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The SAD Twitter Trends - Top Tweets

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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 00:08 AM IST

The SAD Top Tweets On Twitter

  • New fun game: try to hit the high notes in Camila Cabello’s new song Never Be the Same and cry at your sad attempts.

  • Wow, [email protected] puts down the American people for voting for @realDonaldTrump like he is the authority on morality. FBI is under investigation 4 HRC and Trump Russia investigation. It appears Russian chaos campaign aided unwittingly by Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe & others - sad..

  • he always calls me names & says mean things to make me feel bad about myself but he also sometimes asks me if i want anything from the store & brings me water occasionally. he makes me sad but i know he loves.

  • i’m sad that i forget my strawberries in the fridge.

  • I’m a sad and depressed individual. I lived for people and validation all my life. I met happiness the first time I held my daughter.

  • @StephenAtHome @katbird74 @Comey Comey threw Hillary under the bus, trump threw Comey under the bus, Comey witnesses the disaster he helped create and is having buyer’s remorse! Ruined his entire career and reputation for what? A book deal? Sad!.

  • I lie- I cried this is my childhd prblm even if U r happy eating surviving I immediately think U cld me Rita and I cld be U & then the tears & then I whisper SrirKsnas name truth & a quick Jesus prayer & then I say they r smiling they r fine why r u sad yt I believe in capitalism.

  • @UFOcommunity A sad loss for his family especially, and all his fans here on Earth - but just maybe all the mysteries he has excited us with are now being wonderfully revealed to him. Safe journey Art! 🦋.

  • The Windrush story is an example of a department putting process over humanity – sad to see a minister doing the same. The govt should make this relatively small concession to avoid traumatising women.

  • Eriksen but the lad will claim the goals. Sad..

  • Sad news about the legendary country singer Big Tom who died at aged 81 this morning. Our reporter @HelenaMullins interviewed him at the Castleblayney Annual Fair Day back in 2015. #BigTom #RIP.

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  • The slow, sad death of a great American magazine: What will become of Sports Illustrated?.

  • @TomDaley1994 Tom. Why did we hardly see you at the commonwealth games. We saw enough of everyone else just not you. Sad face 😥.

  • @Midar3 @ChPietsch @sellerie98 Also, do you realize what a sad and dangerous state of affairs you describe by writing “Most of the Web uses Cloudflare”? #monopolies #surveillance #singlepointoffailure #powerconcentration.

  • @mosharrafzaidi @thenews_intl What a sad state of affairs!!! Absolutely shameful behaviour by the state in muzzling the press and the opinion of its citizens and Depriving the citizens of information. This Needs to stop!.

  • So sad! I think that’s a result of total system breakdown, in the country!.

  • most of the snow here melted and i dont think ive ever felt this sad about it.

  • Sad news about the passing of country #legend #BigTom - a gentle giant & great entertainer #RIP.

  • @DailyMailUK is running SIX stories today about various members of the Kardashian clan. Absolute drivel. Guess vacant airheads top the news agenda these days. How sad..

  • 我喜歡一部 @YouTube 影片 Royals - ("Sad Clown With The Golden Voice") - Postmodern Jukebox Lorde Cover.

  • @JTQuigley I know the branch! I just love lattes so it makes me kind of sad to be served a big milky pricey bowl :( is there black coffee affordable? How long can you sit before you have to buy another drink?.

  • its been a month since i had one of the best days in my life and now im sad.

  • @madsyeager I loved this too! It makes me so angry and sad when people equate the death penalty to justice. There’s never justice in taking someone’s life..

  • @levirootsmusic @GMB This makes me really sad/angry #Windrush generation answered the call from the "Mother Country" to come and help rebuild an this how we repay them Mrs May? They responded and have enriched and energised our small Island!!.

  • @comfort951fm Christy who has a shop in Ewet housing and offers me credit facility anytime anyday is moving out of the area. So sad..

  • @LovelyClaireyA This is really sad. They do such a brilliant job protecting us all and do not deserve anything so hard to manage as anxiety. Some of the public need to be grateful for what they go through not abuse them mentally or physically!!.

  • @narendramodi @PMOIndia @Dev_Fadnavis Apalling situation in the Financial Capital of India. Please act on this sad situation..

  • Sad to know that today is the #PopssssS4Finale More blessings to come. Im rooting for you since pbb @MissMarisRacal I love your team up with @ImPascualInigo You guys are both talented..

  • "the ’s dominant business model: “planned obsolescence; a singular, controlled user experience on the console manufacturer’s hardware; and a profit model dependent on margins from software sales.”".

  • @SpecRepUkraine Isn’t it easier to tell your “allies” that if they don’t do exactly as they’re told they will be crucified - instead of the subtle threats! You are the true dictators and bullies - using gangster methods to get your way very sad.

  • @Big_Headers @LeaveEUOfficial Oh do bug off you sad liberalism mental disease as people like you can’t hack it that the million won and we re leaving so there 👋🏻😂.

  • @sjokz Kind of sad that for most people human kindness is the exception, not the standard..

  • @fadifawaz The dust must have settled and the need to be in the spotlight once more has ripped at your core. Time to move on and stop using his name to gain attention. Sad how time can show its true colors..

  • It’s the world we live in now mate. Sad but true.