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  • Why is Ivanka Trump, who has no foreign policy experience and doesn’t even have a full security clearance, conducting diplomacy in a country where she holds business trademarks?

  • A newly emboldened Trump now feels he doesn’t need the expertise of Kelly, Cohn or Tillerson. If he once suspected they were smarter or better equipped to lead the country and protect his presidency, he doesn’t believe that now. @maggieNYT

  • Bence zaten anlaşma hala resmî hale getirilmedi. Çavuşoğlu, Tillerson görüşmesi nihai olacaktı. Olmadı. Şimdi Pompeo gelene dek bekleyecekler. Bakalım neler olacak..

  • BÜYÜK ANKET Cumhurbaşkanlığı 2. Turuna Aşağıdaki Adaylar kalırsa hangisine OY verirsin? Oy verip paylaşırsak katılım artar daha gerçekçi sonuç çıkar Turu #MehmedBirCihanFatihi İlk Çeyrek Sonucu #GeldiZamanHaydiOğuzhan #edho İkinciMorbeyin Listesi Tillerson.

  • TRUMP Rex Tillerson (Sec d Estado) John McENTEE -Ass Especial Hope Hicks-Comunicações Rob Porter -Sec d Gabinete Steve Bahnnon-Estrategista Anthony Scaramucci-comunicações Reince Priebus -Chefe d Gabinete Sean Spicer -Sec d imprensa James Comey-FBI M Flynn -Seg Nacional Demitidos.

  • @TVG Bought a New Penis Enlarger ... now I can take regular Hot Dogs and turn them into foot longs .. Real History Barbra Bush i was in fact a female impersonator. Rex Tillerson is gone .. loved it when he dress up as Sarah Hucklaby and. Did the News conference.

  • @RVAwonk She saw what happen to Tillerson who rebuked Russia and was then canned..

  • Yaşar İpek #FreeAhedTamimi #KemalKurkut Eczacıbaşı VitrA #BaşıFetöKuyruğuCHP Tillerson

  • Dışişleri Bakanı Çavuşoğlu, Tillerson ile görüştü

  • I liked a @YouTube video Rex Tillerson Gets Fired On The Toilet.

  • Заявление бывшего госсекретаря США Рекса Тиллерсона — РТ на русском

  • @AFP While #Sanctions are in place?? That makes great since? Next it’s the 5billion dollar oil deal #Tillerson made? What a joke this 🍊🤡is! #EnoughIsEnough #SanctionsNow #LiarInChief #FakePOTUS.

  • "Anti-Trump, Pro-Iran Magazine Articles Traced Back to Tillerson’s State Dept." #TCOT #MAGA #PJNET #RedNationRising #NotABot.

  •, Obama & Trump; McChrystal, Mullen & Nicholson; Rumsfeld, Gates, Panetta & Mattis; Powell/Condi Rice, Hillary Clinton/Kerry & Rex Tillerson are the enablers of this great American debacle and Afghan tragedy of last seventeen years and counting..

  • Unlike the other high-profile firings (Comey, Tillerson, Yates, Bharara), Trump can’t just order Mueller out. It’s up to Deputy AG Rosenstein, who seems to have no intention of firing Muelller. 2/.

  • Dışişleri Bakanı Çavuşoğlu, Trump tarafından görevden alınan mevkidaşı Tillerson ile görüştü

  • @lameduck1960 Zuckerberg , Sarkozy, Tillerson... il vento sembra sembra girare.

  • Fenerbahçe Doğuş - Maccabi Fox HD ŞİMDİ CANLI İZLE ! ->MAÇ LİNKİ: #MehmedBirCihanFatihi #GeldiZamanHaydiOğuzhan #samsunokumavakti #edho #DünyaMutlulukGünü İkinciMorbeyin Listesi SendenBüyük MilletVar Tillerson Kenan

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  • Tillerson Has 180 Million Reasons Not to Return to Oil Industry  | Rigzone via @rigzone.

  • So what about former SoS “...he’s a moron...Tillerson - no immunity also?


  • #GeldiZamanHaydiOğuzhan #EVAlife8 SatırlardaSaklı HiLeon #kimseyiküçümseme Tillerson

  • Trump is truly a despicable oozing hemorrhoid of a human being. To try and deny McCabe , a man of his stature the just and due retirement and also fire Rex Tillerson via tweet in the same week, well Voila-Dickhead of the Year Award..

  • @jdawsey1 WaPo is trying to push a new narrative. #FakeNews Tillerson was against Trumps agenda so I could careless what he think..

  • Firing of Tillerson fastest in US diplomatic history...

  • I liked a @YouTube video Rex Tillerson Gets Fired On The Toilet.

  • @realDonaldTrump Tillerson was are a moron ...

  • Jared Kushner Conducted Foreign Policy Via Private, Unrecorded Conversations With Leaders ...

  • @tedlieu @CamAnalytica Also why is Ivanka filling in for Rex Tillerson in the meeting with South Korea?? She’s in violation of laws regarding family and she doesn’t even have security clearance. This is beyond ridiculous and also breaking laws..

  • ‘Who is Secretary of State here?’: Rex Tillerson reportedly locked horns with Jared Kushner over his freewheeling approach to diplomacy

    Tillerson twitter.
  • @14minutetwit @realDonaldTrump WTF all you did was quote Tillerson???.

  • BITCH OUT YOUR BOSS LAND YOUR ASS IS FIRED. TRUMP DID THE RIGHT THING HERE. "The U.S. State Department under former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson vetted and...

  • Why Mike Pompeo Could Be Even Worse for the Environment Than Rex Tillerson @alternet

  • Dışişleri Bakanı Çavuşoğlu Tillerson ile telefonda görüştü - DÜNYA - @ aracılığıyla.