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Tom Brady informed Bucs today at 6 am he’d be retiring. One aspect I’d been mentioning for a bit now: Brady for months implied to many close to him that it was going to be either a return to Tampa or retirement. Tough for many to believe, including those close, but he meant it..

#Georgia OC Todd Monken is interviewing for the #Bucs OC job tomorrow, per me and @MikeGarafolo. Monken is a strong candidate to take his old job with a new head coach..

One more time: It helps the Bucs for salary-cap purposes that Brady is retiring and not signing elsewhere. The team should now be able to take $35 million in dead money counting against the cap from is old contract and shift about $24 million to 2024, a big help for 2023..

Bucs interviews Saints passing game coordinator Ronald Curry for their OC job..

Bucs continuing their OC search with a seventh interview, this today with Saints assistant Ronald Curry..

Work: “Tom’s retiring again can you go get us a shot of the #Bucs flag?” Me: “It appears the flag has also retired. Or Tom took it as a souvenir.”.

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Brett Maher reading the script against the Bucs.

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Tom Brady called the Bucs at 6am this morning to retire. If I’m the Bucs I’m like “bro…you cant retire at 4pm?”.

I couldn’t believe it when @TomBrady chose the Bucs in 2020. Then he brought the city a Lombardi Trophy in year one. Sometimes I still can’t believe he spent three years in red, white and pewter. What a journey, what a career. Best wishes in retirement, Mr. 🐐. Thank you!.

I would be circling that Bucs roster like a shark right now. No QB, 50 million over the cap, they need to hit reset and have a couple of WRs I would be calling about..

Bye Brady, Hello Bucs WRs? A List You Don’t Want Your Team On, Real Reasons for Hope, and Other Bears Bullets.

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@Buccaneers I think most Bucs fans know in reality it was time anyway. He wasn’t playing well last season. I believe we can still get playoffs with Trask and a good OC. Even better if we get a better QB in..

@KeithOlbermann Should have gone out with the Patriots. Then should have gone out after the Bucs won the SB. Now, it’s just good riddance. Hey, Aaron Rodgers, take a hint..

Brady gave us the impossible with a Super Bowl. Some fans haven’t had that in their lifetime he gave us that after a year. Whatever you think of him as a person, fair enough, but as an athlete and professional, he have the Bucs and their fans what we wanted and more #LFG.

@NFLonFOX Getting suspended for cheating! Also the pick against the colts in the AFC Championship game. He is not as loved outside Boston as you think. This is a great day for all non Patriots and Bucs fans!.

I still hope the #Bucs eat the salary cap issues, aren’t active in FA & basically tank the 2023 season. Yeah I know coaches/players have jobs on the line & didn’t sign up for that. But it’s EASILY the best move for the good of the franchise moving forward..

The Bucs have interviewed a seventh candidate for their offensive coordinator position, current Saints Passing Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach Ronald Curry..

Former #Patriots and #Bucs legend Tom Brady agreed to a 10-year, $375 million deal with FOX in May, and he is expected to pursue his broadcasting career in 2023..

***NEW Can #Bucs Afford To Trade For Aaron Rodgers Or Derek Carr? @josh_queipo breaks down the possibilities RIGHT HERE:.

Trey Lance, YOU will be remaining a San Fransisco 49er! Jimmy G, YOU… should consider the Raiders? Jets? Bucs? …Texans?!.

With the GOAT gone who will the Bucs replace him with. They are in Cap Hell. Don’t want Carr. Rodgers (Long Shot) Tannehill?.

@Lorenz_KO @Yobobito 💯💯💯 he proved himself into staying at Bucs. He deserves to stay!.

@PFTCommenter any word on if the jets are trading Hackett to the bucs? Any flight tracker activity? Anything you could give us would be helpful.

@Nader723 Saints will have a better record next season over the Bucs. I’m a leave it at that..

@TomBrady Love you, Tom! Thank you for all the years of joy you brought this #Patriots fan. Oh, yes-I was a #Bucs fan while you played there, that’s over now! Enjoy your retirement, hope to see you in the sports booth!.

@WhiteSox_UK Would 100% try to squeeze out more. Also, with the Brady news, Bucs may want to trade up as.

@sebbolduc Avant Brady j’ai maintes fois assisté à des matchs des Bucs avec des billets à moins de 75$ à la ligne de 30. Ils peinaient parfois à aimanter 40 000 spectateurs..

The🐐‼️ Thanks for the memories in Tampa, being a Bucs fan has been a lot of fun the last few years💪🏻🫡.

@Sidelines_SN @SSN_Buccaneers Almost certain Bucs don’t have their 1st Round pick til 24’. IF this is the case… makes it REAL tough to keep pace w what a few other teams seem prepared to offer right?.

@BarrysOnHere @LanceTHESPOKEN 🥱 3-3 overall, ass kicking to the bucs occur when the picture was taken.

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