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@tiroaGiroud Lost e Breaking bad secondo me le migliori di sempre. Appena uno scalino sotto c’è Prison Break. Questa è là top 3 per me.

Breaking Bad: 2 dubstep songs Better Call Saul: 0 Dubstep songs Pretty obvious which one is better.


How has it taken me almost 23 years to watch Breaking Bad it is absolutely phenomenal everyone needs to believe the hype.

da gucke ich nichtsahnend breaking bad und dann kommt plötzlich einer der besten songs von timber timbre 🔥🔥🔥.


@All_Screens Que difícil, me encantan muchas series. Diría, Mindhunter, The leftovers, Shameless, Breaking Bad y Juego de tronos..

Ojo a esto, porque el martes pasado en @ProgramaDelYuyu de @CanalSurRadio os hablé del peor videojuego de la historia ( el Extraterrestre) y cómo acabó enterrado en un desierto de Nuevo México, a lo Breaking Bad:.

@dfg_741 @anjoanmest Es bastante complejo honestamente, porque a veces ni aunque lo pongas como malo lo entiende la gente. Ve nomas cómo se pusieron algunos con The Boys o Breaking bad.

I fucking quoted the You go to the bathroom, you unzip your pants, and you touch yourself line from Breaking Bad to Robin and she fuckign thought I was quoting Kim Kitsuragi.

watching breaking bad cause it has imdb above 8/10 and CHEMISTRY yummy also i always thought hal from malcolm in the middle was a good actor he is like perfect for walter whtie.

clearly I’ve been watching too much breaking bad tk almost have a panic attack over a sainsburys delivery driver.

I’ve been stressing so much i started breaking out so bad. Issa no for me. No more stress. It is what it is baby.

@AndyGraham22 I’ve never watched Breaking Bad and I feel like better call Saul stands up pretty well on its own. Like, there probably is stuff I’m missing, but I never *feel* like I’m missing something if that makes sense..

@GaviAutiste avant ma série préféré c’était breaking bad et better call saul mais depuis que j’ai vu got sayer.

watching drag race and breaking bad back to back is so funny highly recommended double feature.

ดูbreaking badแบบมาราธอน สมองแทบจะระเบิด ทำไมมันเครียดทุกตอนเลย😭 ขอกลับไปพักใจกับmodern familyก่อน.

Y si solo quieres ver lo mejor: The Wire, los sSoprano, El lado oeste de la casa Blanca, A tres metros bajo tierra y Breaking Bad están ahí esperándote..

@mriossanmartin @Pattyms_80 Mis sobrinos de 16 y 18 han alucinado este verano con Breaking Bad. Y una de adolescentes que me parece muy interesante es Por 13 razones (la primera temporada solamente). En ambos casos para ver y comentar acompañados..

The directional trajectory of the Breaking Bad universe is a rare example of how if the writing and directing remains high quality, the audience will actually love the expansion of the universe. Unfortunately, not many directors and writers pull this off. #BCM114.

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@kiikazuu The shows are so damn dense with their detail and deeper meanings that I get something new every time I watch. I’ve seen Breaking Bad 5 times and I guarantee I’d get a whole new experience if I watched again since I finished BCS.

I recently finished Breaking Bad, and that has to be the greatest tv show I’ve ever watched.

@Havana_Zima Got es conocida por ser mainstream pero realmente es muy sobrevalorada y bastante meh. Conclusión vean breaking bad y better call saul.

منهم Breaking bad باديه فيه من قبل كورونا وتوني واصله اخر سيزون وحلقاته الى الان تحوس 🦦.

@hoslx the vampire diaries the walking dead breaking bad teen wolf وكل المسلسلات الي نفس جو دولا ما تابعتهم.

Y’all be breaking yall necks to get with a nigga with designer who teeth all fucked up too. Two bad breath mf together kissing it up with gingivitis.


@kiikazuu i watched breaking bad because of epic rap battles of history and thought the pizza on the roof thing was a major plot point.

@Goodfellas91JV Posteo memes de Breaking Bad sin haber terminado Breaking spoileao todo pero me quedé a principios de la cuarta temporada hace tela, así que ni puta de cómo murió..

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youtube wont stop recommending me breaking bad/bcs videos and i feel like my brain is filling up with poison i have no idea why.

someone please explain the butterfly effect of edtwt being obsessed with breaking bad.

#breaking out these bad boys 😂 they only ones I can find 😩 #thursdayvibes.

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Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul & El Camino | Little Dark Age ( @YouTube.

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