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[공지] 2019 #BTS SUMMER PACKAGE 출시 안내 (+JPN).

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@MYFL17 @HL_kyuu Exactly! I remember last year’s summer package dvd they had mentioned they didn’t wanted to do them anymore and wanted to do something else instead so I ain’t surprised this year is the last one. I was debating if to get it or not, but since it’s the last one I’ll get it..

wondering if you’ll be holding a go for summer package? — I did but I maxed out Erm I’ll post if I have more slots haha.

Last summer package was filmed in this just goes to show how proud they are to be koreans. Always going and looking back to where they came from..

Quiero comprarme el summer package pero costará como un riñon y medio más o menos.

mas gnt, só porq anunciaram que vai ser o último summer package, não significa que o bts vai acabar não. eles só estão terminando isso, como terminaram vários outros, inclusive o bts que parou na terceira temporada. eles estão sempre inovando, n se preocupem..

Che con el tema de que este es el último summer package, no me metan lo del sm xq soy re sensible gente ysi.

me seeing the pics of the summer package and then trying to convince myself i don’t need it :))))).

Il summer package e’ disponibile solo per le regioni 1 e 3, non ci posso credere.

📣รับ Pre และ เปิดหาร Summer Package 2019 Acrylic Case Photobook(192P) Making DVD Folding Paper Fan Charm & String Folding Screen Mini Poster (7 EA) Folding Poster (1 EA) / 200฿ Draming Diary (20 P) random (1 EA) 💰ราคายังไม่ประกาศ 👉เปิดพรี 19/8 บฮ. จัดส่ง 26/9 #ตลาดนัดบังทัน.

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ก้อคือไร น้องเลิกทำ summer package เพราะไม่ว่างนั่นแหละ.

Es el último Summer Package pero no os preocupéis, esto se termina pero seguro que nos sacan material nuevo, algo diferente o simplemente lo hacen para tener su agenda más libre. No sé pero me largo a llorar porque es el ÚLTIMO BASTA!!!😭😭 #MTVHottest BTS @BTS_twt.

i just don’t have summer package 2015 bc when it come out i was still a soft stan and didn’t want to spend that much money on a if only i knew ☠️🤡☠️🤡.

@BTS_twt Beautifully amazing face saying Hello this Morning. Namjoon you look Awesome, have fun as much as possible even while shooting the summer package till the end of your Vacation. More wisdom, knowledge & inspirations..

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最後の summer package ( i _ i ) 待ってなんで最後、。そゆこと?もうみんな察した通りならそう言って〜〜( i _ i ).

@almondbuna Summer package ajja kagak kebeli lagi njayyy yang tahun ini yaampunnn.


[공지] 2019 #BTS SUMMER PACKAGE 출시 안내 (+JPN).

a summer package in korea!! yass! i think it’s cute and nice that they’re staying in their own country.

@SupremeSyub dios me habia re olvidado que faltaba el summer package todavia . cuando no tentándome a gastar plata 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️.

dumb bitches really be mad over summer package in korea even tho bts themselves said they’d like to travel and do things in korea 🙄.

a minha morte chegando lentamente Summer Package @BTS_twt.

I think I will be ordering this summer package. No skipping out this time around. 🤯😱😳😍💜 #BTS_SummerPackage2019 #summerpackageinkorea @BTS_twt.

BTS’s “2019 Summer Package In Korea” Is Straight Out Of A K-Drama.

They look unreal in the new summer package 2019 trailer :( They really are sp beautiful @BTS_twt.

WATCH: #BTS Showcases Korea In Summer Package Preview.

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