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Updated: July 27th, 2021 04:43 AM IST

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I am not going to retweet that hateful video but Councilman Tommy Bryant is a racist POS.

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goodnight everyone :))) today was honestly so fun i’m still so impressed by tommy’s singing HOW DID HE DO THAT…… anyways!!! goodnight youre all so great :)))

The Washington Post Editorial Board is calling on the Jan. 6 Committee to subpoena Mark Meadows, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, as well as to compel testimony from Kevin McCarthy, Tommy Tuberville, Mo Brooks and possibly Jim Jordan about Trump’s motives.

tommy has a musical voice to me. like in theatre you need a very booming voice that pronounces everything clearly. his voice is very confident and unwavering and i think its amazing how stable his voice is for someone who doesnt sing regularly and (1/94729)

Never get into a staring contest with Tommy Pham. You will NOT win.


Tommy’s chat: it’s ok! You’re doing well! Connor’s chat: SAND BITCH PepePoint

so far we have experienced the Wilburification of: -tommy -ranboo -gnf -dream (in spirit) its spreading very fast guys. stay safe.

The story of Tommy Prince. Unbelievable. It’s important to read stories about courage and idealism. One of America’s greatest Patriots was this man, General Benjamin O Davis Jr. The photo on the left was Davis at West Point. He was the only black cadet and was silenced for

Tommy Foto,Tommy Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

honestly this girl thinking she was cool and funny gave me more second hand embarrassment than tommy himself😭

Tommy Foto,Tommy Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

Reliever Tommy Hunter and AA catcher Matt Dyer are headed back to the Rays for Rich Hill, sources confirm to ESPN. @Joelsherman1 had the return.

Actor Tommy Dorfman is here to reintroduce herself

So you don’t deny that you don’t like tommy and supposedly not watch his streams but still like to talk shit abou… — ion watch tommy😭???

rape , c!dream , abuse i do not calm down tommy every night because of discs reoccuring delusions of being raped and abused by Him, only to turn around and see people call being psychotic cool. absolutely fucking not. -v


I am not going to retweet that hateful video but Councilman Tommy Bryant is a racist POS.

PRO TIP: It is never, ever, EVER OK for White people to say the N word under any circumstances, whether you pronounce the R or not. NEVER. RESIGN, Tommy Bryant. #ResignTommyBryant

Tarrant, AL Councilman Tommy caught on video. At some point, we need to set aside partisanship & condemn racism is wrong. All Alabamians should join me in calling for Bryant’s resignation: “Do We Have A House N***** In Here.

From the press conference, it sounds to me like Tommy Sheppard is aware of how effective Rui can be with the ball in his hands He’s shown in international play that he has more in his bag than he’s been allowed to show in DC I truly expect him to take that next step under Wes.

LMAOOOOO this is how they reveal that Tommy and Kat get married?!?!?!

Tommy Foto,Tommy Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

tommy went live! — BIG MAN IS HOME (dream smp)

Tommy Foto,Tommy Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

Sen. Tommy Tuberville: Our president would do well to remember that he serves at the will of the American people and not the other way around.

speaking of prosperous, Tommy Tuberville received millions in contracts & income from public universities

Tommy Foto,Tommy Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

A government school paid Tommy Tuberville $5 million when he quit his government job.

Tommy Foto,Tommy Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

Animal Instinct Riddim was one of the finest riddims back in the days. Kina Shawn storm, Mavado, popcaan,Tommy Lee, gaza slim, Charly Black, Dario na Konshens did justice. 🙌🔥 What was/is your favourite riddim. 👇

Tommy posted… whatever this is, to TikTok! (I don’t get it either.) “WHITEBOARD WHYYYYYYYY?!?!?!”

今日はナンバーショットの 様子を眺めてお裾分けして 貰う日( ´-` )🤘🏻 (幽体離脱して行きたい

Tommy growing out tusks and pointing his ears to match Wil and Techno. Wil is emotional and Tommy is like STOP CRYING

Thinkin about shapeshifter Tommy just copying features off the people he cares about. He grows wings out bc he wants to try flying with Phil (he sucks at it, Phil has to teach him), Tubbo keeps bonking him with his horns, so he grows a matching pair and headbutts him back

CDC getting sued for not fully complying with open records request showing teachers’ unions manipulating school reopening guidance. What else is in the infamous emails? What did they redact?

Tommy Foto,Tommy Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

Every time Frank Sinatra attended a Dodgers game he permitted Tommy Lasorda to point out one person he wanted dead.

Tommy Foto,Tommy Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets
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