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Which lineup are you rolling with?! #ChiefsKingdom | #BoltUp.

#ChiefsKingdom Foto,#ChiefsKingdom Foto by Sunday Night Football on NBC,Sunday Night Football on NBC on twitter tweets #ChiefsKingdom Foto

Patrick Mahomes is on another level right now. 💪🔥 #ChiefsKingdom.

#ChiefsKingdom Foto,#ChiefsKingdom Foto by Sunday Night Football on NBC,Sunday Night Football on NBC on twitter tweets #ChiefsKingdom Foto

Who ya got on SNF?! LIKE for #ChiefsKingdom RETWEET for #BoltUp.

#ChiefsKingdom Foto,#ChiefsKingdom Foto by Sunday Night Football on NBC,Sunday Night Football on NBC on twitter tweets #ChiefsKingdom Foto

Isiah Pacheco in the first half: 5 carries for 46 yards Run. The. Damn. Ball. #ChiefsKingdom.

Carlos Dunlap with a batted pass at the line of scrimmage, and Nick Bolton with the interception. That is their second takeaway of the day. #ChiefsKingdom | #LARvsKC.

Rams completed one they slowed the chiefs down. Only 4 possessions in 1st half. KC scored on 3 of four, but only 1 TD. Need to hammer 3rd Quarter. #ChiefsKingdom.

Last time on SNF, our defense looked like ass in the first half and then we came out and held Tennessee to like 10 yards… hoping for some adjustments like that tonight 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽#ChiefsKingdom.

My wife just called this the ‘bad tattoo’ version of Patrick Mahomes and now I can’t unsee it. #NFLonFOX #ChiefsKingdom @PatrickMahomes.

#ChiefsKingdom Foto,#ChiefsKingdom Foto by John Kreicbergs,John Kreicbergs on twitter tweets #ChiefsKingdom Foto

Yeah, there’s no holding on this play…nothing to see 👀 #ChiefsKingdom #SNF.

#ChiefsKingdom Foto,#ChiefsKingdom Foto by KCinMO,KCinMO on twitter tweets #ChiefsKingdom Foto

Chiefs safety Juan Thornhill Thornhill is wearing cleats that honor the three Virginia football players killed last weekend. He is raffling off the cleats to benefit the families of the young victims. #ChiefsKingdom.

#ChiefsKingdom Foto,#ChiefsKingdom Foto by KMBC,KMBC on twitter tweets #ChiefsKingdom Foto
Kris Ketz
Kris Ketz

I don’t see the @RamsNFL beating the Chiefs today. But I think it’s possible the Chiefs beat themselves today. #LARvsKC @kmbc #ChiefsKingdom.

Chiefs lead 13-3 at halftime. Chiefs should have more points but the defense did their job in the first half. #ChiefsKingdom #RamsHouse.

Halftime: Kansas City Chiefs 13 x 3 Los Angeles Rams ▪︎Era pra tá uns 21 pontos pra gente, mas toda hora matam a campanha com um holding #ChiefsKingdom.

#ChiefsKingdom our @Chiefs defense is holding it down today! Our team overcoming mistakes to put points on the board! If we continue to solidify the chemistry, look out Super Bowl!.

@Chiefs We got this y’all! Drop a selfie 🤳 #ChiefsKingdom ❤️💛.

#ChiefsKingdom Foto,#ChiefsKingdom Foto by KINGDO❌ JEFF ❤️🏹🏈💛,KINGDO❌ JEFF ❤️🏹🏈💛 on twitter tweets #ChiefsKingdom Foto

Man, @NFLOfficiating really wants the chargers to compete. Hopefully the second half is fair. #ChiefsKingdom.

@Chiefs Not worried. @PatrickMahomes has plenty of targets who can catch his passes. If Brown and Wiley can keep Chargers from chasing him around, that is. #ChiefsKingdom.

@Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom harass the piss out of the @NFLOfficiating with this garbage ass officiating they’re doing. One sided ass no calls and calls. Someone on that crew got money on the chargers!.


We feel your pain Mecole. Thank goodness the Chiefs got the dub or that TV would be gone. #Chiefskingdom.

🚨 Tonight’s Postgame Lineup!! 🚨 Chiefs vs Rams Breakdown Immediately Postgame on RGR Postgame LIVEstream with @MattDerrick on @LockedonChiefs #ChiefsKingdom #NFL.

Kelce made jalen Ramsey look absolutely a FOOOOOL!!lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol #chiefskingdom.

I just got on from Arrowhead to see the overreaction halftime crowd. I take it the same rowdy crowd will be back again!!! #ChiefsKingdom by 17.

Nine different Chiefs receivers with receptions in the 1st half with KC leading, 13-3. #ChiefsKingdom #LAvsKC.

Yessir!!! BIG LOS with the deflection to set Bolton up for his second straight game with a pick! #ChiefsKingdom.

Whoohoo! Now, @_nickbolton2 with an interception! ❤️💛❤️💛🏈🏈🏈🏈 #ChiefsKingdom #LARvsKC.

@natasha2marie @Dynamite4Life We need to run the ball more!! Is that a doubt? #ChiefsKingdom.

só pra terminar: comemorar a vitória sim, porque é mas tirar lições do jogo de hoje, nos playoffs não pode dar esses apagões! o próximo é contra os bengals, vamos por mais e até amanhã meu proletariado ❤️ #ChiefsKingdom.

Yo #ChiefsKingdom quit blaming the refs. Loser mentality. Team and coaches need to be better. Very sloppy half..

Can’t wait to watch another half of chargers not getting called for penalties 🫠🙄 #ChiefsKingdom.

Aaron Sachs and @tkelce commercial finally ran locally. 2nd half is ours. @Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #87AndRunning.

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