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Mis condolencias con la familia de Allison Argueta. El repudio es general por este asesinato. El sistema legal y cultural de Honduras promueve la violencia. No descansaremos hasta cambiarlo..

@michaelwhite This is so unbelievably rude and callous of you, Michael. Allison Bailey is a black working-class lesbian who was hounded out of her job and bullied by Stonewall. 3 1/2 billion humans are potentially affected by this issue. Your sneering helps no one..

I’m in no place to go and march today. Instead I’ll tweet about my abortion- again- to normalize it, and then try to resist the urge to log back on and check to see how many strangers have called me a whore, or an idiot, or too ugly to rape. Male allies- we are so very tired..

#OnThisDay in 1992, @NASCAR made its first official trip to #IMS. A tire test with Rusty Wallace, Dale Earnhardt, Ricky Rudd, Mark Martin, Bill Elliott, Darrell Waltrip, Ernie Irvan, Davey Allison and Kyle Petty set the stage for a whole lot of history..

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#Allison Muy dolida con esta terrible noticia que nuevamente pone en el foco la violencia sexual contra mujeres y niñas. Mis condolencias con la familia de Allison. Tenemos que seguir trabajando para cambio de normas culturales y erradicar todo tipo de violencia con tod@s.

The big question on everybody’s mind is what happens after the conclusion of the #January6thCommitteeHearings. We discussed that and more with: Allison Gill Norm Eisen Glenn Kirschner Tristan Snell.

Beth Allison Barr is a conservative evangelical Christian who believes that the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God. She also believes that the gender roles upheld in her community are the product of cultural forces, not religious ones..

#宿虎 跟棕榈咪一起摸的咬咬!!!跟咪一起画好开心!!!好喜欢(咪画的宿好好看55555 已经提前预定了等棕榈咪忙完后一起画整页色图嘿嘿嘿嘿嘿嘿嘿嘿.

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Praise from my mom for my interview about interest rates and bubbles with @AllisonSchrager:.

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Yesterday we received the most beautiful surprise, our dear holder @allisonviola showcase her stunning Catrina at the @Coinbase_NFT Future Market. Look at them! 👀🔥 Thank you Allison for taking our Catrinas to the Big Apple and sharing them with the world. 🙏💀❤️.

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Eeyore and his best friends, Ruth Powers, Laura Powers, Allison Taylor, Homer’s High School Date, a woman with headphone and The Babysitter are in The Cretaceous Period running away from a pair of Albertosaurus..

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the relationship between Allison and Luther is weird enough, now she’s using her powers to sleep with him? 🤢.

also, for clarification (SPOILERS AHEAD): Luther is ABSOLUTELY the victim here, in every sense. Allison is the perpetrator because she used her power on him. he had no control.

no tua spoilers please i still haven’t finished but why tf is allison such a bitch this season?????.

This week’s episode of @SIRIUSXM Wheel to Wheel is live right now on ESPN Xtra channel 81. Hear from Christian Horner, George Russell, Otmar Szafnauer, Andreas Seidl and James Allison after Canada 👇🏼 #F1.

Davey Allison won the 1991 Miller Genuine Draft 400 at Michigan 31 years ago today. 🏁 #RobertYatesRacing 🏁.

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Accepted at @JEEA_News: Do Police Maximize Arrests or Minimize Crime? Evidence from Racial Profiling in Cities by Allison Stashko.

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Carreea diciendo que llegaron unos pibes a su hotel para gritarle a Spreen Spreen chupame la pija y demá Amigos, que rompe pelotas. xd.

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// tua s3 as much as the allison viktor episode 7 scene gives me a rash and makes me violently anxious the way ben acts in that scene is so fucking funny he’s just eating his cheese balls and trying to make bets and watch drama.

ai mano a allison tá insuportável nessa temporada so abre a boca pra falar merda sua desgraçada eu te amava.

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Eeyore and his best friends, Ruth Powers, Laura Powers, Allison Taylor, Homer’s high school date, a woman with headphone and The Babysitter are running away from a Deinosuchus..

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Rent and Gas prices have gone up since the last time this was asked which was also like just a month ago. Any man saying no is not being honest lol.

tua s3 spoilers - - - and so its canonically confirmed luther wasn’t the one who initiated the incest w allison. i really hope the people who hate him bc of this open their eyes bc he did nothing wrong.

im not done with tua yet but everyone is saying allison does something irredeemable im terrified.

her zamanki gibi keyifli bir sezondu su gibi aktı geçti fakat 1. ve 2. sezona göre zayıf bir sezon olmuş bence sonu çok havada kaldı ve bir sürü soru işaretiyle bıraktı bizi ayrıca allison karakterinin bu kadar içine edilmesi de hoşuma gitmedi #TheUmbrellaAcademy.

They used to say this about gay people even up to the 90’s - and even now gay parents have massive hoops to jump through to be acknowledged as parents in the same way heterosexual parents are. So forgive me if I am not shocked Allison is treading a well worn bigot’s path..

Allison is doing a charity stream for @StarlightUS! 🍂Donation Link: 💛Watch the Stream:.

allison “miss i-heard-a-rumor” hargreeves really went from “you’re family, viktor” to “we should’ve left you in the basement” real quick..

O el papá de Allison es demasiado inocente (pendejo) o es cómplice, no creo que ningún padre se resigne a creer algo solo porque todos te quieren, me imagino que lo que más querés es aclarar las cosas y buscar justicia..

i was so excited for season 3 of the umbrella academy but now i genuinely have to take a break from watching and im only on ep 5 .. allison’s character is insufferable..

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