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“If this was Tom Brady or Derek Jeter in a prison camp for nine years, the outrage would become an unholy din.” Bring her home..

Tom Brady lost his wife and to the Browns this year, that man is in hell 😭😭😭.

@BrianAd63110405 Dude, we held Tom Brady to 17 points and made him look.

@spurs_four @openedend Not only is coaching atrocious but several players have been ass too. Evans isn’t putting in effort, Smith is killing drives. Brady has to be perfect which isn’t sustainable.

今シーズン、1Q死んでて2Qいきなり強くなるケース多いよね〜  まさか‥HerbertさんMahomesやBradyの領域に足を踏みいれたのか!?.


@MMADumbTweets Luque, Brady, Neal, Thompson, Belal I favor him over Leon for sure as well..

It’s basic football stuff. How have you been in the league this long, and have Tom Brady and think it’s not enough fucking time.

@LukeEasterling Brady also, he’s not getting a pass on this one. 2 comps out of 9 attempts to Evans, those passes to Evans were so bad today..

@CBSSportsHQ This is a historic trash stat. I’d love to see the numbers for Tom Brady within the same time span.

You’re telling me Tom Brady had 3 opportunities to win the game and couldn’t get it done vs the Browns?.

@CornellNFL Brady was the problem . Everyone else did their missed passes .. only check downs and bubble screens.

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Brady Foto,Brady Foto by Luis78Yqc,Luis78Yqc on twitter tweets Brady Foto

Nice one. Now if Saints just do their usual Brady extermination job on MNF that should be the end..

It’s really a shame to ruin this teams window and more importantly maybe Tom Brady’s last season ever due to coaching holding them back..

@Sox1904Red @Granite603 Brady is not playing well enough to overcome all the bullshit..

@NFLSTROUD The thing that gets me is the defender jumping. If he gets over and hits Brady that’s a roughing the passer penalty. It was reckless.

Here the Brady fans go .. looking to blame anyone else but him for his terrible play . Brady lost to a backup after having chance after chance to win the game . Overthrowing passes .. I can’t make this up #twitter.

@jamesmerilatt If Wilson truly wants to win he would restructure his contract. Brady, Manning did it all the time. Noticed they were never the highest paid players in the league. They realize that doesn’t lead the championships.

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@WilliamShatner 🏈Update: although the Browns played like💩for most of the season, TODAY the Browns beat, in OT, the , Tom Brady!!👏👍 Browns records is 4-7. I will ALWAYS be a loyal fan of my team, the CLEVELAND BROWNS, no matter what..

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Every #Gobucs drive this season: 1st down- Run up middle, gain of 1 2nd down- wr screen, gain of 3 3rd down- Brady misses Evans deep.

@TheSamerAli Bowles had that problem in NY. Bad end of game management. Not sure if he was letting Brady do it.


@Derek09329884 @ZackBlatt The point is he has handed the keys as a 6th round scrub. He was a nobody. He wasn’t the Tom Brady you know now..

@RealSkipBayless AND horrible, conservative, predictable, play calling on the last 4 drives! Ditch the OC and let Brady run some uptempo drives.!.

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