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  • “Why is a Black woman on your book cover?" asked the middle-aged, South Asian woman, shortly after I finished lecturing at an event in Michigan.” @KhaledBeydoun opens with his 🔥🔥🔥 article on rethinking Islamophobia

  • What to expect tonight in the all new Swahili Telenovela Series #Aziza produced by @jiffypictures

  • Time for #Aziza is now! Enjoy the brand new episode now showing!.

  • 😭😭😭😭

  • @DrSuad Why should non-Black Muslims weigh in on this discussion? Can there be one place where we can define ourselves without non-Black folks controlling, regulating, and determining the boundaries of my identity?.

  • @DrSuad @DMogahed @omarsuleiman504 @ISNAHQ @ImamSuhaibWebb @taleef @zaytunacollege @thelight99 @ALIMProgram @imanwired @RadioIslamUSA @TheISPU @nbamuslims @MuslimARC @bmuslimculture @AltMuslimah @TheMosqueCares @almaghrib @imancentral @MWFNational Hell, we couldn’t event watch #BlackPanther and enjoy a comic book movie in peace. So yeah, I’m tired..

  • 📸 by me

  • @hala__ii أنت لم تُكن صاحبي بقدر ماكنت مجاوراً لقلبي دائماً ..

  • @DrSuad @DMogahed @omarsuleiman504 @ISNAHQ @ImamSuhaibWebb @taleef @zaytunacollege @thelight99 @ALIMProgram @imanwired @RadioIslamUSA @TheISPU @nbamuslims @MuslimARC @bmuslimculture @AltMuslimah @TheMosqueCares @almaghrib @imancentral @MWFNational Honestly I feel very uncomfortable with some of the folks tagged here weighing in a hard discussion that has no implications on their identity formation..


  • Watch “Aziza Hasan Builds Muslim-Jewish Partnerships” by @Gorman_Thomas on #Vimeo

  • تعبانه مرههقه.

  • tride.

  • @DrSuad @DMogahed @omarsuleiman504 @ISNAHQ @ImamSuhaibWebb @taleef @zaytunacollege @thelight99 @ALIMProgram @imanwired @RadioIslamUSA @TheISPU @nbamuslims @MuslimARC @bmuslimculture @AltMuslimah @TheMosqueCares @almaghrib @imancentral @MWFNational We haven’t even had this convo amongst ourselves yet, at least not in a thorough and grounded way. So them weighing in as we are working through the quagmire is still putting them in a position to determine the terms..

  • @Aziza____ Ctfu😭😂😂😭 you : I hope everyone dies.

  • @YoungKy_ I won’t..

  • @melonchole Story of my life.

  • @aziza__l 💖💖💖.

  • @5addoOo ماشاءالله تبارك الله 😩💗💗💗.

  • @Margari_Aziza @DrSuad As a non-Black Muslim I read the critique and was in total agreement so I didn’t feel the need to respond beyond affirmation..

  • بالفيديو: مشادة كلامية بين عبد الحميد قياس وعزيزة بولبيار

  • The way @aliyahmariabee pulled the “lord, Jesus take the wheel look” when he turned the light on. Fam😂😂

  • @Mnowwh وانيستا والبا😰💔

    #Aziza twitter.
  • @DrSuad I’m not saying the terms aren’t fraught, as we’ve discussed this before when the Haroon Moghul drama when he accused @manrilla of being nativist..

  • اللهم شيئاً جميلاً لم يكُن بالحسبان يارب 💕.

  • 😱💔

  • 👁 Machine Gun Kelly - At My Best ft. Hailee Steinfeld via @YouTube.

  • 😂😭😭😭😂

  • @aziza_almufarej 😂😂.

  • @alre_em99 فاتنا واجد شكله.

  • aziza, lui maintenant et ça te critique la Turquie mdr

  • أمي 😍

  • The King LEO❤❤

    #Aziza twitter.
  • الف مبروووك ي كتلان ع التأهل❤💙.

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