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Updated: September 11th, 2021 11:41 PM IST

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🌲 PINE TAR 🌲 Our best-selling scent is now a candle 🔥 Turn your house into a stroll through an old growth pine forest 🤤 Click the link!

Stroll Twitter

Lance Stroll Full Team Radio After Sprint | #F12021 #ItalianGP


@trulyexy Yo I’m here in my dorm, preparing my Japanese promotion. No night stroll, prior the health protocols

Taking a well deserved day off. Little stroll over to the farmers market. Some online clothes shopping. Laying in the sun. Calling my parents to say hello. Watching a movie later. Getting takeout for dinner. Maximum comfy.

Where Is He Going? Biden Decides To Take A Stroll In The Middle Of His Wife's Speech

@DepreAlonso_ Eu igual um besta achando que era o Stroll depois que fui ver o resto kkkkkk

@CarrosLindosF1 A Alfa esta com bom ritmo de corrida esse fim de semana e estão muito bem na reta, o que dificulta mais. não deu nem tempo do Pérez passar. Quando ele passou o Stroll era um pouco mais de 3,0s de diferença, até ele cortar a distância e tentar passar.

A day Pierre Gasly may never forget, his first F1 win😭. Stroll would impress and recover to 3rd while Lando Norris came home in 4th, a position that has become expected of him in 2021. Bottas and Hamilton had to salvage 5th and 7th respectively.

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I just backed Take a Stroll With Me: a Book of Poetry on @Kickstarter

and then baaaaam his child took this photo and this is his/her pov while they have a chill stroll on the park

@Eggmen10 @F1 Checo dedicándose solo a manejar no pudo con Stroll hasta las últimas vueltas, además que feo alegrarse porque un piloto se choca no?

Took a stroll down the middle isle in aldi when I did the food shop- it’s definitely added £10 onto my bill 🙃 Worth it though, got myself a banana pod 🍌

@Adonny11 @ElReyGuiri Stroll y Wolff, no poder meter a De Vries en Williams no creo que le haya gustado.

Living in Germany? As the fall season nears, take a stroll through the orchards and farms of the Rheinland-Pfalz and Rhein-Main. 🍁

@yellowferrari_ amg eu te acho um amor, ent acho q o seb iria gostar de ti, acho q o Pierre, Ocon e Stroll tbm iriam te amar juro

Vodacom Bulls Stroll To Second Carling Currie Cup Title In 2021 @

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@baltaoglou Herkesin planı bozuldu hemen aksiyon alamadı kimse ki zaten sonuçlar yarının seyrini değiştirdi. Normal yarışta bile bu kadar aksiyon yokken 18 turdan ne bekliyorsun hala anlamadım. Ayrıca Gasly uçtu ki yeri çok iyiydi, Perez ve Stroll arası da çekişme oldu sonuçta

@mehmetcanuno Mühendis söylemese daha vermeyecekti ek olarak stroll’e yaptırdığı zaman kaydı sayesinde kendini de sonradan öne attı

@AlpineF1Team By pure race pace it seems P9 and P10 for tomorrow race as alphine can catch STROLL and GIO but BOTAS definitely catch Alphine from To upmove further it’s all depend upon luck and strategy plus Alonso

My freshman year I was on the stroll team and my line name was Victoria Secret. They had my call be “I’m too sexy for this stroll” lmfao

@landogfs gosta de gatinhos e do albon ent certeza q albon e tu seriam colados, e vem de brinde russell, leclerc e norris, também acho q ocon, stroll e latifi simpatizariam cntg

🌲 PINE TAR 🌲 Our best-selling scent is now a candle 🔥 Turn your house into a stroll through an old growth pine forest 🤤 Click the link!

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Morning stroll with the dog niece to celebrate Namjoon’s birthday🌲🌿🌱🌳 #HAPPYBIRTHDAYNAMJOON #NamjoonDay

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Did it hurt? When @BarclayCard18 was taking an evening stroll and bumped his head on the moon?

@JJCormier_NB I was out for a stroll and onlh looking for furniture so not much luck. Say Hi next time.

Discover ancient narrow lanes and beautiful open squares on this Venetian stroll with @erlazwingle ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (30 ratings) #venice #tour

The streets of Barceloneta for a Saturday stroll, what else? 😁 📸 © (IG) #visitbarcelona

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