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The world is burning and America is lighting fires with hate..

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@JoyceWhiteVance The actions of ORR may reflect the views of then director during 2018, anti-abortion activist Scott Lloyd, who attended Catholic University of America and was involved with Knights of Columbus. First Amendment requires separation of church and state..

@JimOfficious @rayleengale Dear Alabama: Pull yourself up out of all that water by your own bootstraps! See how that works out for you in America nowadays..

@thehill No no you are not a progressive. Go ahead and jump in. We will beat you and then Trump because we can and we are fighting for the future of the people, not of corporate America. Like you and Obama and the Clintons did. We are tired of your kind..

@RahulGandhi Bhakt - Congress ne 70 saal main kuch nahin Kiya warna America se aage hote. Congress - Haan tumhare abbu to kheto main lota le Kar Western toilet use Kiya karte the aazaadee se pehle😅.

@gabrisense Não amore as 2 vai hittar você vai ver, na América latina as coisa não são tão imediatas como aqui no Brasil.

@_beeduzzit @thehill The language has been used regionally but in America just one National Language, and its English. We are America with established borders. Go cross the border illegally in Germany or any country for that matter, see how it works for you, bet it don’t!.

@remgoodnight But like i see everyone from america posting v expensive tickets and its so confusing.

Un tribunal de abre la puerta a denunciar a un fabricante de armas por un tiroteo La Corte Suprema de Connecticut abrió la puerta a denunciar a fabricantes de armas por un tiroteo.

Escucha El Alba de América Latina un programa de @AmericaXXI Horarios: viernes 1😖0 pm, domingos 3😖0 pm y lunes 8 am. Síguelos por @AmericaXXI y descárgalos acá.

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@exjon @benshapiro Your doing the question on average America has the most shooting of any first world country.

The world is burning and America is lighting fires with hate..

El Barcelona visita al Betis en un partido clave por la lucha del campeonato: hora, TV y formaciones.

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@jcajias @marcorubio Lo que está claro que este tipo de mentalidad no sobrevive en Estados Unidos de América..

@winstonCovfefe True and idiots here in America want Muslims to have free range!.

So 9/11 needed to happen as it brought America together? Ariana Grande stans are so stupid.

@Alex_Panetta He doesn’t even READ his Daily Briefing, and he can barely talk in sentences. HE is a PRIME example of the BOUGHT degrees for the rich that have come to light now. No wonder he doesn’t want his educational history to come to light! He is a DISASTER for OUR America!.

A Dark-Haired Girl In Piccadilly Circus by the Deadbeat Poets from El Camino Real 101 on You Are the Cosmos - Record Label and in America on Hallelujah Anyway on Pop Detective Records..

Back in Washington! Did not miss Dulles. Reminder to join me @topefolarin and @SmithInAmerica public conversation on what Africa sees in America. Tuesday..

@Scuzzy_BestLS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ba re mo guy got a Rona re bo mang ho Calling ea hae e tlohile America to From actor/ artist to taxi Re tla reng🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Pitso ke pitsi 😂.

La historia del manuscrito de Cien años de Soledad que se creía perdido y apareció en México.

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@RepublicanSwine @thinkprogress If only America would have the courage to do so here. BTW, all manner of Murdoch related stations are blocked in my home..

Glad to have this insight. I wonder what experiences might be similar and/or different for those born during and just after the Loving Generation..

Atencion @servicioscnelep @CNEL_EP en Norte de Guayaquil Cooperativa Pastor Vera mz 1977 (Atras Colegio Mundo América) camión arrancó tendido eléctrico y los cables se encuentran en el suelo, peligro para ciudadanía. Atender con URGENCIA y llamar al número 0981537163 #Guayaquil.

@BenSasse Senator you were my hope for 2024. But you failed to do your duty. You swore to protect our constitution which gives the power of the purse to Congress. You voted to give up that power to a demagogue, which is @realDonaldTrump. America can’t stand when good men fail to standup.

Through this video-based activity, help students examine America’s struggle for a stronger democracy during the Reconstruction Era and today. #TeachReconstruction #BlackHistoryMonth.

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