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Next-gen power and performance runs in the family. 7 days until pre-orders for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S open on September 22. Stay tuned for timing details in your region:

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Play as an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper and explore the war-ravaged streets of New Mombasa in Halo 3: ODST. Now available with @XboxGamePassPC alongside the return of ODST Firefight! Details here:

Yoann Thabarin
Yoann Thabarin ()

Xbox series x - La manette Xbox Series X|S sera aussi disponible en bleu

TavernaReplicante ()

@sidao_sidney Não, nem pro Xbox e nem PS5 vou esperar baixar tudo, não tô achando nada barato eles, e menos caro o Xbox 299 e menos caro o PS5 digital mas não barato.

Daily Express
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With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate getting better by the day, Microsoft gives fresh hope to iPhone and iPad users:

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Digital Foundry Deals
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More Amazon EU pre-orders live! 🇫🇷 France: 🇪🇸 Spain:

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Utsav Techie
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@RishiAlwani @Imafia97 Hello Rishi what do you think How much stock of Xbox series X they have Also thanks for informing us As I have ordered my first eve gaming console the X box Series X

Timdog ()

Case to case basis. I think 1 year exclusives or timed could possibly if its me, i make it all about Xbox eco, and even steam. Other platforms you need to really think it thru

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O que acharam dos preços de Xbox Series X e Xbox Series S? Xbox Series X: R$ Xbox Series S: R$ Confira 👉

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The Canadian Cowboy🤠
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I can’t wait to play Fallout 3 & Fallout: New Vegas for the first time on my new Xbox Series Whatever 👍💚 As well as The Witcher 2. And to replay Red Dead Redemption 1 but in 4K, ahhhh!!!!!

TrueAchievements ()

You can play Observer: System Redux at launch on the Xbox Series X.

Renting Rural America 🏘=💰
Renting Rural America 🏘=💰 ()

@thewealthdad Ok. Good. Plus my SON needs the Xbox. Not me. (That’s my story to the wife anyways)

Vitinho OMG :0 XD 😔👌😎👌🙃👌
Vitinho OMG :0 XD 😔👌😎👌🙃👌 ()

@VinhoYT Eu adoro a Sony,tem um jogo que eu tô esperando no PS5 que vai ser mau daora, só espero mesmo pq a minha infância foi jogando o PS2 e o PS3,o Xbox do meus amigos era diferente do PlayStation mais eu prefiro e sempre vou prefiro o Playstation.

siroidangan zawa (箱民)
Siroidangan zawa (箱民) ()

PS5の転売ヤーの話題が目立ちますね… XBOXは大丈夫かな? まあMSは資金あるし理想は 転「予約しまくっても在庫が無くならない!」 MS「どんどん生産するよー」 転「買い占めたぜ!」 MS「足りない?じゃあすぐに大量生産して再輸出させるわ」 転「」 謎の軍勢「メシウマメシウマ」 #XboxSeries

DerProfessor84 ()

@FabianCrimax @PlayStationDE Es war klar das man sie nach der Präsentation vorbestellen kann, Abends verschwinden die Produkteinträge bei Amazon, in der Präsentation am Schluss keinen Hinweis auf eine Vorbestellung und natürlich das man Klugerweise die Vorbestellung vor der Xbox Vorbestellungsphase macht,..

🐸Homelander🐸🇦🇺 ()

@_Stalker29_ @TheDautLB and yet he judged me for liking it lol. I found it fun back in the day. Back on the xbox 360 era

Jazi ()

Mi sueño es tener una Xbox y hacerme fan de Xbox , pero no tengo dinero para poder comprarla , ojalá pudiera tener apoyo para obtenerla 😭

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Јанковић(ダイエットをしている) ()

@kakeashi_hayai それもあるのかも XBOXとの価格競争を今回やってたっぽいし…

SEAN! ()

I’ll let you Xbox users know how the game feels tomorrow😇

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MondoXbox ()

Las reservas de #XboxSeries X|S se abrirán a las 9:00 CEST en España el día 22 de septiembre, voy a dejar este hilo fijado para ir añadiendo las diferentes tiendas que vayan a realizarlas, asi como los enlaces oficiales. #Xbox

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Comic Book Resources
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#Xbox Announces Series X/S Pre-Order Launch Time

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Geoff Keighley
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Xbox Series X and S pre-orders will begin on Tuesday at 11 am ET / 8 AM PT according to @Xbox

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PS5 & Xbox X stacked up against each other, seems pretty close. What are you getting this holiday season 👀?

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Laura Kate Dale
Laura Kate Dale ()

Final reveal of the Direct. Looks like Ori and the Will of the Wisps is coming to Switch. I know the original Ori got a port, kind of assumed the sequel would stay Xbox specific. Available later today. Two game physical collectors edition also releasing.

🇯🇵こーた🇯🇵 ()

@dontkoiUEDA PS4Proですら実現できなかった痒いところにようやく手が届いた!って感じなんで、何としても抽選大戦争を勝ち抜きたいっすw ライバルのXBoxが似た価格帯で先に発表しちゃったんでそれより大幅に高くはできなかったのかもしれませんな… 何にせよ欲しい!

愛沢めみ /メガドラ応援CD販売中!
愛沢めみ /メガドラ応援CD販売中! ()

プレステ5の話題がすんごいけどxboxも出ること忘れないで〜!! わたしはゲームギアミクロ買う。

D.Gray ()

@SONICthehedgong Decían que había un evento de Xbox hoy, y a ver si Nintendo enseña aunque sea un juego que me llame algo la atención

Ry ()

@OhNoEthanIves The first remake was one of my first games on Xbox one, was pretty damn incredible. Great setpieces. I have the second for Switch but I haven’t started yet! I have way too many games I need to finish first.

Ricardo ()

PS5 priced at 499 and PS5 Digital Edition at 399. Console king. Why would someone buy a Xbox now at the same pricing? If someone I know buys a Xbox, I m blocking you.

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Tom Warren
Tom Warren ()

•Xbox Series S: $299, November 10th •Xbox Series X: $499, November 10th •PS5 Digital Edition: $399, November 12th •PS5: $499, November 12th So much choice and great price points for the next gen of console gaming 👍

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Next-gen power and performance runs in the family. 7 days until pre-orders for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S open on September 22. Stay tuned for timing details in your region:

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☚ #ごごナマ #おかえりごはんバーガー ☛
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