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Oh heyyyyyy it’s @Camila_Cabello omg omg omg omg omg💕💕💕 ask me questions about #Romance! #AskCamila.

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🎥 | Spotify -AskCamila #8 Fan: ¿Cuál fue la canción más difícil de escribir y grabar en el álbum? Camila: Definitivamente la canción más difícil de escribir fueFirst Manporque estaba llorando mientras lo hacía, literalmente tenía que ir al baño y llorar cada 30 minutos+.

#AskCamila porfavor mandame saludos y cuando vienes a Perú comer ceviche gracias exitos!.

Eu fazendo minhas perguntas tendo a certeza que ela munca vai me responder #AskCamila.

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Q: how to not fall in love with the fantasized version of a person you’ve created in your head ???? #AskCamila #Romance - @adoreruin A: Took me a while to learn this too.

@Spotify @Camila_Cabello #AskCamila // From 1 to 10, how in love are you? TE AMO ♥️🇨🇱⚡️.

When you realize that you’re in love with Shawn? kisses from Brazil🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️❤️#AskCamila.

Oh heyyyyyy it’s @Camila_Cabello omg omg omg omg omg💕💕💕 ask me questions about #Romance! #AskCamila.

@Spotify @Camila_Cabello Choose 1 song of the album to listen to the rest of your life. Love you gostosa 💓 #AskCamila.

If you were to pick three songs from the album that have huge meaning for you, which ones would you choose? #AskCamila.

Hola camila saludos desde el puerto de veracruz (México)...😊 te adoro chica #AskCamila 💙🙈.

if you could, what’s the thing that you would like the most to change in the world? #askcamila.

if you could choose to swap lifes with someone for a day who would you choose and why? #AskCamila.

@Spotify @Camila_Cabello Camila how was the process of recording the album? #AskCamila.

@Spotify @Camila_Cabello share your playlist of heart-breaking songs with us!!!! I want to cry listening to them #AskCamila.

@Spotify @Camila_Cabello #AskCamila If you had to listen to only one of your songs from the romance to the rest of your life what song would it be and why?.

@Spotify @Camila_Cabello Do you have a funny story to tell us about some date? Te amo meia brasileira 🇧🇷❤️ #AskCamila.

@Spotify @Camila_Cabello #AskCamila In high school I found my were super close friends and everything was great! But She had some issues, our friendship got a little toxic. I tried to help but couldn’ went different ways, I saw her in may 2018, and I can’t move on. I love her 🥺 and I OOP.

Cami mi sueño es conocerte te sigo desde Fifth Harmony! Yo hable con tu mama y contigo una vez, recuerdo que les pedí que vengan a Argentina y en las veces que has venido aún no te pude ver, pero no pierdo la fé te amo mucho ❤ @Camila_Cabello #AskCamila.

Why do you not give credit to artists that either inspired your or your team has directly copied merch from? #AskCamila.

stan normani and stream motivation ugIy btch #AskCamila .

@Spotify @Camila_Cabello #AskCamila When are you going to do a song called Love Only?.

#AskCamila i feel like i’ll never find the real love and it makes me really sad, can you give me some advice?? ps: i love you so much.

More What do you want everyone to take away from the album? #AskCamila.

#AskCamila what song is the most meaningful to you on this album? and why? love you!❤️.

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