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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 00:03 AM IST

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  • BREAKING: Resolution to save #NetNeutrality now has 160 cosponsors in the House. We are getting closer to victory, but now we must fight even harder. Keep making your voices heard on the phones, online and in your communities! #OneMoreVote.

  • @cogdisynct It’s liberating, a step closer towards dadhood.

  • @ParisHilton Paul Louis Kuitert, paintert,.. :(2013,2018 :(years^6 :( tablets10,, :( rijsenhout,!! Paris Hilton,..I love my fans just as much as they love me. I feel closer with them than I do most people that I know. Paris!!! LOVE!! PEOPLE! Paul,!!!.

  • Stadium for Cornwall moves step closer with £3m of council funding.

  • @Swapfellcandy He moans out, feeling Cin finish, and pulls his closer, member throbbing, biting his ribs gently..

  • I think the easiest truth in this life is detecting who sincerely cares for you. Just take a closer look and be ready to accept reality.

  • Sourcing opportunities arise when #internships are implemented into your #companyculture. Take a closer look at why your intern could be your next employee: #TalentAcquisition.

    #Closer Foto
  • @attoliancrown @wolfalicecooper @braviary The bvb vs Bayern game in Chicago is much closer for me but that match may be too depressing to go to..

  • @Cursed_Magician Preston pulled a chair out from the backstage and moved it so it was more closer to the center stage right before sitting down.

  • finally my dad came home from work to see what was wrong and we saw something stuck in the tire. we assumed it was probably a nail for sure but upon my dads closer inspection, it was not a nail. it was one of my earrings the end.

  • Adagio is now one step closer too world domination #AdagioDazzle #Venom #EquestriaGirls #MyLittlePony #Marvel #brony Venomous Siren" by danteshadow1.

  • Humans to be genetically modified in Europe for the first time — following Chinese experiments This brings the creation of the superior Kalivolka man closer to a realization..

  • Paint can closer @JasonPottinger @paintcancloser1 . I was skeptical to. But the more i used it the easy my days were..

  • @MarodRodwell Yeah right. We are too much woke now. We know what they know. We are with them closer than they think..

  • @tabone29 Watch out for the idiot behind me. 🤣 Danger: Student Driver. 😭 You shall not pass. The closer you get the slower I drive. 😂😂.

  • @Audrey81398223 @UpsteadRheese25 Yeah, thankfully he seems to be fine. Who knows, maybe Owen will bring them closer. Never say never..