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Christian pastor who thought COVID-19 is just ‘mass hysteria’ is among the first in Virginia to die from virus

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@Kohinata_Typo74 ありがと🙏 通話してんのかと思って覗いたら誰もおらんかったやーつ

Donald Russo ()

I find it interesting that, just as the coronavirus hysteria hoax begins to inure to the benefit of @POTUS , the Imperial College geniuses who ginned the whole thing up in the first place give us an old SNL Rosanna Rosannadana never mind

🇺🇸Patriot.AF Grateful Deplorable🇺🇸 ()

@pardal_sk @cryptofallout Mass arrests going on throughout the globe, most wont be confirmed for a while due to mass hysteria/panic. Soon hopefully though 🤞

まる ()

Hysteriaやったら期待するよ?笑笑 ほくてぃん??喘ぐよね? ひすてぇりあぁ。やるよね??

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Hysteriaほんと好きだから、地上波で希望🙏 衣装は断然ライブOPの時が好きだけど…笑

きょもん🍅🦇 ☂。.:*・°.:*・°♩ ()

RAM-PAM-PAM無いか〜……… Telephoneの可能性もあるけど… Hysteriaヤッテホシイ…… けど逆にAmazing!!!!!!来たらどーしよ………0(:3 )〜

Hysteria 写真

Get out of my car dumbass ()

in hysteria over these artists doing bare minimum lyrically and locals being like, “damn i felt that” when you have MS DUA ...... over here going BEYOND the lyrical norm im obsessed

Carl Stilwell ()

Christian Pastor Who Thought Coronavirus Was “Mass Hysteria” Just Died via @YouTube

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もしHysteriaきたら普通にテレビの前で泣く自信ある 私はHysteriaが1番好きなんじゃ

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イミレ以外って言ったらTelephoneかNEWWORLDが有力だけどまじでHysteria辺り来ないかな…… Jr時代の曲も歌い続けてほしい🥺

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Hysteria 写真

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なんなら申し訳ないけど急遽Hysteriaも プラスで披露してくれてもいいよ…??

Zesko Whirligan ⭐⭐⭐ ()

@MspdcaliKag @DRH1959 The novel coronavirus, on the other hand, is being used for political purposes by Democrats to incite unwarranted hysteria and inflict economic damage on the United States. The coronavirus is definitely overblown.

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地上波初披露ということででHysteriaやってほしいという気持ちもあるけどきっとTelephoneだろうな…… Telephoneも大人で好きなんだけどね🥰

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たぶんCDTVライブ!ライブ!のSixTONESはTelephoneだと思う。 けどあの本人たちがダサいと言ったトンチキ衣装でHysteriaをやってほしいと思っている自分がいる笑 Imitation Rainとは違う意味で見つかること間違いなし😂

King 👑 ()

In 300 years the only things that will be remembered about COVID-19 are the virus and everyone clapping. Historians will be utterly baffled as to why the virus caused synchronised mass hysteria across an entire country.

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MJM ()

@Trackem3 @realDailyWire they are openly enjoying the panic & they’re only feigning so they - the GD Pravda like leftists& elitists that they are - can fool who they so routinely refer to as “those rubes”

B. insights ()

Top story: Christian pastor who thought COVID-19 is just ‘mass hysteria’ is among the first in Virginia to die from virus – Raw Story , see more

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Telephoneもたまらないけど 地上波初披露Hysteriaでもいいんだよ🥺 #Hysteria大好き芸人🤘🏻

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SixTONESの地上波初披露が話題になってるwww 覗いて見たらHysteria説の人結構いた!個人的にはImitation Rainじゃなくて、でTelephoneとHysteriaの2択ならHysteriaがいい!世間を驚かせる、目を引くという意味ならフツーにかっこいいじゃなくて何これ?っていう引っかかりが欲しい!

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Christian pastor who thought COVID-19 is just ‘mass hysteria’ among the first in Virginia to die from virus

John_dalton ️ ()

@CDCgov @WHO Next pandemic, could you all just keep it to yourselves? Just shy of people dropping dead shortly after meeting Gweneth Paltrow, its really not worth the hysteria.

Charlie Kirk ()

This is your daily reminder that the Swine Flu infected 60 million Americans It sent 274,304 Americans to hospitals It resulted in 12,469 American deaths Where was the Mainstream Media hysteria? Where was the economic shutdown? Where was the endless Obama-bashing? 🤔

Raw Story ()

Christian pastor who thought COVID-19 is just ‘mass hysteria’ is among the first in Virginia to die from virus

James Woods ()

Evidently Democrats and Twitter share the same hysteria gene (and, inexplicably, a fondness for German law)...

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