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Tweet247 | Updated: Thu, 19 Apr 2018, 08:07 AM IST

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  • Let me remind you that yesterday Trump decided to not sanction Russian companies that were linked to the chemical weapons used in Syria. Even though Nikki Haley announced it to the world. Once again Trump’s weak on Russia, because he’s a traitor and Putin’s puppet. #TrumpResign.

  • Has anyone here used the Blueprint model to push course content in @CanvasLMS? Looking to use it for my summer school gig. #IDedchat.

  • @MrJoshLikeABoss Lol I used to work there so I can comfortably say this and it has nothing to do with the food, but FUCK THAT PLACE..

  • @ThomasSanders I was such a “unique” kid (and still am tbh,) I’ve luckily never been full on bullied because of it but I’ve certainly never fit in and that used to lower my self esteem a lot. People I’ve grown up with don’t seem to accept nonconformity, that’s why I’m so ready for college.

  • Every time i watch bring it on I think about how Azealia Banks used to date Jesse.

  • It is so very nice to see this building come back to life! Do you remember what businesses used to be in this well known Loveland location? ~ Laura.

  • @Skepticscalpel @businessinsider Agreed if used properly they will work (probably improperly as well). My point is the mask itself doesn’t indicate how to use it. The only instruction is ignored during preflight..

  • i used to be the person that always fell asleep first on facetime but now im the one getting fell asleep on. idk what this transition in my life means, but im not here for it..

  • @saints559_ @simplykennedy_ truth is yo guy Bradley ain’t got no type of chance lmao you needa stop eating his ass & smell some fresh air for once lmao, even when they used to kick it he had no chance so what make you think he do now? dumb ass nigga bruh🙄😂.

  • @theneedledrop If rapper’s still needed with each other like they used to, the rap game would be better off. My reasoning for this is: people like Tekashi, Lil Xan, Lil Pump etc would be dead and gone. As much as I detest violence and think it’s silly to kill over music, goddamn I’d feel better.

  • @tenderonigirl I used to have 20 all around but i went limo 2 days ago. The funny thing is nypd not pulling me over for it. I expected nypd to pull me over.

  • @JoeLobsinger Uh oh. Hopefully I can get used to it. Really didn’t like huel because of that. I think having more than one flavor will be a big help. Got one of each except regular or whatever..

  • I legit just used “since I was a teen” in a sentence .. it’s almost time to delete my Twitter.

  • @PriyaPrem10 @Shakestweetz Look my parents raised 13 children my mother was a homemaker believe me she worked . My dad worked did what ever it took . Would never take anything from anyone. That’s the way ppl used to be its to easy to get everything handed to you. No work ethic no pride in accomplishment🤬.

  • @BoostGoddess Ah alright, I thought about it but the no boost is weird, I’m so used to boost its badddd 😭.

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