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TWICE’s Chaeyoung Warns Nayeon’s Stalker After He Leaks Her Phone Number


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@Chaeyoung_s_p リプ失礼しますm(_ _)m じひょちゃんで参加希望です!! まず、feelspecialのじひょちゃんのビジュが好きすぎて欲しいんですけどモノグラフ自体も高くてトレカのみでもあまり出回りがなくてあっても高くて💦 中々手に入らないのでぜひ頂きたいです(。>_<。) じひょちゃんは2年程推

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@laliceuphoria baby chaeyoung, jak słodko): pomyślę jeszcze nad tym, ale jak będę robił to już Ci chae zaklepie, kochana!!

Kang_min.hee : 𝕏𝟙 𝓲𝓼 𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓫𝓪𝓬𝓴 ()

Hands up 🙌 for Chaeyoung for calling out that bastard. This does not only apply to TWICE, but for all idols out there. Everyone deserves to have their privacy and that no one should take it from them & to those who do needs to be punished & be ashamed of themselves #Chaeyoung


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@Chaeyoung_s_p モモペンです! 最初サナペンだったのですがモモのキレッキレのダンスとMVやショーケースで見せる雰囲気に惚れました もちろんサナは今も2推しです でも天然なモモちゃん可愛すぎです もっと早くモモちゃんに出会いたかったと思ってます💦 お願いします‼

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@Chaeyoung_s_p 毎回素敵で豪華な企画ありがとうございます😭😭ツウィちゃんで参加させて頂きます!

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@ichigo_baby1008 心を癒してくれてるような。。 というか、癒してくれてます笑

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i’m literally so upset but i’m glad chaeyoung is not shying away from calling these men out and knows they are not real onces

Bwibaby🌸 ()

@jypeTwiceTurkey @JYPETWICE Chaeyoung’un instagramda ki yazısını çevirmeyecek misiniz ?

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The big 3 of twice where I can imagine them being pissed and scolding once are Jihyo Chaeyoung Jeongyeon Y’all better not make jeongyeon upset and the rest of twice i think they’ll be softer :(((

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@Bastian65152693 @YoshTG btc you are everywhere asking for the number, do you feel a minimum of respect for Chaeyoung or the rest of twice?


why’re ppl so incapable of something as basic as respect. leave chaeyoung alone. leave twice alone ffs 😤

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i can tell by my right tiddies tingling, chaeyoung can save the world,, yup yup tell these viruses to fuck off chaeyoung!!

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TWICE’s Chaeyoung Warns Nayeon’s Stalker After He Leaks Her Phone Number

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