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Breaking: President Trump has officially been nominated for the nobel peace prize by two members of parliament from Norway

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21 มิถุนายน “วันครีษมายัน” กลางวันยาวที่สุดในรอบปี เกือบ 13 ชั่วโมง #TPchannel10.

21 มิถุนายน “วันครีษมายัน” กลางวันยาวที่สุดในรอบปี เกือบ 13 ชั่วโมง #TPchannel10 Photo

@oliver_bear @yvrshoots Ya. Over 20 years human has watch them film stuff, first time shes ever been kicked off a public set. Yet humans dad stopped there and someone else said people just had to move to a different spot. Ugh. They film at Parliament on friday so human might go there..

Trending In Kenya: #MagicalKenya #StateOfCorruption #TwawezaLive #Talktopd #Breakfast984 Chebukati #K24Alfajiri KEBS

Only one person on their knees in the parliament @PaulineHansonOz You sold out workers for your own benefit. #auspol.

NSW Modern Slavery Bill up for debate now. The Bill would establish an Anti-Slavery Commissioner, a slavery in supply chain reporting scheme & stronger public procurement processes to minimise risk of slavery in supply chains. @PaulGreenMLC.

A person working on a Parliament of Victoria computer may be blocked from Wikipedia after repeatedly doctoring MPs’ Wiki­pedia entries to omit references to expenses scandals.

Canadian Parliament approves final bill to legalize cannabis.

Truly sickening to see IDS waving his arms in triumph over having successfully deprived himself and the rest of parliament of any say in the event the Government comes back with no deal - very odd way of taking back control.

In all my years in Parliament - even in the 1970s - I have NEVER seen this. This is absolutely bloody shameful. I trust Labour MPs will be disgusted by these desperate and heartless Tory tactics, vote against the Government and back the meaningful vote..

Please do read this & RT Heartbreaking account of what we’re losing without even noticing Numbers of amazing swifts - which remain airborne for 10 months & can fly a million miles - cut in half over last 20 years March on parliament? Count me in.

The mood in Scotland has is a widespread recognition that the Tories are attacking devolution. They have disrespected the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish people..

Grieve 2, giving Parliament a meaningful vote in the event of a #Brexit no deal, wins by a majority of 119 in the Lords..

MP Philip Davies is a cunt whose face I would NEVER tired of punching. Edgelording in Parliament. What a fucking danger..

@swimNVSL Parliament Panthers celebrating end of school Friday.

@swimNVSL Parliament Panthers celebrating end of school Friday Photo

NDC Member of Parliament for South Dayi Constituency in the Volta Region, Dafeamekpor Rockson-Nelson Etse Kwami has revealed that the minority will rescind its decision to sue the National Identification Authority (NIA). @3Newsgh.

This is what somalia needs build a new villa somalia and parliament far away from the center and include atleast 20 ministry buildings.

WATCH: Member of European Parliament @Janice4Brexit attempts to raise safety of Tommy Robinson in EuroParl. Labour MEPs shout her down and EuroParl turns her mic off..

@LBC @NickFerrariLBC Scots voted for devolution, and the Scottish Parliament refused consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill. If Westminster overrules the Scottish Parliament then devolution is dead..

NATIONAL YOUTH PARLIAMENT NYP12 Deadline: July 27, 2018 at 5:00 pm If you are between 15-30 years of age, a youth leader, and you are up to the challenge of the NYP12, you may submit duly accomplished.

@NadineDorries Well done Nad, just about made Parliament a needless monolith in the Rich & Heartless dictatorship..

Petition: Place Cardiac Physiologists on the National Shortage Occupational list..

@jonclea @carolecadwalla He’s too busy re-arranging Chinese made Union flags in the EU Parliament and scanning millions of bits of EU lesigslation in case he can find offence at one and blow it up out of all proportion. Like fish. GDP at best but it will save the even though it’ll cost more.

Australian government demands fast-track passage of anti-democratic “foreign interference” bills | The Turnbull government is working intensively with the opposition Labor Party to rapidly push through parliament two World Socialist Web Site:.

Breaking: President Trump has officially been nominated for the nobel peace prize by two members of parliament from Norway.

After a lifetime of serving the Conservative party, the most senior member of Parliament, Ken Clarke, voted against the government six times tonight. Over Brexit. Seems important, somehow. #EUWithdrawalBIll.

Canadian parliament votes unanimously to condemn Trump.

Canadian parliament votes unanimously to condemn Trump Photo
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