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  • Watching how swiftly the UK Parliament is moving on Cambridge Analytica while our Republican-led Congress refuses to even hold hearings is everything on how broken our government is right now. These people need to be voted out of office!.

  • Even in Ram Setu, the decision to cut it by Setusamundram Project was done by three successive Ministers of NDA-I. One even proudly announced it in Parliament!! Such was their quality of Hindutva. We need a Hindutva based shuddhikaran andolan.

  • The disgusting hate-filled letters and packages sent to Muslim fellow citizens and colleagues in Parliament are utterly contemptible. My full statement here:

  • [email protected]_banks Please just pause, take a breath and think! It is possible to both act on bullying in Parliament and take urgent action on protecting children. It is also possible to care deeply about stopping child abuse without being a grim racist hate preacher.

  • The head of the British Parliament’s media committee has accused Facebook of misleading officials by downplaying the risk of users’ data being shared without their consent, AP reports.

  • By all means ask questions... but 1st atleast allow some respect & homage to be paid in Parliament to 39 Indians killed by IS in Iraq!Why were Team Dynasty, Jyotiraditya Scindia & co. deliberately obstructing LokSabha? Did the same Jyotiraditya ever visit their families till now

  • Can we remind all Tory MPs saying this morning they would never have joined Parliament to take school dinners away from children that only last year they all stood on an election platform of wanting to take school dinners away from infant kids! Or do they now deny that too!

  • The Congress hit back and accused the government of misleading Parliament for four years.

  • A parliament that will clear salary hikes for MPs in a jiffy , but that will not debate the union budget is an affront to democracy.. oppn must co-operate but buck stops with government to get parliament to work!

  • Budget Session of Parliament: M Venkaiah Naidu cancels MPs’ dinner over Rajya Sabha disruptions

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  • If you would like to contact The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon regarding Freedom of Speech, Expression and @CountDankulaTV heres a link to her public contact details

  • #JustIn -- DMK to protest today both inside and outside Parliament demanding for setting up of Cauvery Management Board.

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  • What Italy’s election result means for Europe - Italy’s election produced a hung parliament and it remains unclear what type of government will emerge from coalition negotiations. Iacopo Mugnai writes that regardless of the nature of the next Italian ...

  • Are all subsections of Section 44 still relevant? Professor Kim Rubenstein and Ryan Goss from the ANU College of Law are talking about the issue at the National Schools Constitutional Convention. #parliament #government #canberra #citizenship #constitution

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  • @verbaliza @AmyRemeikis @politijo @annikasmethurst @rharris334 SEND NUGS TO PARLIAMENT HOUSE..

  • @LomaahhMore @canarymission Makes her a contender to be a Labour Member of U.K. Parliament..

  • #AndhraPradesh #TDP MP Siva Prasad came to Parliament today with one more getup demanding Special Status, coming daily in different roles Hindu, Christian, Muslim

  • Upper & lower house speakers should make a rule "if MP is absent without any reason cut 10%. If they fight unnecessarily cut 30% . If they stop the work process of parliament cut entire month salary. Sare neta sudhar jayenge. @S_MahajanLS @MVenkaiahNaidu.

  • The LNP today asked whether a waste levy would increase the cost of fish and chips due to the disposal of grease. Coincidentally there is also fish and chips on the Parliament cafe menu today #qldpol 🐠.

  • Need to get this to 100k. This genuinely needs to be debated in parliament.

  • @monsieurhakka @JasonKayPUBLIC @meran2k And about us being "idealistic", go tell @mariachin from ex-Bersih too. You know she would be advocating for #undirosak too once she is in parliament? But she gave it a fancy name - NOTA (none of the above).

  • The government’s argument that it couldn’t have informed the families citing the fake premise of parliament in session is absurd; a quiet phone call would have hardly violated Parliamentary privileges. If you can pass a finance bill in the din.....

  • @mcgheeianmcghee @Open_Britain @Anna_Soubry 56 per cent of UK vehicle exports go to Europe; only about 7 per cent of European vehicle exports come to the UK. You really should read this Government report. They are so desperate for a deal they just called off talks to stand together with Ireland.

  • @jamiegreeneUK @theSNP @SP_FinCon Thankfully there are reporters there thanks and Parliament TV.

  • I liked a @YouTube video Documentary (Hindi) - 60 years of Indian Parliament.

  • [Downtown] Venusaur (M) (IV: 64% - CP: 477) until 07:01:29PM at 503 A Parliament St

  • For the First time in the history of Pakistan the Upper House of the Parliament will be chaired by a Senator from Balochistan.

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  • "Taking back control"? "Regaining sovreignty"? Here you have it. Parliament is no longer sovereign if "the...

  • Petition: Set up a public inquiry into the National problem of Paedophile grooming gangs

  • (Your daily dose of Kuroda will be along soon) - - Your daily dose of Kuroda will be along soon – BOJ Gov. back in parliament ... -

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  • Interesting. I have given up on the current govt, and was thinking of voting Labour at the next election after today. A parliament that refuses to debate, and condemns the expression of debate is not worthy of the name.

  • If a pregnant woman is harmed & her child dies when the child was developed enough to survive outside the womb, the charge is "infant destruction". Not murder or even manslaughter. This petition asks the UK Parliament to look again at this 89 year old law.

  • Parliament should ban all booze, drugs etc. & charge him now #auspol

  • Your daily dose of Kuroda will be along soon - BOJ Gov. back in parliament