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Friday night so cheers to you and your loved ones have a great weekend love ya’s all. #fridaynight.

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I love beer. And I’ve been trying to venture out and try as many Louisiana beers as possible, because imo, we are an underrated state for local brews. To help correct this, I present to you The Great Big Thread of Louisiana Beers that Y’all Should Be Drinking Cheers 🍻.

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My Aunt lost her husband to dementia… then months later found a man that she loves to be with So amazing to see ppl in their 70’s like high school kids… 😂 they are so happy 3 cheers for life never stopping and enjoying your last days!!!! 🙌 🎇.

@dunmesedupaaron 💯 my friend. I learned a long time ago that having a large network with a wide range of views/perspectives is an amazing way to go through life cheers 🍻.

@ewan_smfc Cheers fella, yes a weight has been lifted for sure. Hopefully be able to make it - work dependant. 🤞🏼.

Cheers Twatters. Hope you are all loving a great Friday evening🍻.

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@DadDancing123 Cheers Kev and I hope you are on the mend. Hope to see you back running soon. 🙏.

@thatguyinabeani @KostaVGC Hahaha cheers boss! Excellent event, had a ton of fun - even better chatting in the discord. The beanie community is excellent!.

Fully closed out of this now. Hard to complain about +48% in 2 weeks. Cheers if you played along.

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Happy first birthday blessed nephew. May God protect you always. The Gabriel Creature turns 1️⃣ Cheers my boy🍺🍺..

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I did not create this. All credit goes to Kirstin L. Cheers via Facebook. But I did want to share..

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@DennisMOLeary @MissVal95073680 Had dinner here last night Dennis. Highly recommend the Cod. Cheers! 🙂.

@IonaMcKay Cheers, Gorgeous Lady! Bottoms up! I wish you the very best of health & good fortune! 👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍.

@kingofchezo_WBA Cheers mate , he is off his head on morphine at the minute but hopefully after a nights sleep he will be more like himself tomorrow.

@MissCatHarvey @EwenDCameron Just watched it brilliant again cheers for the laughs x Ewan yer joke was shite 🤣🤣💙.

@krombacherUK Is There Any Other Beer Cheers 🍻 Looking forward to My Three Free Beers!.

@moonballs_ Talking to people like you is like talking to a wall. The journalists who put this out recognize the mistake in the translation from cheers to long live to russia. Imagine apologizing for a journalists mistake..

@relatandohisto1 Con el final de Cheers Y el de Principe de Bel-Air.

@lizlibra1009 @Lucialicious22 Cheers …behind that shines I sense sultry, passionate intelligent sexy.

@homosharts you just came to mind when i read the violently transphobic stuff i was sent since it’s similar to stuff i’ve seen you say to another trans woman that you’ve continuously harassed on here if it wasn’t you then, ok. that’s settled. cheers.

@MASKEDMANIACXXX Fraser Crane is an underrated character, he was really funny in Cheers( favourite all time sitcom) and his sitcom was really good also..

Happy birthday my sunshine, God bless you today tomorrow and forever . Cheers.

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Sideways Step or Two by stevedownunder: 🔗 Thanks Trev, ? Cheers, Stephen..

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@WGNMorningNews @pattomasulo Happy Birthday Pat! Cheers from Thunder Bay, I watch you and the team every day! Thanks for bringing joy!.

For #MinionsHappyHour, just a little of the Glenlivet. Cheers, @ebeth360!.

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@TMainolfiWESH LOL! Of course not Tony, we respect the game too much! Cheers to you my friend! Thx again!.

@rabid_centrist @Trollstoy88 Hey, misinformation comes from both sides, no matter the conflict that a certain individual supports. I simply pointed out that those were acquired a while back for other purposes. Cheers mate!.

inventei um drink que é uma delícia, anota aí: -dosezinha de cachaça de jambu -dosezinha de rum -dosezinha de rum -hortelã -um cravo da Índia -umas gotas de baunilha -um fundinho de açúcar -água com gás -gelo cheers! #drinks #cachaçadejambu.

@TrivelaEffect Ahh Cheers lad!🥂 Thank you for your insightful opinions & analysis, keep up the good work and you are bound to achieve success one day!.

These are just some fun facts. We’ll continue with more info for you to explore. Have a safe weekend. Cheers! 🍷.

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