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PSA: Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can open up a barber shop where you slaughter your customers to be used as pie meat by the shop below all the while plotting your ultimate revenge on the man who ruined your marriage and your life

REVENGE 写真,REVENGE Twitterのトレンド - トップツイート

REVENGE on Twitter

aisha ✿
Aisha ✿ ()

hi i feel sad so i’m gonna watch revenge of the sith now and make myself feel even more sad :)

Pia🍓 ()

How triggering is Blind Play do you think ?? I have been scared to read it honestly, if its around the same as KS trigger wise Ill probably skip but if its like the Pawn’s Revenge kind of triggering I can handle it. Does my question make sense??? 😔

Noah Harald
Noah Harald ()

@bdgrabinski It’s a super gritty revenge film shot by Matty Libatique on super 16mm. You’re gonna love it. ()

✅ Yes, Prince Philip said that he would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus as a form of revenge against human overpopulation.

REVENGE 写真,REVENGE Twitterのトレンド - トップツイート
BenDavid Grabinski+
BenDavid Grabinski+ ()

I forgot how much I love all the stuff in JOHN WICK before the revenge plot kicks in. The sequels are A+ but I’ll always prefer this one because you get emotionally invested.

Pigeon ()

I used to think revenge was a dish best served cold. But then I realized, it meant getting back at somebody.

Anthony Di Angelo - Author
Anthony Di Angelo - Author ()

@Auroria_notes My third novel, SICILIAN ROULETTE, is an epic crime saga with cinematic appeal. It’s an action-packed story of betrayal, danger, lust for power, and revenge. Some debts can only be repaid with

Nolen 🇺🇸
Nolen 🇺🇸 ()

@ResusCGMedia @HunterJCullen Revenge of the Nerds! I liked that movie. We need Lambda Lambda Lambda to have a come to Jesus moment with tooker.

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When I was little, my father would destroy me in Boggle with obscure words that he claimed, “If it’s in the Oxford, it counts.” I’m tempted to but this set just to seek revenge.

REVENGE 写真,REVENGE Twitterのトレンド - トップツイート
Pote2froui ()

@OctoSam @FunnyPlantWoman Hank dedicated two episodes to kill sherif and the rest of the series to get revenge on the bastards that made Nevada shit

Chris Kruczynski 🧛🏿
Chris Kruczynski 🧛🏿 ()

@revenge_haver do you have the video of the guy calling someone a pepdo over and over again

Derrick ()

@GlassBadge @Inthacutx what makes it the people’s team y’all lost for 5 bands and then lost to tio on the revenge tour

🦦 ()

cant wait to hear better than revenge (taylor’s version) ... a little misogyny as a treat ❤️

Milena ()

musiałam mercem jechać po brata bo mu coś się z rowerem zrobiło i kurwa co za stres

SauceBot ()

@EntertainersAce @sdshan8 I think this is ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE episode 1 at 0:07:44

Deion ✈️
Deion ✈️ ()

Lol she just knows her momma played the bitch in every movie and she here to revenge everyone

Sweet Dreams Bot
Sweet Dreams Bot ()

I just woke up from a was it a nightmare? Scooby Doo convinced me to rob a bank and we lived happily ever after until Pennywise the clown hunted us down for some unbeknownst-to-us revenge. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Sardaar ()

Lite dil raj or pk edokti cheyali papam distributors ki hiked rates ani 90 crs ki amaru 🚶🚶 Vala situation ento asal full aina shows cancel cheyatame nto🙏 #VakeelSaab mood gone 💉Revenge mode on💉

椎奈 ()


Des ()

Adopting this stance turns fraught public/family engagement into opportunities. It’s a frame of mind not easily achieved and has an ethical component. motivations A) defending myself from verbal assault B) genuine compassion for a fractured mind C Revenge. for personal reflection

The Forsaken Dragon
The Forsaken Dragon ()

@EmmArrGus caught two prizes in a machine once They both fell ... I’ll have my revenge one day

Slater ()

@CornhuskerJuan @CLIFFSZN Dude was an absolute baller on the field. But he 100% shared revenge/child p*rn even if he was 18 lol

Fake Horror Movie Bot
Fake Horror Movie Bot ()

Three years have passed since the events of the last film. An insatiable great white shark has been resurrected once again and seeks revenge on a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers, its former master.

Bhuddu123 ()

My morning AM tickets at Tirupati are cancelled and amount got revenge movies lo chipinchadam ento?#VakeelSaab

andy ♡ she/her 😏
Andy ♡ she/her 😏 ()

@HEREKlTTYKlTTY you don’t know what they do to guys like us in prison from three cheers for sweet revenge by mcr!! :D

Kimothée ()

Girl had a whole show called “revenge body” & had those detox teas on her page everyday like???

RiloOrDie ()

Disdain things that you cannot have. Ignoring them is the best revenge. By acknowledging a petty problem you give it existence and credibility.

MonoNoticia ()

El anime de televisión Zombieland Saga: Revenge tiene un total de 12 episodios enumerados en tres volúmenes de Blu-ray Disc.

REVENGE 写真,REVENGE Twitterのトレンド - トップツイート
Holly@PinkArmy ()

@MrRPMurphy #AHS IDEA- @MrRPMurphy Cover the Atlantic Triangle on a more haunting scale. It’d educate on slavery while highlighting the possibilities of Bermuda/mid Atlantic Ocean revenge for those captured during the period 1700 flashback;present Bermuda disappearances 2021.

Laura Shortridge-Scott
Laura Shortridge-Scott ()

PSA: Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can open up a barber shop where you slaughter your customers to be used as pie meat by the shop below all the while plotting your ultimate revenge on the man who ruined your marriage and your life

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