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Remember the massive fish die off in yesterday? This was the scene that @sendit4thesea Environmental Educator Theo Quenee documented today in Biscayne Bay. @nbc6

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Đầu năm lớp tôi có thằng kia, nó ghét Bangtan nhưng không có lý do cụ thể, nếu lướt page công cộng của dân cư mạng VN cũng gặp không ít mấy câu như rác, 10 tỉ fan, mình chỉ bỏ theo dõi và thoát ra, như một thói quen, vậy cho khoẻ. #MTVHottest BTS (@BTS_twt)

そういちろう|Creative director
そういちろう|Creative director ()

@engineerkenta けんたさんおはようございます🌞 暑さに負けないくらい元気にいきましょ〜!

Siska P. Rahayu
Siska P. Rahayu ()

Ga terlalu suka PP 2 sih, Flashlight di final kurang greget. Lebih suka PP 1 dan PP 3. Apalagi di PP 3 ada Chicago dan Theo 😍

Theo Bloch
Theo Bloch ()

If guaranteed equality for all people is a product of “radical left socialism” call me the biggest radical left socialist there is 😊

Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller ()

@oculuslabs @m_unbound [Dylan follows behind M and Max and exits the place, Theo and Clyde and Lydia going up to him and talking to him. Luke is already on his way back to the station with the bodies. Geoff and Shannon are talking. Carrie is with the former employees.]

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@idkwallows se for menino theo se for menina isabel se não quiser determinar gênero ariel

Ebony Queen of Asgard
Ebony Queen of Asgard ()

Chris Hemsworth the only white man I love and Theo James but Theo got some negro in his body bc ain’t no way that’s pure Caucasian

León Vega 💜
León Vega 💜 ()

@thxxnevin Confianza tengo, claro, pero no todos los días te dice guapo tremendo bombón. — Le guiña mientras le estrecha la mano, sonriente y coqueto como normal. — Es un gusto, Theo, ¿te has visto ya la casa?

Leanne ()

I have to say Mark Grossman (Adam Newman) is looking really good. Totally digging the look he has going on. Another favourite of mine is [email protected] @MarkGrossman #youngandrestless

Keon_Rae69 ()

@IAmKingKingston I mean in terms of it can be bad for your urinary system I believe. All the clenching of the urethra and etc I guess but it depends from person to person

ؘ ()

@jaurvoid veio ai real !! devo tudo isso a vc, Lucca e Theo. meu gosto musical mudou MUITO

まるお ()

本日はダイニングテーブルのお手入れ コレやってるとツヤツヤ木目出てきて楽しい😆

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Saaah Horan
Saaah Horan ()

@watermelouix Tudo bem mô, fica bem! Se quiser conversar fica a vontade pra me chamar tá?? Nem te conheço, mas enfim. 🥺🖤

💖 Trốn chồng đu Niel 💖
💖 Trốn chồng đu Niel 💖 ()

@jjiang96 Ko phải nhé, quần này theo bộ vest đó. Giống đg kẻ sọc thôi

ひらひらひら子 ()

THEOでの資産推移。 放っておいてもこのくらいの勢いで増えていく。 約20%増えてる。 しかし問題もある。(つづく #THEO #theodocomo

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Kim ()

@AnitaTrill64 @USPS This one?! “I hope this makes Tandera think I’m cool” - Theo

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Neil Munro
Neil Munro ()

White House deputy Theo Wold: #H1B visas cannibalize US skilled workforce. Well, yes, that is a good word. But State Dept. approves. So does Congress, DHS, the estb. media, Fortune 500, Wall St., India & progressives. What about college-grad voters?

Angie Lassman
Angie Lassman ()

Remember the massive fish die off in yesterday? This was the scene that @sendit4thesea Environmental Educator Theo Quenee documented today in Biscayne Bay. @nbc6

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