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Updated: September 18th, 2021 06:42 AM IST

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Tenz went 54/23/9 against F4Q, including on Split, the map F4Q recently beat Vision Strikers on People forgot about Tenz

Tenz Twitter

@dapr SEN Manager: Additional info on play against ENVY (best team in the world) Zombs got fever Shahzam left mousepad Tenz lost whole gears Dapr sound issues in the match (no foot step at all) Sick keyboard bug We were in chaos.

Tenz vs cned görülmedi ama acend vs smb 20 gün sonra yine olacak galiba 1 aydır sadece acend ile oynuyoruz

Super excited to see that Tenz wants to work on the more „teamwork” based agents. This only bodes well for Sentinels in #vct Champions.

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@CarlosR @TenZOfficial Carlos before NV vs SEN / Carlos 3 months later, after poaching TenZ

Tenz 写真,Tenz Twitterのトレンド - トップツイート

Cadê a Sentinels na final? O drama de Tenz e companhia #VALORANTMasters

Tenz 写真,Tenz Twitterのトレンド - トップツイート

@CarlosR @TenZOfficial All of this wholesomeness so that tenz plays champions for g2 🗣

Choking. Missing. Loosing. Crying. Long ago, the four lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when G2 attacked. Only Tenz master of all four elements, could stop them, but when his team needed him most, he vanished.


Declaraciones exclusivas de TenZ post partido explicando porque perdieron contra @G2esports

Tenz 写真,Tenz Twitterのトレンド - トップツイート

TenZ mighta gone crazy today but can we talk about how yesterday SEN had someone different dropping 320-370 ACS each map

Tenz 写真,Tenz Twitterのトレンド - トップツイート

@TenZOfficial You may have won against F4Q but you also won my heart, when I say this I mean it with every fiber of my being, please play with me shawty.

@FionnOnFire You just saw Tenz drop 32 like he’s a smurf in an iron lobby and u for the audacity to not finish the sentence 💀


Vieron que TenZ es una bestia y la rompe todo. Bueno, Heat tiene el mismo ACS, pero perdió sus dos mapas. Ojo mañana, no se cuanto le va a durar el top a TenZ

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@cycotic nah. Obviously TenZ is the best in the game but it’s more like a device and astralis situation than a s1mple and (old) navi one. They would still be doing this good with asuna for example

@dephhgg TenZ tried his hardest that map to show Riot how broken she is but they still wont nerf her

@curetoh The amount of comments I saw on my timeline anointing new best in the world duelists says otherwise (tho I obviously know everyone respects Tenz)

Tenz went 54/23/9 against F4Q, including on Split, the map F4Q recently beat Vision Strikers on People forgot about Tenz

i wanna date a pro so i can cheer him on just like how kyedae cheers on and watches tenz play

@Shubham12531131 @TenZOfficial Tenz you are a very good Valorant player, you just need to improve aim, game sense, tactics, utility, movement, reaction time, strafing, team play, spray control, counter strafe, gun skills, awp, rifles, leave to dance, etc.

Both @cNedf0r and @TenZOfficial put up serious numbers in their opening matches of #VALORANTMasters making us even more excited for their potential head to head in the Playoffs While TenZ has the lead in total kills, K/D, and openers; cNed posted a higher ACS, ADR, and HS%

Tenz 写真,Tenz Twitterのトレンド - トップツイート

In an interview with @SideshowGaming, Tenz said that if Gambit plays like they do in scrims it should be 13-0 vs 100 Thieves on every single map

Desde que clasificó Acend quiero ver ese cned vs tenz. Como gane Sentinels el torneo, EU va a ser la burla de NA hasta la Champions.

sentinels has the best players to watch because their are so fucken hot i wish tenz would use me as a toilet


Torcendo pra G2 só pela farpa kkkkkkk e secretamente feliz cm qualquer kill do tenZ pq ele é um bebe

@kyedae Tomake ekta thabra marbo, jao giye avg er sathe stream koro, beshi batela mero na, natoh opor wala r kache request korbo je TenZ er sponsorship chole Dur

TenZの感度 →→→→→ 直近で変えすぎでしょ笑笑

@js_bbl “Shahzam hem Koç hem igl hem de jett oynuyor takımı ayakta tutuyor ama millet tenz tenz diye ortada geziyor”

@sarawatiny Asuna smp foi bom individualmente, ele é o melhor do time dele estatisticamente, e o segundo melhor duelista do NA apenas atras do TenZ

@G2esports la profesionalidad de tenz es de admirar, los demás dan bastante

“Are you ready for your Valorant lesson?” Tenz gulped nAts nodded Shahzam blinked nervously “Yes bjor” they said in unison

O TenZ de Sheriff pescou o Keloqz de Operator ABRINDO O PIXEL Desgraçado #VALORANTMasters

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