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  • Alive and tweeting. Give God thanks.

  • Oyaa prezo @Crazy_Nairobian mnavuta nini hizi street😂😂😂

    #Nairobian twitter.
  • Alafu le president @Crazy_Nairobian unaona aje tuweke ngoma moja ya @wangechikenya ikuwe anthem ya chokora Twitter?

  • Different health facilities, different test results.. 😢 Are the symptoms similar or is he suffering from new diseases everyday?

    #Nairobian twitter.
  • #Nairobian: Stay away from my wife, Bebe Cool warns

  • Shout out to all the phones that sounded like success cards, wakina Sagem, Motorola C18, Nokia, Siemens bila kusahau Alkatel 😂😂😂👊!

  • President @Crazy_Nairobian umeappoint @wangechikenya kama ambassador to the UN?

  • @wangechikenya apewe state recognition na @Crazy_Nairobian El president mwenyewe

  • #Nairobian: Exposed- Governor funding beauty pageants to ‘chew’ college girls

  • Inaeza kuwa lit 😂😂😂😂😂

  • This Thread is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥 had no idea it went on 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nilishampea, huyo mzito wetu 👊

  • Most definitely 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • #Nairobian: Meet the ‘rich’ Kasarani landlord who mends old shoes

  • @Crazy_Nairobian tumemwachia Sosoon Msisumbuane na president.

  • @OsamaOtero @kingz254 @wangechikenya One of our own right there 👊👊

  • @eve_chege 😂😂😂 hapana, na vile nimejaribu kuwa soft isikae harsh.

  • Umeanza kubonga sasa, hiyo tender tumekuwai.. Leta burus tuache kutoka Jeevanjee na lung cancer tukienda ku chill.

  • Prezidente @Crazy_Nairobian pale Jeevanjee nadai unipee tender niwasupply na mali safi tuache kunyongwa na mathigara.

  • @Crazy_Nairobian @_ReubenJames ama unafika kwa nyumba unatumwa mkasiage unga , 3 hours later unatafutwa bado

  • @WakungwiM Thanks bruh.

  • @SafaricomLtd Hae in order to eat one million on #tunukiwa nafaa kua na entries ngapi @Crazy_Nairobian

  • 😂😂 As President of chokora twitter I commend you @Sallamasally_ for your powerful tweet.

  • @irdafrica_Kenya Many a Nairobian wants to drive a better car and live in a better hood than his peers- even if it means unnecessary loans to impress. Its a futile rat race that flatters the exterior but damages the pocket, sometimes irreparably.

  • Are you struggling financially, have no time to enjoy life because of your current work and would like to be financially free,travel the world, have fun and help others achieve the same?If yes WHATSAPP 0732506905 for more #CabinetHandover #nairobi #Nairobian #BooksNBlogs #showcam

    #Nairobian twitter.
  • @Benmcoastie @ItsJeffreyJeff @Crazy_Nairobian

    #Nairobian twitter.
  • @Crazy_Nairobian Maybe bring him to Nairobi. Met a lady in hospital who had been taken round all hospitals in Kisumu for months but not getting better. Came to Nairobi, diagnosed with cancer, told if she came early, she may have had a chance.

  • This is Mukumu hospital, all i see is student nurses everywhere.. My cousin has decided to hell with this shit, he wants to take the old man to Aga Khan hospital...

  • @Crazy_Nairobian @ShaffieWeru Mau God give u strength

  • @Crazy_Nairobian Pole mzae

  • @Crazy_Nairobian I pray for his quick recovery, if you are a first born then you are the stepping stone. Dad sick and admitted in hosi and am really running strong.

  • Devilish activities of Clichy, son of uwesmake. #Nairobian

  • @Crazy_Nairobian All will be well

  • @Jonsdann @Crazy_Nairobian @wangechikenya Haha bana

  • Yes you did Cc @Crazy_Nairobian @ChokoraaNews

  • @Crazy_Nairobian Name one street after her... Respect bana

  • Wana stick na sisi kama glue ☺

  • @IamKihenja @Crazy_Nairobian @wangechikenya Hii jina chokora skuizi inaturn on all ghels.. Mpaka wa twitter A

  • @Crazy_Nairobian Blessing za mzee zitakam through.. trust me, you will need them in this life...Mzee atapull through just fine..