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we were going to make a clever weather joke about lightning but that wouldn’t have been shocking.

#Lightning Twitter

#Lightning 写真

#Lightning Twitterのトップツイート

@Wu_WMN [พอดีพี่หวู่เป็นสเปคในฝันทั้งของไลท์และของผปค. ไม่คิดว่าจะเจอ เปงปลื้มมากๆเลย จะคุยด้วยบ่อยๆเลยค่ะ✨💕💕].

The Lightning is so trash for this. We really got sweeped by the worst team in the playoffs.

Instagram更新 「At lightning speed」.

#Lightning 写真

@SeanPBali It’s gotta be more Sidney. I don’t personally hate him, but he’s the lightning rod..

These were just balance bullshit back in the day. Remember the lightning? Yeah, Siege was not better before, Siege has improved sooo fucking much..

Sith Acolyte in the fight put: I take all challengers, face your death here and now Me, to @Rima_Peligroso : zap his cock with your lightning from up here again.

Still reeling from the Lightning getting swept by the Blues Jackets. Torn between loving the chaos of this mix-up and mourning my beautiful NHL bracket prediction..

#Lightning 写真

We have a special format for this event which includes 3 lightning workshops. It will be very interactive, fun and you might just learn #WorldProductDay.

@niiniola I used to see this and be quiet. Now they will know the lightning from my hometown. Animals.

black lightning season two is A) on netflix B) SO GOOD please talk to me about it.

@supersonicc__ same, igual le tocó contra let there be love y the shock of the lightning, se va con la frente en alto.

If you have the right gear, Forge Lightning can be blocked or negated. ..... You can always be choked..

For what it’s worth. The #Flyers have won as many playoffs games this year as the Penguins and Lightning. Pretty impressive honestly..

It was @ValtteriBottas who was on pole 🚦 But @LewisHamilton = lightning from the first second on Sunday 👀 #ChineseGP 🇨🇳 #Race1000.

@Lightning_WMN ฮ่าๆ แต่จะให้เลิกเกร็งทันทีมันก็...ยากอยู่นะ จะพยายามนะคะ.

@MurcielagoLust Just deflect and counter all moves. I’ve seen people trap him in corners and spam him and deflect and that works. Once you hit third phase it’s all just lightning counters.


people probably though i was extremely upset by the lightning loss tonight but i was actually setting up pranks all night with @Hurlur.

I’m back from the baby shower so what did I miss for the Knights? Don’t tell me about the Lightning 😵.

went to my grandpas today and I kid y’all tf not lmao today is the day I’ve never seen my sister jump from the driver to the backseat like lightning😂😂🤣 anyways so we’re leaving my grandpas and it’s me her, my niece & her BD well she was driving, next thing you.

i came into my living room and my mom sadly asks me “what happened to the lightning?”.

my old dnd character got hit by 3 lightning bolts in a row so now here’s Arnie.

#Lightning 写真

Twitter reacts to Lightning losing again to Blue Jackets - National Hockey League News -.

#Lightning 写真

we were going to make a clever weather joke about lightning but that wouldn’t have been shocking.

Lightning Bolt Blasts Washington Monument As Mike Pence, Pete Buttigieg Locked In Battle Of Prayers On National Mall.

#Lightning 写真
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