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Nuestra ministra @totiorellanag es reconocida como una de las 100 líderes jóvenes del país 👏👏👏 Gran reconocimiento para una mujer que se la ha jugado por una política más paritaria y feminista. ¡Grande Toti!.

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HT Wolves 0-1 Norwich Projected Bonus Pts 3 - Pukki 2 - Aarons 1 - Moutinho 1 - Toti 1 - Coady.

Toti is the only guy who has to prove something in this team and he’s been our best player by a mile. Some of these players are way to comfortable.

fuck who saw this coming, toti was better than saiss all along who could have seen that coming!.


So many pussies in this team. All look like they either dont care or they are off. Toti trying but the rest are a fucking disgrace..

@TimSpiers We are making the most piss poor team to grace the premier league in decades look like a decent side again. Boly’s shoes are full of sand and they just let them play pukki in behind over and over. Only Toti showing any heart. Bring chiquinho on for that pretender hwang ffs #wwfc.

Long COVID has really knocked Boly back a couple of levels. Such a shame. Toti passing his audition today. #wolves.

@hinaparvezbutt Moooost Weeeeeeeell Coooooome mry dil di toti.

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@reginapanchi Ayer en la utu la blanqueada estaba el toti orihuela dándolo en el mismo lugar q yo lo di una experiencia única para la gente q como no tuvimos la oportunidad de perder hacer siclo vasico ahora solo queda esperar el resultado nunca es tarde para seguir aprendiendo.


Sa, Jonny, Kilman, Toti, RAN back 4, Chiqs on the wing, Neto Then find 4 others from somewhere. Just pick 4 out of the south bank, anybody but these divs.

@zKrioMANz @Chief117Br Até pro player de jogo de luta, inacreditável O cara só falou da mil grau nesse tweet.

@zKrioMANz @Chief117Br Pois é, difícil achar um desses youtubers que não estavam bostejando na época..

@yadavakhilesh तेरे राज मे तो फ़ूलों की बरसा होती थी 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Are toti चोर सबको पता है, इसलिए ये सब bkaiti करना छोड़ ही दो 😡.

@Wolves Shat. Complete and utter shat. Fock them all off barring neto toti and neves. Rest of them can do one for all i care. Letting us down every week. Pathetic.

El único bueno es Toti Gomes y RAN, porfavor que puto asco de alineación, estoy hasta la polla, Hwang es malísimo, PERO MALÍSIMO, y lo de Coady y Boly es impresionante.

Frustrating end to the half with the goal concession but Toti played well. Once again we’ve lacked that final ball into the box to set up a goal.

Based on this I’d keep Ait-Nouri, Toti, Jonny and Neto for next season 🤡 Neves isn’t fit so he gets a pass.

@NathanJudah Toti gomes and kilman next season with semedo and jonny on the wings and but mgw as a cam behind hopefully guedes and jimenez.

@siasatpk @RanaSanaullahPK O phudi deya qatil tu hega sari awam aj tk Aik v chez nai toti imran khan dy jalsy wich.

@nelsonchamisa Nero we yero ahazi mumero munyowani ahazi bhero kt apinde pachigaro kudhara rakatoridzwa bhero ska toti ngapinde hake nero 😍.

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