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For a healthy Tuesday, we prescribe: ➡ Surprise attacks ➡ Family bonding ➡ Supportive friends Fill your prescription TOMORROW at 8/7c. #TheResident.

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A fantastic episode about a Jessica, written by a Jessica! LOVE IT. #TheResident.

Episode 5 is one of the most thrilling in the season 3 of #TheResident. You need to watch it. On a serious note, it addresses one of the most underlooked aspects of healthcare delivery and that’s #burnout and it’s catastrophic effects..

Sometimes being on social media is tough. People can be cruel and brazen and flat out bullies. BUT tonight really made me feel differently! Everyone tweeting about #TheResident was so lovely and kind and supportive. So, thanks for being THE BEST. 😘😘😘.

Safe to say that this episode was STRESSFUL. Watch #TheResident anytime:.

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#CoNic can do anything as long as they have each other. ❤️ #TheResident.

@ResidentFOX I think y’all are losing us with the whole Cain/Red Rock thing. Too many egos involved. We have the Raptor and Bell that’s about all we can arrogance is on overkill. Sorry not sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️💥 I sure hope it changes because it changing the dynamic. #TheResident.

Hey writers of #TheResident you better be having another season in the works!!!!.

Finally tuning in. You guys, Tasso Feldman is exceptional. I’m just so proud. #TheResident.

Love me some Dr. AJ Austin @MalcolmJamalWar #TheResident.

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We all know Conrad Hawkins is the best Dr & will win this! 👊🏻🤜🏼🤛🏻 #theResident.

Now now save your co worker then fight 😝 #TheResident.

Jack shared bits of nicky with his kids without telling them about him #TheResident.

Love me some Dr. AJ Austin aka @MalcolmJamalWar on #TheResident.

#theresident is killing it with putting real healthcare issues on the screen. Seriously love this show.

Nic is the nurse I would want to have if I was ever in the hospital. Warm, kind and empathetic. #TheResident.

If you are not watching @ResidentFOX then you are doing yourself a huge disservice. HUGE. Watch this show. #TheResident.

@MalcolmJamalWar @ResidentFOX I love the show, I never missed 1 episode, the whole cast is Stellar, & you’re my favorite doctor😉🤗 #TheResident.

You come after Conrad, Cain, and my god I will show you what pain feels like #TheResident.

#TheResident was so good tonight. @Morris_Chestnut makes a good villain. Eeekkk!.

@ResidentFOX This show is just flat out amazing, from the writing to the cast, simply the best show on TV. #TheResident.

Whew. A LOT happened on #TheResident. We got a new person to hate. Cain is well past redeemable. Bell and Irving gave us all the feels. Conrad & the Raptor WERE BADASS. And Jessica ... Feels!!.

#TheResident so they’re about to team up and try to get rid of a Conrad, don’t they know who Conrad’s daddy is, wait doesn’t his dad own the hospital or something or is he just on the board 🤔......

IMO, Barrett and his new sidekick Logan can go the same way Gordon Page went in season 2 #TheResident.

East Coast, you survived an intense episode! 🔥You made #TheResident great, tonight! Thank you for enjoying! See U next week! @ResidentFOX @FOXTV.

For a healthy Tuesday, we prescribe: ➡ Surprise attacks ➡ Family bonding ➡ Supportive friends Fill your prescription TOMORROW at 8/7c. #TheResident.

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