Dramatic Twitter:最も人気のあるツイート Japan

Dramatic Twitter

Dramatic イントロパフォ、ダンスブレイク、移動で大興奮やばかったーーー そして極めつけに最後のたじまさドアップで脳爆発しました🧠💥 え、え、INIやばない???.

@lmnhzd Reminds me of that stupid trend of people trying fufu, no need to be dramatic about it and create an unnecessary divide..

Dramaticかっこよすぎてビビったwwwww なんじゃあれ😭😭😭😭😭😭.

havent gotten my period in like 2 months now but i also havent lost a dramatic amount of.

@ainul_kanikan @kamcagiyayaya ouh my dear stop being dramatic n making MYteume toxic. if u r true fans u akan happy when ur idols happy simpan n hadam okies!.

I’ve only watched the first two episodes— 1st was way over dramatic, 2nd improved. But I doubt what I’ve seen so far will catalyze anyone who isn’t already there to take action. Still positive to attempt to incorporate #climatechange in TV..

@GOPChairwoman Since day one trump started his free for all crime spree and hide behind evidence is his own doing and non political .You people saw you are party of law and order .Well doj are just doing their job correct? You went thru a dramatic 4 years with him didnt learn lesson.

#INI_LogintoThailand #田島将吾 dramaticの衣装でそのビジュは天才すぎる.


I was sick during the night. Given my over-dramatic nature, I got to thinking about my death. Wondering about my unpublished stories was one of my biggest concerns. I want them to live beyond me! Anyone else worry about this? #writerscommunity #WritingCommmunity.

@c_margaritaa @KendallRaeOnYT it’s hard to see with just the fabric samples but these videos show the full outfits and that really makes a difference! it can have a pretty dramatic effect overall.

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