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Wowww congrats to everyone getting their #uitm results today. How do you guys get and above i will never know!! i barely made it yall. LOL! Dont let bad results bring you down. It’s not the end of the road, trust me.

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Ed Smith ()

@ab4scambs I work as a businessman in Europe, and trust me when I say no European is jealous of Brexit. On the contrary, it has made them appreciate the EU even more. The world is saying one ”I used to think the British were the sensible ”

Eze ()

@_Tifeee lol cos trust me it’s you’ll keep seeing something better than what you have. Just be contented and choose 1 you think makes more sense 🤗

444 ()

i gave em trust when i saw hate infront my eyes. God, tell me if it’s love that got me blind

たいおー ()

ホルモン焼いて「発火!w」って言ってTrust meごっこした

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じぇる🍊NUDIE★実装ありがとう! ()

#毎日11時12分は城ヶ崎美嘉スタグラム #目指すはトップでオンリーワン 今日ライブでめっちゃカッコ良かったTrust meを美嘉で! 総選挙歌わせてあげたいなぁ!!!!

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3 Aces ()

@TSLAQrabbithole Lol. It was a joke. Every penny of my children’s trust fund has been given to them by me. They have no idea how much is there. They have taken a massive hit in the Tsla short. But they will be fine. Thank you for your concern. Very kind

Dave ()

@PeteButtigieg @Culinary226 I don’t give a shit who you it’s my life and health and I’m going to pick whomever I like to provide me a service, any service you fucking

こづきまる ()

トレンドに「Trust me」ってあって、千銃士のアレク様を連想した…あの曲ただでさえツボど真ん中なのに、あのキャラがあの声で歌ってるの、ずるすぎると思ってる

[email protected]デレ7th大阪参戦 ()

Pallete、Trust Me、純情ミッドナイト伝説、ANSER…そのセトリは私に効く…

La Leche League USA ()

But most importantly, co-breastfeeding gave both my wife and me the gift of bonding with our new infant son. Not just any bonding, but the strengthened intimacy and trust that is unique to breastfeeding.”

Joost Brugman ()

@ColinBrowning14 @apvermeulen If you voted to leave the EU we have little choice but to subject you to non-eu citizens entering the eu checks. Trust me, we rather not. We we’re friends. We love you and we think there are better ways. But yes, this is leaving the eu.

Interestedintruth ()

@AndrewLankinen1 @mjswhitebread From that announcement and as a US citizen, I would rather trust our own government and get as far away from epicenter as possible. But that’s just me! The people in hospital in Japan say it’s great care but hard to communicate due to language barrier.

Yui ()

I know, i’ve been so mean to you these past days. But trust me, it doesn’t mean that i hate you or i lose my feeling towards you. I’m tryna find the usual me whom you like.

Deepika ()

@pulte Hi sir today star my mom life is peaceful please help me sir my Google Pay number is 9042372913 One God is there in world Mr Pulte DM for my family God thank you sir I waiting every one good I believe and I trust 😅😅😅😅😅💲💲💲👏👏👏

DeafHusky ()

tRUe. You can trust me. Follow me, if you feel a slight hint that I might be right.

7🎄 #ego ()

@miixnnxp ไม่เกี่ยวดิ มึงไม่ได้ฟังตอนที่เค้าบอกหรอ เก่งแค่ไหนแต่ไปในห้องเบลอ รน แฮงค์ก้ตายกันหมด สู้มีความรู้พื้นฐานแต่ตั้งสติเอาให้ได้ในห้องสอบดีกว่าเยอะ Trust me

来流P ()

Trust meの作者さんであるゆよゆっぺさんの曲が大好きな人間なので『心に日をつけろ 《発火!》』で炎出た瞬間泣いた。 ゆっぺさんの作る曲が大好きで… 大好きなゆっぺさんの曲であんな演出をしてもらってホントにありがとうございます…😭😭😭

しゅん@大阪両日 ()

大阪1日目お疲れ様でした! 生バンドは神でしたね! 個人的には Trust me と in fact (bossa arrange)が最高でした…

Symone B ✨ ()

When you got plenty options GOOD ones at that you can’t be out here letting niggas treat you any kind of way it’s not cute nor cool trust me them same niggas moving funny KNOW deep down you something special it ain’t shit to be PROVED

月見里⛩紫音 ()

全員歌唱を除いたらnocturneとTrust Meくらいだったかな?強いまゆでしたなー。で、割とセンター立ち位置が多かったから謎の嬉しみ

Avengingidiots ()

@joelbirdtweets @CostaCoffee I am trust me. Just dont understand why you felt the need to say she was pregnant??? Can be no other reason

酉川ぷわ❄ ()

Trust me終わった直後のワイ「ぼくのかんがえた最強のセトリか!!?!?!?」 前の席のオタク「それ!!!!!!」 ↓ 次のブロック終わったワイ「セトリ考えたの俺じゃなくてJUNGOだったわ……」 前の席のオタク(加蓮P)「」(薄荷を受け死亡)

すばたろー📷スクショ部 ()

主な感想 ・「オウムアムアに幸運を」を聴けた ・「Trust me」で発火できた ・「Trinity Field」で△を作れた ・「純情Midnight伝説」でUO折るほどぶち上がれた ・珠ちゃんがいた。嬉しい ・輝子の曲は履修したい。さっつんすげぇわ ・31人という人数の圧を感じた。 #デレマス7th大阪

きゅーそ@デレ7th2日目 ()

あそう、trust meもやってくれ~って開演前に祈ってたんだよな、、、、、、、ほんとにやってほしいやつ全部やってもらった、、、、、、、

†屋根裏的ユウイ観測者サマ† ()

Trust meのメンバーが直近のCG2人と上位常連の2人とLitllePOPS(ラップ担当)なのを見て少しクスッとしました

ウッドヴィレッジP@7th大阪両日 ()

Trust meでマジで発火するし、その後にアコースティックverの薄荷が来るし… 新曲フォーリンシーサイドでGaze and Gaze!Vo力だよ Velvet Roseの2人が強すぎる…ほんとにステージ初めて?更に言うならリコちゃん良すぎ…惚れた 後最後のなかみーの涙はズルい 限界Pのレポートでした #アイマス最高


I literally just said WHO DID I OFFEND in yoruba trust me it hits different 😂😂

DeAnna for Congress🇺🇸vs Nancy ()

[email protected]’s endorsement means a lot to me. @TPUSA has done incredible work for the youth of this nation in highlighting the failures of socialism & the cultural rot it brings. San Francisco is the epicenter of this rot. I’m glad they trust me to help clean it up!

Yuna Zarai ()

Wowww congrats to everyone getting their #uitm results today. How do you guys get and above i will never know!! i barely made it yall. LOL! Dont let bad results bring you down. It’s not the end of the road, trust me.

Rick Scott ()

This is the 2nd time the CCP has used one of their propaganda outlets to attack me, which means we’re doing something right. We can’t trust info from China about the #CoronaVirus. Propaganda from @globaltimesnews puts the people of China at risk. @WHO MUST do a full report.

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