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  • Education is 🔑 to girls’ empowerment. But to learn, girls must feel safe at school. We are so inspired by young women, like Kalkidan, who are transforming their schools into places where girls’ rights are respected! #CSW62 #Act2EndViolence

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  • Together with @UNFPA, @UN_Women, @_AfricanUnion, @EU_Commission and the governments of Burkina Faso, Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia and Italy we gather at #CSW62 to recommit our efforts to #ENDChildMarriage and #endFGM. Watch live → #EndHarmfulPractices

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  • Kenya military has remained in Somalia for two reasons: 1. It is proxy force for Americans together with Ethiopia. Why America supports authoritarian rulers in both countries. 2. It is cashcow for both military and civilian leadership. They get alot of foreign funding @BobGodec.

  • At least 38 people were killed in northern Ethiopia after a bus they were traveling in hurtled off a cliff, officials said

  • Today’s African #proverb: Your neighbour knows you are alive but only you know how you are living. An Oromo proverb sent by Nimona Benti, Finfinne, Ethiopia. How do you interpret this proverb?

  • Ethiopia arrests top Oromia official who openly slammed Moyale killings | Africanews

  • #Ethiopia #TPLF #EPRDF #kenya @UNHumanRights @EritreaAU @NeaminZeleke @NatnaelMekonne7 @mwslimy @judirozi @ShaebiaEritrea

  • Fasting and prayer next week! Be sure to share and invite your friends. #Prayer is essential, especially in such times. March 21-23 at Beza Tabernacle #Ethiopia

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  • To combat #desertification and re-green arid and semi-arid areas in #Ethiopia and in countries, a consortium of partners faces big challenges @ICRAF #agriculture #sustainability #SDGs on @3BLMedia.

  • Is #Ethiopia in the midst of a green revolution?

  • Happy birthday to former Prime Minister Aklilu HabteWold of Ethiopia who worked tirelessly for his country, we’re so thankful! 💚💛❤️🦁 #Ethiopia #Amhara

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  • On the flip side of the arrogance of #Ethiopia and #Djibouti shown in UN against #Eritrea is cowardice to listen to their own public voices.

  • @Revnickk Which is why it is good to read up on lip plates in Ethiopia. But I get what you mean. Maybe it is wrong for me to assume that everyone has been accorded the privilege on information about it as I have been..

  • 비 오는 아침이니까 따뜻한 커피🍵 오늘은 Ethiopia Limu Natural-

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  • These are famous Filipino stars spending their honeymoon in #Ethiopia taking hundreds of such pictures; it seems like they have created a big backlash in their country.

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  • Ethiopia -- Campus Life Party: Adigrat University Students | #Ethiopia |

  • And again and hidden into soles of shoes 1,3 kg cocaine seized. Route São Paulo -Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). Ethiopian airlines. Brilliant INTERCOPS Brasil, AIRCOP great partners 👏👏👏👏👏

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  • @SlimmySlim94 slim thank you for the video. At the end of the video you said you will react to different culture music. please react to these Ethiopian cultural music video. Thank you.

  • Is this some kind of #Russia|n prank? First #Ethiopia now Sudan Russia to sign accord to develop #nuclear power in #Sudan

  • ‘’እንደ መምህር እኔ ዩኒቨርሲቲ አይቋቋም የሚል አቋም የለኝም ነገር ግን Pan-Ethiopianism ያልተቀበለ እንዴት Pan-Africanism እንደሚከተል አይገባኝም’’ ዶ/ር ዳኛቸው አሰፋ #AdwaPanAfricanUniversity #MenelikTaituExclusion #Ethiopia.

  • This is the best time for Oromo to welcome all Ethiopians with love and respect.. Ethiopia belongs to all of us ❤️🙏✌️✌️✊️💪🏿👏🏿.

  • #Ethiopia|n refugees in #Kenya accused the EPRDF govt of abdicating its responsibility of protecting its...

  • Naol Befkadu @NaolBK shares few points on, ‘what would Jesus not do’ as an Ethiopian Christian Considering the current unrest in Ethiopia.

  • Addiction and Mental Health Problems in Ethiopia - ቸል የተባለው የትውልድ ፈተና - ሱስ Sinkisar #Ethiopia #ShegerFM #Sinkisar #Addiction

  • IDEAS is #hiring! The Health Systems Research Coordinator will be based in #Ethiopia and will work to coordinate and implement research on local data use for #MNCH. Apply at by 30th March.

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  • Very interesting article: "Like another detainee, Mr. Alwaleed, Mr. Amoudi’s reach has extended to the United States. He donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and offered his private plane to fly Bill Clinton to Ethiopia in 2011."

  • Ethiopia: Killings, arrests under new State of Emergency – AHRE

  • @nils_gilman Cuban operations in Angola were the most clear cut and the least morally screwy of their adventures in Africa. At least in Angola they were confronting the South Africans in Namibia. Mandela was grateful. Sure beats what went down in Ethiopia..

  • I liked a @YouTube video National Anthem of Ethiopia (1975-1992) - "Ityopya Qidä Mi" (Instrumental).

  • @Lil_Ethiopia He going to have a couple groin injuries and maybe a couple of plays for what it’s worth.