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#F1 - Full results of the 1st race of the 2019 FIA @F1 Championship, the #AustralianGP 🇦🇺 ⬇️.

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Lewis Hamilton has converted just two of his eight Australian Grand Prix pole positions into race wins. 2008: Win 2012: 3rd 2014: DNF 2015: Win 2016: 2nd 2017: 2nd 2018: 2nd 2019: 2nd #F1 #AustralianGP.

@wtf1official the Hass official pit strategy for #AustralianGP.

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We are back with our post-race discussion for the #AustralianGP with guest @jamiesanford! We give our takes on the huge victory by Bottas, the unfortunate exit by Ricciardo, and the early tensions at Ferrari.

“By god king, Bottas has changed” @ValtteriBottas has totally turned heel. ‘Stone Cold’ Valtteri Bottas. @steveaustinBSR #F1 #AustralianGP.

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The magic porridge. The beared to be feared. Robottas is back with a vengeance! @ValtteriBottas #AustralianGP.

Stat of the day: there were 10 recorded overtaking moves in the #AustralianGP. Antonio Giovinazzi was involved in more than half: he was overtaken by Gasly, Magnussen, Hülkenberg, Räikkönen, Norris and Grosjean on his way to 15th place. #F1.

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I saw more action and overtaking in my 10 minute drive into work than in the whole of the #AustralianGP yesterday @F1 @SkySportsF1 💤 💤 💤.

The new Sky pad, very Formula One esque says Paul di Resta (carbon fibre look and feel)+. Side by side qualy lap comparison a significant improvement on last year #SkyF1 #AustralianGP.

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I”m tired after the first of f1 weekend #AustralianGP good jop of @Max33Verstappen.

Al parecer el fondo plano del Mercedes de Hamilton se dañó en la vuelta 4 de carrera. Eso explicaría la tremenda superioridad de Bottas sobre el británico. #AustralianGP.

Vedo confusione su un aspetto: se la scarsa prestazione di Ferrari sia stata colpa di gomme o di motore. Cerco di chiarire: le gomme sono il motivo per cui Seb andava più piano di Charles; la PU il motivo per cui entrambi andavano più piano di Mercedes e RB. Ok? #AustralianGP.

Mercedes #F1 boss believes Ferrari simply got its set-up wrong at the #AustralianGP, rather than the result showing that Mercedes is the better car:.

#AustralianGP Ferrari: 'We will let our drivers race each other' Yeah and my mom is actually Justin @F1 🏃🏃🏃👍👍👍.

Disfruta de las mejores fotos de la primera carrera del año #AustralianGP #Formula1 @F1.

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Abschied von Melbourne. Für den Saisonauftakt einfach genau die richtige Stadt - tolle Atmosphäre, nette Leute. Dankeschön mal wieder! #AustralianGP.

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This was also the last time a #Ferrari was on pole for the #AustralianGP.

Impresiones del director de Ferrari después del #AustralianGP via @ligasordidaf1 #F1.

¡Valtteri Bottas sorprende en el arranque de la @F1! 🏁 El finlandés superó a @LewisHamilton y GANÓ el #AustralianGP 🇦🇺.

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Sauber (Alfa Romeo) probably wonder what they did when they sacked Marcus Ericsson for Giovinazzi.🥴🔫 If it hadn’t been for those Williams 😴#F1 #AustralianGP.

Gasly will not last long in Red Bull uniform if he continues on this trend. But on his favor the team may has no other ready choice #F1 #AustralianGP.

A day late to update. . Formula 1 is back🥰🥰🥰 . Adrenaline and petrol burning through. #formula1 #AustralianGP.

Ditch the #AustralianGP and look into the grand annual sprintcar classic in warrnambool! Can see the whole track from your seat. More power to weight than an f1 car @TripleMRushHour.

@ValtteriBottas had porridge for breakfast and aced the #AustralianGP for breakfast today, porridge it is..

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#F1 - Full results of the 1st race of the 2019 FIA @F1 Championship, the #AustralianGP 🇦🇺 ⬇️.

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