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When I say degrees I cosmetology, jr college, university, high any degree period! U worked hard for your sht so shine baby!!!!!!! 💙🎓✨

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Kyronee ()

just be a good guy and be supportive always, man they hate that sht

(Hiatus)Hazy: ☾✨ ()

People be saying sht on here, get called out, ‘y’all it’s a joke hehehe’, next hr someone drag all the sht they said from last week to the end of five years ago back up. 🤷‍♀️

まつみな ()

@nnww_sht こんにちは😊検索より失礼致します!!! 実際、初期費用かかってしまいますが、私からなら初期費用1万円するものが3000円で買い取ることができます!!!とてもお得ですし一日に万単位も可能ですよ!! 初期費用は値下げも可能になります。 ご興味がありましたら反応ください😊”

Mikrotits⁷ ()

tbh it was my fault idk y I couldn’t jus mind my business y was I so close up blocking da light and sht lmaooo

Mikrotits⁷ ()

was gonna pretend to be Eritrean but I remembered when my mums Eritrean friend made her fit her new eye into her eye for her and eye juice went on my hijab I nearly cried sht was very traumatizing !


I really want to watch the final film for Fate HF. Damn COVID ruining sht planned to watch at the cinema T^T

Jocelyn 👸🏾 ()

Please. I cannot begin to express how uncomfortable it is😭 “sexy dark chocolate natural queen” bro-STFU. I AM NOT FOOD. 💀 You can say a compliment but sht like tht is just weird. Like fr how am I supposed to respond to that😂

Jem ❄️ ()

Grabeng sched to. May pre-finals pa ako bukas sa lawrev ah sht.

#sht 写真

망고 ()

ㄱㅇㄱ 히이로가 왜 하나야에게 게이머 드라이버 줬냐고 따질때 차마 돈받고 팔았다곤 말못하는 단쿠로 ㅋㅋ

Libra✨ ()

Sht,what a nice serye nabuhayan tuloy writing skills ko 📝 charot soon baka e career ko nayan 😁

G-TAC the spook who wore a tan suit ()

And they would’ve gotten away with it if Rerun’s fat ass didn’t drop the tape recorder! Word has it that Michael McDonald and the Doobie brothers were gonna beat the sht out of him had big Shirley not stepped in.

کۆری😔 ()

@hamobaban Hane jar sht haya xot naibene xalk ka lagal tekal abn u atnasn enja azani choni u la chia bahrat haya😔

X ()

1000원으로 쌍쌍바도 못사먹어(1200) 그니까 1000원짜리 하나 같이먹어야함👍

Addyson ()

@NemophilaLou no you don’t, if you gave a sht about him then you’d be happy about him getting love and support. if someone’s “in his shadow” then that’s on them, he’s a grown man with a solo career, it isn’t his or his fans’ job to worry about his ex bandmates getting the same recognition.

حصن المسلم 💙 ()

دقائق يسيرة في بداية يومك تذكر الله بها مخلصا، ستمتليء نفسك بعدها انشراحا وسرورا، وستجد أثرها في يومك بركة وتوفيقا

#sht 写真

🐅 ()

@briyunka Girl I’m over here questioning evt like “corn on the cob?!” 😂 it’s going w/cornbread Bri . Put that sht in a bowl , y’all ight lol

Pam⁵ | STREAM TDC : ETERNITY | #TeamStarboard 𖧵 ()

Goodmorning !!!! First thing i saw is about the fcking red app !!! Tf are they doing !!!? This sht be messing with my boys !!!

ギル ()

@Yukkies2 @Gyi_sht ブロックっていう機能があること自体がおかしいと思ってて、一回の行動でそれ以降の行動をなにも見ずにブロックしてっていうのがまずおかしいと僕は思うのだが多分僕だけ それはどうでもよくてそもそも今になってやっとブロックされてることに気づく程度の絡みしかないのにブロックするのはまあひどい

Aya⁷ 𖧵 ♡ 정국 ()

i remember when i was in middle school and everyone wanted to be like we streamed that sht in our classroom everyday

Icy ()

When I say degrees I cosmetology, jr college, university, high any degree period! U worked hard for your sht so shine baby!!!!!!! 💙🎓✨

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