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I finished #BigLittleLies which was an emotional roller coaster 🤓 and I just wanna know after waiting two years why tf only 7 episodes 🤷🏼‍♀️ #BLL2 @HBO.

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I love that the #BLL2  finale closing credits were set to Jackie Jormp Jomp ❤️.

The BLL2 finale was the only ep of the whole season that made me forget I had a phone.

Willie Nelson - Have You Ever Seen the Rain (Audio) ft. Paula Nelson a través de @YouTube desde que ví el episodio final de #BLL2 #Biglittlelies que no paro de cantar este tema 😍👏👏👏.

me encanta Renata tio antes no la soportaba pero en esta temporada esta que se sale #bll2.

Neutral bottom? Lawful vers? Chaotic top? Behold the #BLL2 characters as gay archetypes. Which are you?.

Comunque TvTime segna che la serie è conclusa, ma Sky dice finale di stagione, so? #BLL2.

Ora guardo il finale di #BLL2, sono tristissima che finisca, una delle miniserie meglio costruire che io abbia visto, il cast è talmente stellare che non ci si poteva aspettare di meno.

She was fucking sensational this season #BLL2 #BigLittlesLies @lauradern.

I like these women. They are so beautiful and talented ! 💘 #biglittlelies #BLL2.

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And also @LauraDern smashing the toys of all my enemies #BLL2.

#bll #bll2 omg someone please get this old b**** mary louise out.

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@FabianWallmeier Do yourself a favor and watch season 2, it will be worth every second of your time! If not for anything but to see Meryl Streep contribute to #BLL2 what she does is worth it. It was a brilliant show and I pray we get a season 3. #BigLittleLies.

I finished #BigLittleLies which was an emotional roller coaster 🤓 and I just wanna know after waiting two years why tf only 7 episodes 🤷🏼‍♀️ #BLL2 @HBO.

Can we appreciate this bit right here? Mary Louise went from 0 to 9999 real quick! #BLL2.

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Far from a perfect ending, but heart-warming nonetheless. Some tears, a lot of goosebumps. A sense of closure. And from my bedroom, a silent salute to the spirit of Celeste Wright. Did we once call her weak? What the hell were we thinking? #BigLittleLies2 #BLL2.

Hueón, el final de #BLL2 fue pero increíble. Un excelente cierre a la historia, y el desenlace de todo fue maravilloso. We stan Queens!.

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La gente de HBO se tomó en serio eso del “domingo de bajón” para el último capítulo de #BLL2 ¿Y ahora qué?.

PSA: Renata Klein’s “don’t go there, judgy judger!” is going to be my new comeback from here on out #BLL2.

Yes Renata! She deserved to let all the steam out. And her husband deserved all the smoke. #BigLittleLies #BLL2.

Mary Louise really is awful. Now she is blaming Celeste for Perry abusing her. #BigLittleLies #BLL2.

Celeste comin out firing! Mary Louise look shook for the first time all season #BigLittleLies #BLL2.

I’m already stressed. I know something bad is going to happen. I can just feel it. 😬 #BLL2.

Renata cussing out Marry Louis at Starbucks the first few mins into the show, yes I stan #BLL2.

Deus me livre conviver com alguém como a Renata,mas que bom que ela disse o que disse para a Mary Louise #BLL2.

Qué le bajó a @HBOLAT por emitir doblada al español sus series? Obligado a descargar el último capítulo de #BLL2 mañana porque me niego a verla sin subtítulos..

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