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Margaret Hamilton stands next to code she wrote by hand to help land Apollo 11 on the moon in 1969:.

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1/2 When I think of Ron Howard and 13, I think of Apollo 13. In 1995, I moved my office to Osaka because of the earthquake, and in July, I was making final adjustments before the release of the 3DO version of Policenauts in September. Apollo 13 was released..

🎨 L’opera d’arte del giorno Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Apollo e Dafne, 1622-1625, marmo di Carrara, Roma, Galleria Borghese #CondividiLaCultura.

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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (3DS) $ via eShop. Dual Destinies (3DS) $ Spirit of Justice (3DS) $ Capcom 3DS Games Sale via eShop..

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Need A negative for my mother. She is admitted in Apollo Vijay Nagar Indore. Contact +91 9713680713.

klavier loves this though he loves the hunt he loves the challenge. also everything apollo has to say is very interesting. i KNOW hes a guy who has several dozen good rants on lock. his standoffish behavior and autistic swag have captivated klavier..

Lunch at home: @ChipotleTweets Apollo Asada, brown rice, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and cheese. Lots of @GoldPeak unsweetened iced tea..

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GM The plot 👀 We smell a guild war ⚔️ Will this be the first in Apollo history? Will this flow through PVP? 🍿 #ImperiumEmpires #Avax.

Earth from Apollo 12 - From Apollo Space (@AbuRaziel) -.

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Apollo shoved himself into the sputnik which he doesn’t normally do and equinox is so done 😹😹💖💖.

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Astrology was the main expression of planetary “science” in Greek/Roman culture, it is not the astrology we know of today. In the sunchildren world quest, we learn that each child was named after a son of Apollo (Helios), and they all had a connection with the temple of Delphi..

I hate when men wanna fw me and then realize that I will never love them the way I love Omar Apollo.

Grasias por el apollo, aora ire a mamarsela al Drast. Dibujito de una marciana.

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Thank God I don’t have good lighting in my apartment. All I would do is post sadboy thirst traps with Omar Apollo lyrics..

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Bora Apollo cadê o foco Apollo cadê o foco o foco Apollo cadê tu não ia vencer bora apollo Apollo foco foco porra.

Actually Apollo has mercilessly gutted the main hospital of Lewiston Idaho.

@zoe_jay_w it’s even better because Apollo has like 900 tragic backstories and Klavier is Like That but they’re still more normal than everyone else.

@zeeorzero Oh my gosh, you’re incredibly talented!! Keep on doing what you’re doing and don’t forget to do it for your own enjoyment!! Believe in yourself!!!.

Also a friendly reminder that Tez was in the same PC class as Apollo Crews, The IIconics, Alexander Wolfe, and No Way Jose.

Pretty sure @ApolloBanksXXX is going to win this race, riding the lovely @riverlynnxxx 🏇🏻.

Here is a random OC fact; I did Not design them just yet but their do exists living Stars in my verse, The most powerful of the living stars is King Apollo They are mighty, giant, bright but… they fear Melano-helio, living stars are snacks to.

#SalarioRosaEstaConmigo más y más mujeres se suman a este gran apollo felicidades.

Opinie: ‘Mijn huisbaas wilde de regenboogvlag weg hebben’ Aan fascisme gerelateerde vlaggen zijn minder problematisch gebleken. Tot zelfs helemaal niet. Het gaat hier gierend de verkeerde kant op. via @parool.

@alfredodelmazo Yo tu ve curso de bolsas tegidas al Apollo de la targeta rosas vamos por mas apollos.

#SalarioRosaEstaContigo Con este gran apollo las mujeres salen adelante en sus hogares.

#SalarioRosaEstaContigo un gran apollo para más mexicanas exselente apollo.

Apolloのラスト階段、地味に同時→片手→同時→片手→いい感じで見たまま押す で覚えたな.

@hati1209 昇段戦はやる気が起きるが降段戦はやる気が起きない つまりはそういうことだにゃ………(´-ω-`).

@yurinosaaan おはにゃ! 主に息継ぎの部分をリピートして聞いてたにゃ!.

Live with #1 Car thief El Salemo today and going to be playing some Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt with the NBC boys later! #ad.

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