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  • 🗣 Barber: "What can I do for you Marouane?" ✂️ 🗣 Fellaini: "Have you ever seen Micky Mouse?” 🤔 🗣 Barber: "Say no more....” 🤷‍♂️

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  • When Fellaini starts a big Champions League match instead of you.

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  • Marouane Fellaini has a new look for @TheGQStyle spring summer issue [📸 with permission of GQ]

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  • It’s been over 24 hours and I still can’t work out why a half-fit Fellaini started a Champions League RO16 clash we needed to win. Or why Rashford was moved to the right. Or why Mourinho failed to motivate the players at half-time..

  • Stephen Hawking Chelsea Barca Mourinho Sanchez Courtois Man Utd Spain Real Madrid kante Barcelona Messi fellaini Dr_Drilla ( ) 📻📺📺📻🎼📀 1.#Address 2.#Asem ft Article Wan 3.#Nhyira 4. #Greatest 5. #Vagabond 6. #YenkorRemix (Adomaa ft Dr_Drilla)

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  • Should be Smalling/Young/Darmian/Fellaini/Carrick/Zlatan. Only those 6.

  • @rodney_cyrus @markgoldbridge @hazza90 @utdxtra @UnitedSheStands @wefollowunited @LiamPaulCanning @AlexShawESPN 1) Bring Smalling, Young, Lingard, Fellaini out of the team....... 2) Stop talking about lack of money and concentrate on the youth players like Fosu Mensah, Taunzebe, Chong, Gomez...... THAT’S 4 QUALITY PLAYERS FOR 4 DIFFERENT POSITIONS..

  • @Mourinholic Sell blind Young Darmian Valencia fellaini on free carrick Retire zlantan to go play USA.

  • should follow fellaini out of Manchester united this summer.

  • @Mourinholic rojo,blind, smalling,jones,fellaini,herrera, darmian.

  • @FourFourJordan Struggling to get over it myself. Rash was good on the left so he moves him on the Right to accommodate Sanchez. Long balls to Fellaini. His issue is he is too scared to lose. Absolutely disgraceful last night. Embarrassing..

  • @TerryFlewersTFT I was jose in but after his style of play against a team like sevilla which is awfull in defence and playing sh** player like fellaini and then saying we played well as well as it is not new for this club to go out.He is a classless man and he should go..

  • @kelzEzieke A team with Smalling and Fellaini can never be shameless sir.

  • @ManUtdMEN Pogba or McTominay for Fellaini FOR SURE! Mata for Lingard..

  • @Gamble1878 I’d love to see Guardiola getting Herrera, Valencia and Fellaini doing what he’s doing at city..

  • @FourFourJordan I wont ever understand the Fellaini decision.

  • We defended a 0-0, man for man no one in that sevilla XI is better than ours bar Banega- fellaini, but we defended a 0-0.

  • @EmiliodelaRosa5 Solo vi lo de fellaini una vez y creo q fue de fuera de área y lo de dembele es casi en el área chica,lo del primer gol no puede ser,todo el mundo tiene malas noches,solo un portero ganar más puntos q courtois y fue a casillas😉.

  • @soban_shaikh @ManUtd Starting Fellaini over McTominay was the real problem..

  • @Dannytyrer I think the first time Jose has got it totally wrong is last night. I think Fellaini over Pogba or Mctominay was his big error. I get what you’re saying but it’s not always that simple. Teams come to O.T and sit 11 men behind the ball. Calling for him to go is ridiculous mate.

  • @a7exis_mufc And started the game shite because of that midfield. Ben Yedder came on after Fellaini went off so you can’t judge it like that..

  • Fellaini? 👍

  • RMA is about to complete the transfer for Fellaini (GdS) for 65 million.

  • @FourFourJordan We conceded when Fellaini was off....

  • @NCSU_99_17_24 Already better than Fellaini, right?.

  • Banega outshines Fellaini and shows Mourinho what he’s missing | Barney Ronay

  • @rodney_cyrus @ManUtd It’s how we all feel. How can such an elite manager of a top club say something like that and get away with it? He does realize that his tactics was the reason why we lost the game. Starting Fellaini over Pogba was atrocious and we can point out so many things.

  • @breezeXVIX Firmly believed that only City would get through. Loooool you man played a must win with Fellaini.... Wild from the gaffer.