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Took a quick walk down Memory Lane here with a BLACK WIDOW doodle in between pages 🕷✍️.

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Black Widow - Las mejores reacciones de Twitter

the post credits scene of the black widow movie better be a space ship hurtling out of the sky towards earth and crashing, and the door opening and natasha slowly stepping out before it fades to black and we see ‘black widow will return’ on the screen.

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.....tomorrow we’re probably getting black widow cm2 bp2 xmen and fantastic four.

not to be that person but kinda disappointed rachel and david weren’t in the black widow clip :///.

- Black Widow Series - Loki Series (even though the logo is crappy) - Proud Family Season - Sam and Bucky Series - A Obi Wan Kenobi Series - A Love Simon Series Now A Lizzie McGuire Reprise with Hilary Duff? IS @disneyplus ANSWERING PRAYERS OR SOMETHING?! 😭👏 #DisneyPlus.

Not to be that person but kinda disappointed that Rachel and David weren’t in the Black Widow clip. :/.

Unpopular (muchisimo) opinion: voy a ver black widow por florence y no por scarlett porque han echado a perder el personaje y quiero ver uno nuevo y que lo traten como se merece.

Cant wait black widow is so badass even without superpower 👏👏👏.

Mas gente afinal o filme da black widow vai acontecer depois de guerra civil, antes de guerra civil ou é a origem? Pq até hoje to confusa.

el siguiente año será el año de black widow y nadie puede decirme que no, el siguiente año es de mi bebita.

@STRANGEMINTERS it is literally Not Appealing they left it far too late for a black widow movie honestly.

okay i am a legal protector of black widow and if i see any more gross comments on leaked set photos it’s on sight.


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shit black widow is being released in may what if it gets released on my birthday.


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Acaban filtrar avance de la película de Black Widow #Tecnologia.

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No sé si estoy en shock por lo de Hoseok o por lo de black widow, yo solo sé que estoy en trance.

the way everyone on my tl are freaking out over a 4 second teaser for black widow. now imagine when the movie comes out.

The preacher’s wife or black widow?…✞ 🕷Emma Smith was both. Don’t miss an all-new episode of #MurderInTheThirst hosted by @TheRealLRaye1 SUNDAYS 9/8c on @BET..

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Scarlett Johansson films Black Widow solo movie in Surrey via @DailyMailCeleb.

@mcujedi rise of skywalker and black widow footage both in one night we really thrivin.

ตย. หลุด Black Widow ตอนนั้นเขาบอกว่าเดือด แต่ฉันไม่คิดว่าจะเดือดขนาดนี้!.

isso que ta passando na tl de black widow é o trailer??? pqp esse filme vai ser ótimo.

Black Widow nos da el primer vistazo al inicio de la Fase 4 desde #D23..

Así era Black Widow (la Viuda Negra) en su primera aparición en cómic. Fue en Tales of Suspense #52 que se publicó en 1964..

Black Widow Foto

Took a quick walk down Memory Lane here with a BLACK WIDOW doodle in between pages 🕷✍️.

Black Widow Foto
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