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I don’t wait to be struck by lightning and don’t need certain slants of light in order to write. TONI MORRISON #amwriting #writing.

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#lightning Twitterのトップツイート

@ntmntm777 2だ♪笑笑 ファイト♪(っ`・ω・´)っフレーフレー♪♪♪ まぁスタミナミンをガブ飲みしてれば すぐ終わるでござるよ♪( ・∇・)v まだ期間あるから、体調が良くなってから頑張れば良いでござるよ♪( ^∀^).

Something I noticed in the Arise key visual is that there are lightning sparks around Shionne’s gun… kind of like how Alphen’s sword has flaming blade?.

Last tweet for tonight, I need to 💤💤 Torrential rain with last of the thunder/lightning now clearing out into the North Sea away from Norfolk & Suffolk. A few storms to watch sitting over N France but these look to maybe clip SE Kent at best, most missing the Night 😊.

#lightning 写真

No hiking tonight. But thunderstorms are a good consolation prize. Watching the lightning out the window and going to bed early on this rainy NC evening. It was a day. And tomorrow is a new one..

A Friend just outside of Aiken sent me this video. turn your volume down if you tap it to enlarge. Frogs are making quite the fuss. Fair amount of lightning, but peaceful. The frogs would drive me insane.

Of all nights to lose power it just had to be on the official launch of #Trump2020. Was it lightning or deep state👀😂.

@umjammerIammy ITS SO BAD i also hate uhhh noctis and lightning mostly out of lesbian anger and my friend making me watch a hamilton amv of them but.

But if left to fester, bitterness turns to resentment, and resentment leads to hate, and hate leads to the Dark Side, and the Dark Side leads to Force lightning shooting from your fingertips. And who wants that? I do. I do every day. Ajajsjdhghth.

Any time the She Shed is on fire it will be assumed that someone deliberately attempted to burn it down, even if it was struck by lightning. #SheShedRules.

Oh muh gawd baybe, the bloody lotning bolt just missed you. Hoooly bloody mother of God! Jesus fucking god mah god baybe, com back the lightning bolt nearly hit yaw oh mah got baybee u alryt?.

No players are coming out. Game should be re-starting now. I guess there has been more lightning. No word in press box. #ATLUTD.

The last couple weeks have been so so hard, and I’ve been feeling the weight of them so much, but tonight I saw my first two lightning bugs of the summer and that made me pretty happy..

@lumos_lightning (°Д°)エッ! (;・ω・).。oO(誰かに聞いて入ったろ。リュウレイさんやfernさん辺りが教えてくれそう).

Why is the lightning at the front of my house and my room at the back of the this is one of the rare times i wanna see the lightning #thunderstorm #Suffolk.

Automatic Bitcoin Micropayments Are Coming to Lightning Network.

@JammersMinde Theyre insulated from lightning strikes due to rubber wheels. Hang in there hon xxx.

@NightlyPolitics Well folks I think that we FINALLY have rock hard proof that there are no deities because if there was indeed a deity it would have struck this guy down with a lightning bolt the moment he uttered those completely idiotic and false words..

@LeftySouthall @DRFFormulator Layout, easy to add different types of my notes, fast as lightning..

Let me copy @dat_medli at wordplay. Write something contextually correct, but most likely will be read wrongly. Example 👇🏿 Did you hear about the guy that got his left side paralysed by lightning yesterday? Not to worry, he is all right now. Drop yours👍🏽.

Current lightning data for central Kent. Courtesy.

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#Thunderstorms are on the cards over the coming hours Here are some different types of #lightning ⚡️.

My boss trying to understand how Percy Jackson fandom made Percy Jackson trend by asking why Percy Jackson is trending. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief is now streaming..

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COBY! ☑️ We have re-signed Braydon Coburn to a two-year contract worth an AAV of $ million..

I don’t wait to be struck by lightning and don’t need certain slants of light in order to write. TONI MORRISON #amwriting #writing.

#lightning 写真

F-35 Lightning II aircraft & airmen from the @388FW & @419FW deployed to Los Llanos Air Base, Spain 🇪🇸, to participate in a Tactical Leadership Program flying course and build a way forward to deter near-peer competitors in the region. #KnowYourMil.

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