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The Trump administration is launching a new push to decriminalize homosexuality around the globe, NBC News reports.

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Nigeria is revolutionizing cassava breeding across the globe - Alliance for Science.

Dear @IDWPublishing and @SYFY Wynonna Earp means more to us than you could ever know, the show has saved so many lives and made an enormous impact on individuals around the globe please allow them to keep producing top shelf content for years to come! #FightForWynonna.

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Airports all over the world. hundreds of sunsets from every angle of the globe. a sip of each culture. slices of civilization. Amen..

Nick Cafardo was one of my favorite baseball writers to read. I didn’t think this was possible, but his words made me love the Red Sox even more than I already do. He was one of the reasons I wanted to be a writer. It won’t be the same without you 💔.

Veteran Globe baseball writer Nick Cafardo dies at 62.

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This is sad and stunning. Nick was a really good guy when we would bump into him on the beat. Sympathies to him, his family and the people at the Globe..

Just heard the news, that the Boston Globe great baseball writer Nick Cafardo has passed at 62 years of age. #WillBeMissed. Really a great talent and a great guy..

Kenya has on Thursday announced its doors were open to engage with the Federal Government of #Somalia over the current diplomatic row but also alleged Mogadishu to be misleading the world..

Controversial Barnstable commissioner in hot water over twitter poll on gay pols - The Boston Globe.

2080 puzzles AROUND THE WORLD for #ARMYPEDIA🔍 The scavenger hunt is taking place in cities all over the globe, with ARMYS finding & scanning QR codes to find clues linked to @BTS_twt memories. So 🇨🇦 Hamilton, Niagara Falls & Toronto?🤷‍♀️ February 25th.

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WHAT ABOUT YEMEN?? Let Putin help his mess he created around the USA immigrants seeking asylum are in CAGES being beat dying and abused! STOP using tax dollars to promote Putin’s agenda!.

@babyboitk 🥺🥺it’s so cute, bringing the community together agh I wonder how far across the globe they’ve placed these QR-codes or if the offline ones are mainly in korea? I’m excited!.

Wilson-Raybould told cabinet SNC-Lavalin pressure was improper - The Globe and Mail.

Blackstone vice-chair’s three keys to success @Globe_Careers.

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I stayed outside day & night w no globe bouncing the ball when I was younger learning by MYSELF .. coaches taught me the game but everything else I got from MYSELF & im BLESSED to b a female & play the way I do ❤️🏀💯.

Drinking a Windermere Pale by @HawksheadBrewer @ The Globe —.

@SirPareshRawal It is, for Indians. If your mother tongue is not English as in your education medium is not English. It shows that you know and can learn a language which is widely spoken all around the globe..

猫がうるせー!どうやら窓のすぐ外で喧嘩中。 こちとらglobe聴いてるのにニ゛ャ〜ニ゛ャ〜ニ゛ャ〜ニ゛ャ〜… 踊る君を見て恋が始まりたいんじゃこっちは!.

Some great local music happening this weekend - from local and national artists. | CRASHfest lineup infused with musical flavors from around the globe - The Boston Globe #liveartsboston.

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@Mery72527610 @MicheBangtan so it’s like pokemon go looking for a puzzle piece around the globe😂😂😂.

@timsoulo Probably same distribution will be across the globe and for most of the categories.

Bweset na bweset na talaga ako sa Globe prepaid SuperSurf200 at GOTSCOMBODD90 na ako ngayong araw tapos ito parin ang bagal ng net nyo putahamnida kaasar 🤬😡 @enjoyGLOBE.

None of all the Presidential/public debates has been about how to generate wealth for naija from all corners of the globe..

Want to join team Ripple? @JChaunceyKelly discusses career opportunities around the globe. Learn more about engineering roles at Ripple and Xpring here:.

The Trump administration is launching a new push to decriminalize homosexuality around the globe, NBC News reports.

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