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Updated: August 4th, 2021 04:42 AM IST

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tyler kanye frank cudi that’s my musical dna for anyone new here wouldn’t exist without them at all

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Wakunywe na hizi ndula kali 🥰🥵 🔆Airforce 1 🔆 🔆Size:40-45 Contact 0797233321 for enquiries We do free deliveries around the CBD 👍Deliveries are done country wide Museveni Miguna William Ruto JKIA Harry Kane #WhoKilledBongoko Karma Tanzania Niko Turkish

Tyler Foto,Tyler Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

And so it begins! My 10 year old just shot 2 over on a par 3 and beat me by 2 strokes. I will probably never beat him again!

Tyler Foto,Tyler Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

The Heat new squad: Kyle Lowry Duncan Robinson Jimmy Butler PJ Tucker Bam Adebayo 6th man: Tyler Herro

Tyler Foto,Tyler Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

Tyler and Kaz have more chemistry and banter than Tyler and Clarisse or Kaz and Matthew. But he’s definitely thinking “when in my life will I ever have a chance with an Instagram baddie like Clarisse again?” #LoveIsland

Tyler thought he could turn Kaz into a side chick and she said his hairline is rough!!! Call the police 💀💀💀 #LoveIsland

Ipa-amniotic fluid test niyo muna yang Beatrice para sure kung kay Tyler yan. Pwede yun early pregnancy eh hmmmp #ADIAnakKoAsawaMo ADI MahahatiBa

making mod lists&taking questions

Tyler Foto,Tyler Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

Tyler just needs to say, when it was just you and the original girls I was only interested in you. I went to Casa Amor and my head was turned. That’s what happened. There’s no need for story and justification #LoveIsland

Tyler is the biggest FRAUD of #loveIsland. Look at him beatboxing cause he doesn’t know how to respond to any of Kaz’ questions. DISGOSTEN.

UPDATE: The Detroit #RedWings today re-signed left wing Tyler Bertuzzi to a two-year contract. Details:

Tyler Foto,Tyler Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

mom: who sold our cars and house? me at Tyler concert: AWWWWHHH U LOOK MALNOURISHED

Tyler Foto,Tyler Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

“…One transgender employee alleged that her supervisor constantly referred to her as an ‘it.’” Valve is Not Your Friend.

como que los gringos le están esperando a tyler alrededor de su carro hijos de puta me lo llegan a tocar y saco mi bazuca vayanse su casas en paz ya tuvieron suficiente atención el dia de hoy

BUT WAIT TYLER IS ON THE FIELD NOW TOO #clique #WNCIClassic @twentyonepilots

Tyler Austin absolutely clobbers a home run to put Team USA ahead 3-0 in their Olympics opener!

Hakuna watu walikua wanajiskia primary kama wale wa kueka glue kwa mkono alafu kuitoa hivi. 😂😂👇

Tyler Foto,Tyler Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets

Thought Tyler Boyd had a really strong day today. Easily one of the offensive standouts.

Imagine bo burnam and tyler the creator on the same song 😍😍😍 would sound like a shit 💕

Honestly, I’m not even mad at Tyler. He hasn’t known Kaz for that long. I’m more mad at Kaz for staying loyal to someone she has known for two seconds. #LoveIsland

@tyler 🌲Our trees are always green, so are the trades🍀 Private group in Telegram ➡️ CryptoStunt ⚠️ The number of users in the chat room is limited

The Seattle Mariners are finalizing a deal to acquire left-hander Tyler Anderson from the Pittsburgh Pirates, sources tell ESPN. The Pirates thought they had a deal today for Anderson with Philadelphia, but it fell through on medical review. Seattle went and got him instead.

Tyler Boucher tallied one goal, one assist, three shots and three drawn penalties in USA Blue’s 6-5 shootout loss vs Finland today. #GoSensGo

Tyler if you sleep with another girl in your bed, may Kaz’s bum appear in your dreams and suffocate you 🙏🏽 #loveIsland

Senator Warren, the #Bitcoin blockchain is open and transparent; the US dollar has no blockchain and is the epitome of ‘shadowy’

🔥 Tyler Herro joins Jack Harlow on stage for Tyler Herro — Rolling Loud

Tyler Johnson content coming at you all day across Nets social!

Tyler Foto,Tyler Twitter Tendenze - Top Tweets


Please watch this very disturbing video. Michael Chad Breinholt was EXECUTED/ MURDERED premeditatedly by a sick cop who has previously killed two people. The District Attorney, in an act of staggering cowardice has said the shooting is justified. It was not. This cop, Sgt. Tyler

tyler kanye frank cudi that’s my musical dna for anyone new here wouldn’t exist without them at all

URGENT ALERT: We need your help! Nevaeh Bristow, 16, disappeared in Tyler, #Texas on July 10. Have any info? Call 1-800-THE-LOST.

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