti. Nadal ancora in sessione serale #IBI20

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CzASRina ()

People require more evidence to perceive improvement in someone’s moral character than to perceive a decline, research shows. In other words, it is easier to become a sinner than a saint. 😈

Andrew 🇨🇦
Andrew 🇨🇦 ()

Someone: *simps for my character* Me: *working each cell in my body to not draw them with said character*

Francesco Albanese
Francesco Albanese ()

Comunque come immaginavo era pieno di gente che stava aspettando e sperando in una sconfitta di quegli stessi che si arrabbiano se qualcuno scrive che gli avversari di Sinner o di altri azzurri non hanno giocato al top, che inneggiano al patriottismo solo a convenienza

Lil Reb 🦅
Lil Reb 🦅 ()

You would know the woman washing you is a sinner said the pharisee Simon if 2 men owe a creditor 500 days wages and 5 days and he forgives them both, who will love him more? the one who was forgiven more You have judged rightly O God I owed 5,000 days

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Matthew Manchester: “Take a look, it’s in a book.”
Matthew Manchester: “Take a look, it’s in a book.” ()

@lukestamps @sinner_sainted And their dismissal of justice issues like racism and sexual abuse.

mons ᵀᴰᴬᵀᵀ
Mons ᵀᴰᴬᵀᵀ ()

quiero tatuarme esta frase: Excuse me Preacher, Got time for a sinner? pero no se qué opinan🥺

Matt Fitzgerald
Matt Fitzgerald ()

Thanks @GrigorDimitrov for your generous time. 🙏 Q&A rundown: -September conditions in Rome -Reflection on trip to New York -Missing the Italian food scene -Wellness tips for media covering tennis remotely -Age gap with his next opponent, Jannik Sinner

Denise Marie 💖
Denise Marie 💖 ()

@janciletti @AJ_Sinner From my understanding it’s due to the fact that they offer scholarships and this is how they fund it. The only reason I even want it is because I’m new to my career field and feel this might look good on my resume. Thank you for looking after me though. I appreciate it

Marla🐰 ()

I didn’t mean to create a social experiment but the fact I put “men in vans don’t deserve rights” on insta and every woman knew what I meant but at least 4 guys thought I was talking about the shoes

Julie ()

@softlymarceline baby, how to get away with murder, bates motel, the sinner, friends, euphoria, dynasty, gossip girl, the end of the fcking world, stranger things, dark!! (my fav), elite, la casa de papel, sherlock, skam, pretty little liars, you, the office, quicksand


excuse 🤧 me 🤧 preacher, 🤧 you 🤧 got 🤧 time 🤧 for 🤧a 🤧 sinner 🤧

👀 ()

jack: “commandment #1 in the gay bible, though shalt not covet my ex’s ass” will: “jack, is that from the book of gene-sissy” jack: “that is IT. goodbye. *points* SINNER!”

⬅️홍ㄹㅕ언여궈오얘랑선관해주세요 ()

귀뮤 바구니목록: 연애없던종교캐내던가 종교캐꼬신다음성동애하기. 자매님. 윽.. 이건죄악입니다, 당장 그만- 아.. 발딱선다...... 함락해주지.. We 그_지옥엔_핫레즈가_산다.zip

Elizabeth, Carm
Elizabeth, Carm ()

I’ve felt so broken by my sin and the season that I’m in that I don’t even feel worthy enough to pray. I feel as though if I were in front of God I would not be able to even look at Him. I am broken. I am a sinner. To even be in His presence is so far undeserved.

Maiara lacerda
Maiara lacerda ()

Eu comecei a série sinner e estou realmente paranóica realmente estamos rodeado de sociopatas

ATP Tour
ATP Tour ()

Dimitrov defeats Nishioka 6-1, 6-0 and is into the third round in just under an hour. 💥 Up next for him: Jannik Sinner 👀 #IBI20

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Tennis TV
Tennis TV ()

Yesterday: 18 y/o Musetti beats 3x Grand Slam Champ Wawrinka Today: 19 y/o Sinner beats World No. 6 Tsitsipas The Italian teenagers are

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☚ #CanYamanInItaly #aşktankopma ☛
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