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Happy Birthday to Nipsey Hussle, who would have turned 34 today. His legacy never dies. The marathon continues. 🏁💙🕊.

The Birthday Twitter

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. DID I HEAR SOMEONE SAY ONLY 7 DAYS TO GO ⏳ #CarnivalFriday Notting Hill Carnival starter .. the ultimate #Soca fete to kick off the busy weekend! . Celebrating a birthday this carnival….

Happy birthday to the fabulous @adamhattan! Have an amazing day full of laughter and happiness! Keep being the shining star you are xx.

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@FancyGadam2 Happy Birthday to the ruler of music more blessings we pray for Allah and many years for you,more music.

@sambham_x happy birthday my boy! Hope you have the best day and get sloshed😘🍕🥂see you soon!.

HEY GUYS! Please help us decide what hashtag are we gonna use for Lulu’s birthday by voting on the poll. Thank you ❤️✨.

@ArvindKejriwal Only Hope of India as is Shree Arvind Kejriwal ji, I am proud of Shree Arvind Kejriwal Sir, Sir May all the dreams of you & the people of Delhi come into reality from this auspicious day. Grand birthday wishes. 💐💐💐.

コピバンも組んでてミッシェルのときから永遠の憧れであるチバユウスケ、The birthday ステージももちろん最高なのだけれど客の年齢層がグンと上がって、ミッシェルを聴いて育ってきたおっちゃんやアラサーお姉さんたちがチバの声で荒れ狂う姿がくっそカオスで好きなんだよな。なぜか今日は 嬉しかった.

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Wishing myself Happy Birthday. I’ve achieved a lot in the last 365 days, so much that I never experrectttt. Good things happening to me with little efforts. I am grateful to God Almighty for all his blessings and protection. I can only ask for more from God Almighty..

@neurotikaroman1 Happiest Drag Birthday to one of the coolest people I have yet to meet (but someday I will)!!! 🖤😘.

It’s a Joy-ous occassion! Today, this one and only speed demon turns 51! 🎉 Move out the way, as she’s blazing at breakneck speeds around Aberdeen! You better watch out! 🏍💨 Apparently someone took her photo without consent! 📸 Her birthday face was asking! #ShenmueBirthdays.

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@cococunningham1 happy birthday gorgeous hope you have the best day ever and get spoilt rotten!! See you this weekend!! ❤️❤️❤️.

Happy birthday Taika! Have a wonderful day full of all the love in the world that you deserve, you are truly a blessing ♥️ @TaikaWaititi.

@Kayclown Happy birthday sis @_IbkJohnson Wishing you all the best in the years ahead..

@SabeanBea Prime example when a parent wishes their 4year old child a happy birthday and they write the birthday message on their wall addressed to the child. The child is not on fb and nor can they read so we all know it has not been put there for the child 😂.

Happy birthday to the woman who keeps me going on and constantly inspires me. An eternal presence in my life, my eternal love. Everyone will be compared to you forever more. I love you @Madonna, may the light always shine on you! Go have a C E L E B R A T I O N! 🥳🎉❤️.

Happy belated birthday to the leading goal scorer herself!! You’re really you 💓.

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Stray Kids Celebrated Changbin’s Last Birthday Naked, And Them Denying It Is The Funniest Part.

The amount of people who are matching my energy about my birthday is bringing me to tears 🥺 they’re so excited to celebrate with me at the alchemy tour and my birthday week like god really put some beautiful people in my life 💗.

Birthday today, going Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire with the kids, pissing it down.

wack how when ur incredibly busy for the entire month of july and then need an entire week of downtime to recover, ur birthday just Happens.

Happy birthday you amazing human, I miss you so much and am indescribably proud of your achievements so far❤️ have the best day @TheCameronByrd.

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Dear parents, As an innovative method to wish the birthday school management will honour the beauties of hayagrivar with wishing cards for those who are giving peanut candies instead of chocolates Wishing and blessing Yogeshwari from for a fantastic life forever🙂.

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@Wend1321 Awwwww ... turn all the lights off, and Shoplifter Steve is having a birthday 😂😂😂.

Happy Birthday to Nipsey Hussle, who would have turned 34 today. His legacy never dies. The marathon continues. 🏁💙🕊.

34 Years Ago Today, Ermias Joseph Asghedom Was Born. Happy Birthday To The Late, Nipsey Hussle Tha Great 🙏🏾🕊.

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