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@theweeknd You deserved way better. After Hours one of the best albums of the year, and Blinding lights SOTY and ROTY!

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ᴮᴱRachel ❀
ᴮᴱRachel ❀ ()

DYNAMITE SOTY 👑 ! Vayan a votar AHORA si no lo han hecho! Nuestra competencia directa es IU, corea entera incluyendo los jueces la aman, es una bestia allá así que VAYAN A VOTAR !! DYNAMITE SOTY | @BTS_twt

B. ()

a lil reminder that u don’t need to vote on all categories for mama if u think it’s time consuming. just vote for the ones atz are in + aoty and soty since these two are required

Reddy ()

lembrando daquela mulher que expôs que a ariana foi boicotada de soty com no tears left to cry pq um empresário ligou de última hora e um outro artista ocupou o lugar dela 💀

Ash⁷ ()

you got yoongi jpearl hiss noise joon AND jungkook???????? how is it not supposed to be soty

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Tracklist ()

@theweeknd You deserved way better. After Hours one of the best albums of the year, and Blinding lights SOTY and ROTY!

Taylor Swift Paraguay
Taylor Swift Paraguay ()

Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13 ) ha conseguido SEIS nominaciones en los #GRAMMYs 2021! Además ha sido nominada en dos categorías principales, Álbum del año (AOTY) y Canción del año (SOTY). La 63° entrega de los GRAMMY se llevará a cabo el 31 de enero

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Devonne ()

how did sorry not sorry not get nominated for SOTY? It’s so unfair

Sour Candy Video
Sour Candy Video ()

Before Grammys I didn’t buy it because I thought ROTY SOTY AOTY were Gaga versus TheWeeknd Now I say STREAM CHROMATICA AND AFTERHOURS THE ONLY TRUE ALBUMS OF 2020

Ree ()

wtf he could’ve still been nominated for roty, aoty and soty

liam 🐝
Liam 🐝 ()

Since black parade is nominated for soty and roty I feel like it is likely to take the awards for the R&B categories

𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐞⁷ ❀
𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐞⁷ ❀ ()

what the fuck this is so stupid. it makes no sense because abel still should’ve been nominated in the big categories like SOTY, ROTY, and AOTY. miss me with that bullsh*t

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ً ()

sik gibi dusuncelerinizi klavyeye dokup dynamite kotuleyince soty oldugu gercegi degisiyo mu saniyosunuz😅😂

Bagel Bites⁷
Bagel Bites⁷ ()

@taes_collection YOUR aoty and soty matter a lot more than what some industry says it is. i feel and respect your disappointment but this is only the beginning bb:))

ᴮᴱPatinia⁷ ♡☕️✨
ᴮᴱPatinia⁷ ♡☕️✨ ()

Najbardziej licze na bes duo/group performance albo best pop vocal album czuje że mają największe szanse i obawiam się że nadęta akademia nie da im aoty ani soty ani roty ale who knows

⟭⟬⁷ jimim+ amasamento in corso
⟭⟬⁷ jimim+ amasamento in corso ()

questi sono i kpop stans che ogni anno non si arrendono e continuano a sbucare dicendo che canzone x dei bts non merita di essere soty

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☆Suzy ☆ inac.🇨🇴🤝🇨🇱
☆Suzy ☆ inac.🇨🇴🤝🇨🇱 ()

@iztreasureez A pense que existian unos soy 1 fracaso aaaaa eee los americanos a las 8pm hora Colombia no se de donde seas :p

felix’s bff ti⁷
Felix’s bff ti⁷ ()

do yall genuinely think that complaining about x winning soty is gonna stop the fandom from voting bc if so i have some nEws for u 🚶‍♂️

haech love bot
Haech love bot ()

mi avete scassato il cazzo voi e questo flame di merda altamente inutile tanto sappiamo che la vera soty goes 난 앞으로 찔러 좌우 new thangs, new thangs, new thangs 우리가 어딜 가든 축제 들어 축배 like my birthday 모두 감아 차올리지 높이 where ma roof at?

Mar⁷ ()

Hoy life goes on soty se presenta y army colapsa JAJAJA, no tengo pruebas pero tampoco dudas 💜.

♡nmjth♡ ()

@_illiegirl_ Una cavolata jus, praticamente Dynamite non media la soty secondo alcuni😪 solite cose

levi’s personal maid
Levi’s personal maid ()

“dynamite doesn’t deserve SOTY but they’re going to win it anyways bc it’s bts” lmao y’all kpoppers do know that soty/aoty isn’t determined by the votes right? it’s determined by the charts/sales of song/artist?? dynamite BROKE so many records??? so stay mad

★felicia ()

people always say bts’ songs don’t deserve soty but when will they understand its not just about what song they personally its also about the IMPACT

‏ً ()

@4PHRODlT3 why not soty mago soty so bad soty psycho soty hylt soty tutte soty basta che sia di un gg

rsd 📌//tortelynn🧸
Rsd 📌//tortelynn🧸 ()

Bu You meriterebbe soty ma non siete prontx a questa conversazione /j

Naყa⁷ ⟭⟬ ᴮᴱ
Naყa⁷ ⟭⟬ ᴮᴱ ()

Dynamite se convierte en la canción más rápida de la historia en superar los 350,000 likes en Mel0n DYNAMITE SOTY @BTS_twt

ayleen‧₊✜˚.⁵ TXT #25 BB200
Ayleen‧₊✜˚.⁵ TXT #25 BB200 ()

. @TXT_members everlasting shine 🤝🏻 your light ser esto:

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¸.𝐧𝐨𝐞.¸ ()

aquí hay que ser concientes y saber que SÍ necesitaban mejor promo que dynamite, tanto pq era un álbum, era más personal y el tt estaba en coreano, era obvio que todos eran factores que iban a afectar y necesitaban mejor promo, pero también el stream estuvo débil en fin lgo soty

moon ☪ / aespa debut
Moon ☪ / aespa debut ()

RED VELVET Para votar, COMEBACK juntar votos y PSYCHO SOTY hacer stream

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goodnight i’m so immensely proud of tae i’m exploding of pride i’m so so so proud of main producer visual director photographer main songwriter, composer kim taehyung 😞 blue & grey soty

Thrasher Magazine
Thrasher Magazine ()

The Mafia follows up this year’s Promo with a full hour of power in this instant classic. Looks like the SOTY contenders are comin’ out swingin’.

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☚ Carlotta Aurora ☛
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