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  • Match Day; KPL 2018 WK2 - Zoo Kericho FC vs Gor Mahia Venue: Kericho Stadium Date: 15/02/2018 Time: 4pm Watch live on @Y254Channel #KPLonY254

  • Tune in as from 4:00pm and watch the live coverage of the Kenya Premier league match between Gor Mahia and Zoo Football Club from the Kericho Stadium #KPLonY254 @Y254Channel

    #KPLonY254 twitter.
  • Zoo Football club will be welcoming Gor Mahia at their home ground Kericho Stadium in Kericho #KPLonY254 tune in @Y254Channel and watch the live actions. ^JL

    #KPLonY254 twitter.
  • Tuyisenge the first goal scorer fauled. Receiving first aid from medical team #KPLonY254

  • come on @ZooKericho @Y254Channel #KPLonY254

  • 40 mins into game. 0-1 as Gor Mahia takes a lead at Green Stadium Kericho against hime team Zoo FC #KPLonY254

  • GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOR MAHIA 1-0 Boniface Omondi feeds Tuyisenge for a tap in... Game on KPLonY254

  • Thanks Odhoji it was dangerous #KPLonY254

  • #KPLonY254 as easy as that Gor 1 Zoo 0 @ssepesown @IdahWaringa @tipkorir @MutisoInnocent @NickMudimba @babyshyx @YngMoss

  • Fingers crossed! #KPLonY254 @Y254Channel @PaparazziKE

  • Ondiek yawa? #KPLonY254 we had celebrated a goal already @ssepesown

  • 30 mins into the game. Its a 0-0 count on goals #KPLonY254

  • We were waiting for a shot not pass #KPLonY254

  • As a lover of #football, nothing else you should be doing right now other than watching @Y254Channel for the #ZooKerichoFC vs #GorMahiaFC match. May the best team Gor win.😜 #KPL #KPLonY254

    #KPLonY254 twitter.
  • You can watch Gor Mahia Versus Zoo FC LIVE on @Y254Channel #KPLonY254

  • #KPLonY254 look at 1st 11 with the pressure Gor giving Zoo @ssepesown tunakula mtu 3-0 @BambaSports @tipkorir @MutisoInnocent @IdahWaringa @NickMudimba

  • 0-0 The game has kicked off Zoo FC VS Gor Mahia #KPLonY254

  • @Y254Channel reduce on the size of the score banner on the screen. It’s too big #KPLonY254

  • #KPLonY254 Got will receive the first thumbing today. @ZooKericho 3-2 GorMahia

  • Will Gor Mahia smash Zoo Kericho on their soil? Simon Mulama and Vincent Opiyo are on set now to Analyze the technical aspect of the Showdown. KPLonY254

  • #KPLonY254 tutakuwa pamoja salimia @ssepesown we gave Zoo team C #kisumudala Gor Biroooooooo!!

  • FT: Zoo Kericho 2-4 Gor Mahia (Tuyisenge, Boniface Omondi, Joachim Oluoch, Samuel Onyango) Second game of KPL... 4G πŸ“Ά Strong πŸ’ͺ #Sirkal #KPLonY254

  • Benard Otieno qualified interrogator #KPLonY254

  • @YngMoss @babyshyx @ssepesown @IdahWaringa Gor Biroo #KPLonY254 Zoo 2 Gor 4 #kisumudala on fireee!!

  • Gor Biroo Zoo 2 Gor 4 @ssepesown @babyshyx @IdahWaringa @NickMudimba #KPLonY254

  • FT: Zoo Kericho 2-4 Gor Mahia. #KPLonY254

    #KPLonY254 twitter.
  • FT: Zoo Kericho 2-4 Gor Mahia. #KPLonY254

  • My fren,...nlikuambia utauma nje #kplony254

  • What a goal it was!! Catch the action on your number one youth channel. @Y254Channel is your true partner in Sports!! KPLonY254

    #KPLonY254 twitter.
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