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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 25 Apr 2018, 16:03 PM IST

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  • That is the difference between the politics of democracy and mature democracies that can rise above competitive electoral politics to issue based politics that seek the enhancement of people’s lives and the long term peace, stability and prosperity of our nations #CHAfrica.

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  • I particularly want to thank Nigerian nationals who are present here today. Your love for Nigeria is evident in that you have left your regular pursuits to be here to interact with lovers of Nigeria. Your presence inspires me. #GetNigeriaWorkingAgain #CHAfrica.

  • Kenya and East Africa is full of energetic and ambitious young people who can build goods and services for a rapidly growing middle class and population #CHAfrica | #Big4ActionPlan @ChathamHouse.

  • Mainstream politics, in Kenya, in Britain & everywhere else in the democratic world must be responsive to the needs of the people. My reaching out to @RailaOdinga and the opposition must be seen in this context and not one of opening a new political front #CHAfrica @ChathamHouse.

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  • ‘If oil could save a nation then surely it would have saved Venezuela, the nation with the largest proven reserves of oil in the world. But you and I know what is up with Venezuela and if oil has not saved her, it will not save Nigeria.’[email protected] #CHAfrica.

  • ‘I am an employer of labour and most of my employees are youths who yield my businesses a huge profit. I am not surprised at the comment of the man who said youths are lazy. He has no business nor runs any educational institutions, so of course he would say that’[email protected] #CHAfrica.

  • Deputy RBZ Governor @ursuletu1003 and l hail from Kezi. Just met him now at the #CHAfrica event in #London.

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  • #Zimbabwe’s “international isolationism should never be revisited” & Zim “should never again be left behind,” argues Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Sibusiso Moyo #CHAfrica 🇿🇼.

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  • Giggles at #CHAfrica in response to Lt. Gen. Moyo’s militaristic language: “eliminate,” “discipline,” “frogmarch,” etc., and when asked about progress in targeting “criminals” surrounding Mugabe. Interesting too that he quoted Thomas Sankara, who came to power via a military coup.

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  • @nickmangwana could only smile as Zimboz picket outside @ChathamHouse #CHAfrica.

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  • Hon Sibusiso Moyo commenting on alleged criminals in Government - #CHAfrica @zenzele @ZimMediaReview.

  • HE Sibusiso Moyo - Elections on July 18 2018 will reaffirm our commitment to openness & transparency. The #Zimbabwe government will apply rules & standards for holding free and fair elections in a peaceful, violence free environment. We welcome international observers #CHAfrica.

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  • HE Sibusiso Moyo - FDI is critical for development. There are many opportunities or foreign investors in tourism, agriculture, more mining, construction, infrastructure development - and contributing to the 4th industrial revolution #CHAfrica.

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  • Pictured here with @UKinZimbabwe Ambassador @CatrionaLaing1 & @ChrisCharamba #CHAfrica.

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  • Response by Hon Moyo to question on Gukurahundi #CHAfrica @zenzele.

  • It certainly looks like @atiku has the London vote locked down. The crowd reacted as if he had been appointed Pope. #CHAfrica.

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  • Another set of uncomfortable questions by Simba Chikanza of @ZimEye #CHAfrica.

  • HE Sibusiso Moyo - President Mnangagwa has the experience of the past and knows where we went wrong. This will allow him to implement reforms so that Zimbabwe becomes great again! #CHAfrica.

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  • There is no contradiction in us rejoining the Commonwealth. We are committed to the goals of international peace and unity - Hon Moyo #CHAfrica @ZimMediaReview @povozim.

  • HE Sibusiso Moyo - we are committed towards civil and political reform to increase transparency in governance and the fight against corruption. We want to establish a disciplined society, working in the public interest to inculcate political tolerance #CHAfrica.

  • Want a disciplined public service anchored on hard work. Inculcate political tolerance and service to country - Hon Moyo #CHAfrica.

  • The meeting is over by the way. Siyabonga #CHAfrica.

  • Response by Hon Moyo to question on Gukurahundi #CHAfrica.

  • HE Sibusiso Moyo - if an opposition candidate is victorious in the elections President Mnangagwa is prepared to accept. Political contestation must not override national interests. People can come and go, but the state is more important #CHAfrica.

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  • A question has been posed. What are you going to do should @nelsonchamisa emerge victorious in the elections? This is the response by Sibusiso Moyo here @ChathamHouse #CHAfrica @Wamagaisa.

  • HE Sibusiso Moyo - NGO’s and charities - especially in the areas of health and education - are very much welcome. We want to rebuild Zimbabwe from all dimensions and our diaspora and social networks are important to that #CHAfrica.

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  • @AfricaProg How is Zimbabwe open for business when healthcare is dead and ministers and president air lift each other across the border for treatment leaving us to die #CHAfrica.

  • "Zimbabwe is committed to the rule of law. Zimbabwe is committed to look at each case on its merits." - HE Sibusiso Moyo @ChathamHouse #CHAfrica.

  • HE Sibusiso Moyo - Land reform - there is a land commission established and there will be ongoing reform, effective management so that those with resources, such as in agriculture, can invest - including the diaspora. We are auditing land capacity and usage #CHAfrica.

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  • @RickyMarima They are here in full force #CHAfrica.

  • Response of HE Sibusiso Moyo- "...there are probably people who are holding on to land that they are not equipped to " @ChathamHouse #CHAfrica #Zimbabwe #LandReform.

  • Government is auditing land in terms of both multiple ownership and usage - Hon Moyo #CHAfrica.

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  • A questioner from the Zimbabwean diaspora - "The money is there, but how are we going to get the land?" #CHAfrica #Zimbabwe #landreform.

  • HE Sibusiso Moyo - Zimbabwe has opened media space since we changed the leadership. We welcome international media coverage. Local opposition parties have been freely campaigning and the state media will be steered by the electoral commission #CHAfrica.

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