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  • @jamesdeangeliz saw that ninja profile pic change

  • Clearly gun control is an issue. Children and adults should not be able to go into a school, somewhere that should be safe, and turn it into a place where they could die. Something needs to change.

  • @RADeMita You americans love guns. It’s your way of life, your culture. So don’t cry, don’t pray. If you really want things change, do something

  • Stunning Performance from T-pain. This will change the way you look at him completely. https://t.co/rYA78dT99I

  • @MalikHarisAli1 @ImranKhanPTI Han punjab ka tu nam change kar ke Paris rak dia hai inho ne chor ko chor hi kha jta hai.

  • @BarackObama If most american does, why it does not change?

  • @kristenjseiser I need a change

  • obviously you didn’t know what you wanted since one tragedy could change your mindset on your belief https://t.co/MKORvak8tZ

  • @prizord I once told a dude that I didn’t really smoke like that so he’d feel the need to change me and smoke me up lmao https://t.co/Ak5hAaTwjp

    Change twitter.
  • When most of Congress and @realDonaldTrump are bought and paid for by he @nra nothing will change. https://t.co/qNfaLWiMQ1

  • Gospel Snippets: "You Must Be The Change You Want To See In The Wor... https://t.co/SArjhtzqhW

  • @Yosano511 Bah je change de ter youpla

  • “BELOVED CHILDREN, YOU REQUIRE A GENUINE CHANGE IN ORDER FOR YOU TO ENCOUNTER WITH MY SON AGAIN AND TO BE AWARE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE EARTH. The streets tainted with the blood of the innocent should not be indifferent to you, ...

  • Things need to change. And of story. We have laws for cars, medicine, schooling, etc. People break those as we still crack down on them. Gun laws should NOT BE the exception to this.

  • "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." [email protected]

  • Sinn Fein reveal details of DUP deal: Irish language act, same-sex marriage vow and justice ministry change https://t.co/5uqMvx3GGu

  • Watch THIS not to become numb but to become more aware that unfortunately this is the Society of which we live as we work to change it we need to empower citizens to help the fight with law enforcement, and enact immediate laws that will give them the tools. https://t.co/CI0gVGfNER

  • „HVV1Euro” - Jetzt unterschreiben! https://t.co/VpgzgrROLd via @ChangeGER #Donnerstag #NoGroKo #Hamburg #HVV #SPDerneuern #FreeDeniz

  • Here’s an idea have #Hollywood not glorify #GunViolence and refrain from any guns in the movies(except law enfocement) for a year and see if it helps to change culture. We can also have #recordingstudio refrain from allowing music referencing #shootings too.

  • @Karabo_Mokgoko Then the childish party behave like kids and walk away. Alway want things to be done their own way. I wonder who are they representing themselves or people who voted for them. Look how orderly things where done after they left🤷🏿‍♂️ change EFF

  • One summer changed everything so this summer gotta change everything

  • @LisaKuhnPhilips It’s gonna take the women in this country to change this. There needs to be a day we take our kids out of school and flood DC. We bring tens of thousands of women and children to the floors of the House & Senate, and their individual offices.

  • "Traumatized by dramatic, often violent change, American men become sleepwalkers precisely in order to flee the anxieties and responsibilities of life in democratic America." -Dr. David Anthony of @SIUCEnglish in @The_Rumpus: https://t.co/KDT1MR9ccS

  • It takes years to build trust & only seconds to destroy it ..We don’t have to change friends if we understand that friends change..

  • My day continues van photographed trip to scrappy ,change from bottom stretching https://t.co/i5JQSBpoYr

    Change twitter.
  • @Acosta Waste of time. Ego and Politics first. Change starts at the top...

  • Whitelist/KYC procedures always result in website crashes, F5 wars, lags, hacks, scams. Eventually we get AirDrops and 0.1ETH max caps. Time to change something about it - and we have some ideas... @ICODrops please make it stop!!!! @SeeleTech #eth #btc #ico #scam https://t.co/BoQow5bo0d

  • Only Voters have the power to change this. https://t.co/OY1oJcmFBV

    Change twitter.
  • @loserboy @kexp And lists like this IS how kids change the world. By turning our focus to the joy, the potential and the vibrancy of being alive.

  • I respectfully disagree. Nobody takes it seriously unless they have something to see. People need to understand that this is real and horrible. No child should EVER have to go through this. Sometimes, this is what people NEED to see. Maybe it will change something. https://t.co/O0yU9zJdxh

  • @MommaInTraining I think just trying something or anything at this point would be a good change. I completely understand where you’re coming from and i think your opinion is very valid

  • @MrsBunnyrabbit @BBCNews I doubt it will make any sense, change anything or means any good will come out of this latest heinous act of violence.

  • Watched the press conference in Parkland,Florida and its amazing to me that the doctors said they actually practice and have drills for school shootings. Somethings got to change in this country.

  • Parliaments of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom: Advocate and introduce legisl... https://t.co/6LrbI0873b via @UKChange

  • @k_marsing YUP SO IDGAF NOW. What I need to change is calling everyone “dude and Bro” lol

  • My prayers go out to everyone effected by the terrible shooting in Florida. Please i urge everyone to speak to their state representatives and push them to change our current gun laws. No parent should have to worry about sending their child off to school, period.

  • Over the past decade, what is causing our society and behavior to change so dramatically? Little respect for human life anymore and disrespect for authority.

  • Thank you to our students, staff, and parents! Our "Change for Change" campaign raised $891.00 for Paws on Child Hunger! Thanks to everyone for your generosity!

  • Today is a good day to double-check if you are registered to vote in the elections later this year. And fix it if you’re not. Today is a good day to remember that you have some power to change how this country works. And then When the time comes Do it.

  • Sit down with every parent that lost a child today in this shooting. And every child who lost a parent. Attend every funeral. And then do something different. This only happens in America. Figure out why. Change the laws. Be a hero. Please. Be a hero. https://t.co/OkbPYGixJ9

  • Imagine getting on Twitter today to argue with people that nothing needs to change. Imagine using your time today to argue that your hobby is more important than 17 people who were murdered in a high school.