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Everything in Zaman park destroyed. Just spotted Kasim Khan(younger son of Khan sab)‘s drawing he made, when he was 2/3 years old, also not spared. Psychopath Dirty Harry sent psychopaths..

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The movie was fine in terms of acting, but the #DaughtersofAtlas would have made way more sense in a TV show or #WonderWoman film. Maybe a crossover could have worked. I get the underlying theme of family, but even that could have used more work in development..


@_nidanisar_ @coverofmagazine making alot of sense to me, sure i will study more of it. May Allah bless us with good spouse. i pray alot and i will pray more. thank you for explaining in detail, it made my burning head clam down..

My homegirl made 2mil in the club while we was getting turnt! Ion wanna talk bout nothing but progression lol.

@Pontevedrian Really should skipped PM and made its events flashbacks in AotC and had a movie dedicated to bits of the war then done episode 3 like normal. Ok with better directing and obvious improvements but GENERALLY they should have kept the movie the same..

@GraceMercyWrath @JohnPiper I’ve already answered that question. ie raised incorruptible. Ephesians 1 is referring to a particular people chosen before creation in Christ to be made Holy and blameless! ie salvation. “….God has chosen you from the beginning for salvation…” — 2 Thessalonians 2:13.

That @FightOwensFight came back to the arena to help @SamiZayn and when the crowd chanted “hug it out” embraced Sami… to a ROAR from the crowd… is the stuff great moments in wrestling are made of. I fucking teared up. Love to see it. #WWE #SmackDown.

@emrazz Very good case to be made that demographic collapse in western capitalist society is unavoidable unless childcare can be appropriately resourced and compensated to ensure it is done well..

In moments like this I realize that I’ve made an impact in some way shape or form in folks lives. Number one thing my parents raised me to do. Glad to see I’m accomplishing that..

@blue_still_blue Made in届いたら顔面からいきそうです🫣 私も新参者です💦本当になにやってたんだ😅です。.

@Acyn Texas has state law requiring pledge to American and Texas flag and a moment of silence every morning in every public school. As former teacher don’t think it made many first graders love America any more or less..

Anyone buy those so called best reading glasses advertised here. Three weeks to get them and they are absolute junk; made in China of course. Return info was conveniently not included in the package. I’ll post company name later..

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