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Johnson Intended to Break the Withdrawal Agreement Even Before He Signed It - As I wrote 11 months ago, Raab and Johnson sought legal advice on breaking the Withdrawal Agreement even before signing it, in a truly shocking example of bad faith negotiation.

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Bartleby ()

@MattGertz On the other hand, the media is breaking the hot news story that Biden is sometimes late for things. So, you know, both sides do bad things.

Iman ()

If i had a dollar for every time someone told me to watch breaking bad

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Doth ()

Après vérification breaking bad est effectivement la plus grande série de tout les temps

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Deniz of the Ocean
Deniz of the Ocean ()

Crawl Space really out here being my favourite scene in Television period. Its been years since I watched Breaking Bad, and yet everytime I see it, it immediately reawakens every iota of stress that scene instilled on me during my first watch. Immaculate.

Alura 🕊
Alura 🕊 ()

I’m breaking out and it’s my fault but ugh its not my fault the bad shit always taste so good

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DR.Lefty, I HATE Drumpf!#BLM,#FBR,#BidenHarris!
DR.Lefty, I HATE Drumpf!#BLM,#FBR,#BidenHarris! ()

Anyone know if there is a Go Fund Me for that lady from Canada? You know who I mean. She needs bail least she tried. Someone watched Breaking fucked it up!!!

Juri Sternburg
Juri Sternburg ()

Kommt mir jetzt nicht mit Und was ist mit Breaking Bad und GoT? Wenn deine Lieblingsserie nicht ab der ersten Folge die beste Serie der Welt ist bin ich zu ungeduldig für den Scheiss

sorry for the brba yaoi
Sorry for the brba yaoi ()

This sounds really bad out of context so I just wanna clarify. It’s about breaking bad yaoi

RJ ()

Miss Donato will have plenty of time to catch up on Breaking Bad when she’s in the jury house #BB22

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Mateus Asato
Mateus Asato ()

6 anos depois, cá estou assistindo Breaking Bad novamente. Desta vez com a ilustre presença da minha namorada @majutrindade, que acabou pegando no sono logo nos 2º episódio. Que série!!! 🔥⚗️

Alex Percy 🐸🦦✨
Alex Percy 🐸🦦✨ ()

what if i made a breaking bad/better call saul haha just

Elena Nicolaou
Elena Nicolaou ()

Riggins has to move in with coach and leave the breaking bad extra he’s living with. There is no other option!!! #cantloseclub

Severina Xique xique
Severina Xique xique ()

Engraçado que depois que estreou a força do querer breaking bad não lançou mais nenhum episódio

Ginny Potter 🍆💦💦
Ginny Potter 🍆💦💦 ()

TV show recommendations!!! I want something along the lines of Breaking Bad, Sopranos, Better Call Saul!!

desenho rupestre de boquete
Desenho rupestre de boquete ()

Ninguém perguntou farei uma lista de 10 séries do século 21 obrigatórias e excelentes: 10- Sopranos 9 - Penny Dreadful 8 - leftovers 7 - Bojack Horseman 6 - Six Feet Under 5 - Fringe 4 - mad men 3 - battlestar galactica 2 - Breaking Bad 1 - Fargo (pq subestimadissima)

YouTube: Canal do VSR
YouTube: Canal do VSR ()

Stranger Things em segundo e Sherlock à frente de Breaking Bad. Pelo amor do

Soul Monkey
Soul Monkey ()

Otra vez Breaking Bad es TT, no, no es casualidad que sea le mejor serie. 😉

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غديره⁵|⁦ 🇮🇶⁩
غديره⁵|⁦ 🇮🇶⁩ ()

احسني الانسان الوحيد الي ما تابع لحد الان لا GOT ولا breaking bad

Bento ()

1 - Família Soprano 2 - Bodyguard 3 - A Maldição da Residência Hill 4 - Breaking Bad 5 - The Twilight Zone 6 - Dark Se puder desenho, eu colocaria Haikyuu no lugar de Dark.

August West
August West ()

BREAKING: @jaketapper claims, without proof, that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s last dying request was that Trump doesn’t get to pick a replacement for her before an extremely controversial election where the Libs want to try mass mail in voting because “oRaNgE MaN bAd!” and Biden sucks.

عبدالرحمن بيحب حنان 💕
عبدالرحمن بيحب حنان 💕 ()

اتفرج على Breaking bad ازاي بعد ما احمد السقا حرقه في مسلسل ولد الغلابه

Natsu_goldi ()

Toujours bon de rappeler que Prison Break n’égalera jamais Breaking Bad.

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Craig Murray
Craig Murray ()

Johnson Intended to Break the Withdrawal Agreement Even Before He Signed It - As I wrote 11 months ago, Raab and Johnson sought legal advice on breaking the Withdrawal Agreement even before signing it, in a truly shocking example of bad faith negotiation.

Liam Govey #BLM #Antifa
Liam Govey #BLM #Antifa ()

Or split the difference. American dramas based here. Breaking Bad: Weston-super-Mare.

Martino/pietropoli ()

Chiedo venia per aver considerato “Better Call Saul” una serie ancillare di Breaking Bad. Ha la statura e il carattere per essere indipendente, oltre ad avere (come BB) la più interessante fotografia degli ultimi decenni (in questi episodi di Marshall Adams).

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لیلیث. ()

من انقدری که از breaking bad شیمی یاد گرفتم از مدرسه نگرفتم.

Prasanth ()

Breaking Bad now trending What TV series such a wonderful series in my life

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Ujjwal ()

Lmao Breaking Bad always comes in trending list when people are ought to choose b/w TV Of all time 🙌

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The Cut
The Cut ()

“If you’ve seen the second episode of Breaking Bad, I know you know what I’m talking about, because you don’t simply forget this scene. It stays lodged in your memory forever, haunting you like a ghost with bad intentions”

Father ()

If the US had free healthcare we would never have gotten Breaking Bad, don’t think I want to live in that world

☚ #BTSxUNGA #BackDoor2ndWin ☛
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