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The Build! Build! Build! Program of PRRD has created infrastructures all over PH. The development of roads (for example) led to the rise in the economy of most localities. But then again, the antis won’t recognize that..

Bonita noche a todos, menos para los Antis, a esos no por llorones 😂.

most onces are stuck in traffic trying to make their way to the stadium amongst the long lines and here yall go talking about empty seats just giving antis a reason to shit on the girls without proper context. the show is SOLD OUT the two days, onces are never smart.

GANAMOS y somos SEMIFINALISTAS hijos de su camotera madre! 💛💙🦅😌 Y por eso que CHSM la pendeja Munra, el puto Brayanss, las putas Chivas y todos los pendejos antis. ✊🏻😝🤣🤣.

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🧵 Over the past year of being harassed by antis, I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood & how I was constantly bullied. But I also started thinking about the times that I was a bully myself..

as a c yujin fan I rarely read douban because Yujin receives countless antis after debuting as IVE leader and they are everywhere trust me every c yujin Stans suffer a lot🥲I’m happy to see yujin is wining everyone’s respects again🥲.


@OhTheSunnySide Generally the people who call other people antis, are upset that people are visibly uncomfortable with them making pedophilic or incest related content.

Estamos en semifinales y el antis están rabiando, mamenle durísimo!.

To all the antis complaining about people liking underage anime characters in a sexual way, shut up and fuck off its fiction and you are literally not stopping anyone from being sexually attracted to anime characters. Also Diona is the sexiest genshin character.

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me estpy cagando de risa le dije que dejara de defender a una anti de mierda de th y me bloquea bueno una vez mas descubro que las jokers que dicen “ay amo al vminkook 😍🥺💖” solo usan a th para ocultar que son unas antis de mierda de él en fin.

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This poll showed that u all love to fight! This is for fun and now u all taking it waaayy to seriously! Now I understand why u always be fighting with antis and over the stupidest things ever 😐.

I was probably around 17 when I fully learned this lesson for myself. I know grown-ass adults who still haven’t figured it out. I’m not surprised how prevelant antis are among that high school age demographic. I just hope they outgrow it for everyone’s sake, including their own.

@OhTheSunnySide antis are the terms that whiny ass proshippers cry when people rightfully call them out for the nasty stuff they like :/.

Y se la creen, por eso uno no puede más que reírse de los antis. xD.

Calladón de hocico a los antis con esta imagen de @jcgabrieldeanda 🤫.

Rapido. Sencillo y para toda la familia. Nos vemos en las donde los nunca estan. Jaja..

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why i just see someone say ppl that voted for ltb are antis… y’all can’t be serious.

I find it so funny being friends/moots with people who are antis of cc’s I like because I’ll see them rting about how much they hate that person and I’m over here doing the opposite but then we get along fine.

Bad reviews all from her antis 😭 why would we care about those beggars opinion? Lisa money still outsolds that h*ag jin songs!.

@ncitybase_ Padahal mf ngga ada unsur shipper, cuman bilang editan paling samaan posenya, emng ngga boleh ya klo 2 member ini masuk base? Dikit2 disaltyin ama antis Si paling ship.

@Kp0p_AntiS Now drop a pic of urself. Prolly look like an ogre and u put ur insecurities online..

De ultimo lugar a semifinales, eso es todo lo que me importa, de lo demas que se procuoen los antis.


no way antis are saying dream’s space was sexual. he was sleeping almost the whole time how is that sexual 😭.

Todos los antis sigan llorando y haciendo tendencias, mientras el @ClubAmerica está en semifinal 🦅🔥💛.

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Los “Antis” especialmente los del norte y los jaliscos, traen la riata bien adentro… ajajajja chinguen a su madre! 😎🦅🟨🟦.

@cristinapaez33 los antis llore y llore porque el arbitraje nos ayudó jaja hasme el favron cabor.

No me enseñaron a desearle la miente a alguien pero ellos odian que muchas como tu apoyen a Antis tan malditas, jjajajaj me decías estupida y por si acaso mis padre me enseño a defenderme y desearle la muerte a alguien pero acaso yo hice algo malo? No lo hice tú solita lo haces.

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I used to think there were sane cpfs, but those fans went down the mountain a long time ago. Now cps are just antis in disguise to me..

@haleydon14 i’m really high and earlier i was watching larry videos and being confused on how antis exist.

@thekinokokid Antis: dream just randomly posts hearts and “I love you’s” it’s gross HE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL MF you are sickk😭😭.

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