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#Bears sked: Week 1: 49ers 2: at GB SNF 3: Texans 4: at NYG 5: at Vikings 6: Commanders TNF (Oct 13) 7: at Patriots MNF 8: at Cowboys (Oct 30) 9: Dolphins 10: Lions 11: at Falcons 12: at Jets 13: Packers (Dec 4) 14: BYE 15: Eagles 16: Bills (Xmas Eve) 17: at Lions 18: Vikings.

BIG. TOUGH. PREDICTION. #DallasCowboys #NFLSchedule Analysis: Biggest Game, Toughest Stretch, Prediction.

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RJ Ochoa
RJ Ochoa

Dallas Cowboys schedule by opposing quarterback: Tom Brady Joe Burrow Daniel Jones Carson Wentz Matthew Stafford Jalen Hurts Jared Goff Justin Fields Aaron Rodgers Kirk Cousins Daniel Jones Matt Ryan Davis Mills Trevor Lawrence Jalen Hurts Ryan Tannehill Carson Wentz.

@ChiFanZach The Cowboys official Twitter page actually put this out. They must’ve paid him 😂.

Closing out the first #NFL Sunday of the 2022 season in style! 👀🔥 Buccaneers vs. Cowboys - who ya got?! Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

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@MapleLeafs @SalesforceCA the maple leafs are the new york knicks and dallas cowboys of hockey! chokers!!!!.

@PFF_AndrewR I love late and have wanted more then 2 prime time games and an overseas games . It suck we can’t spoil Cowboys thanksgiving.

@Oh_HeyBaee 👀 Now this sounds like a move. I tend to go when they play the Cowboys in Dallas or Saints..

Disappointed you didn’t stop by the terrific space hosted by @calvinwatkins to discuss how the Cowboys would go undefeated or lose every game this coming season..

Dallas Cowboys are really getting on my nerves the lil skit just proves that all yall care about is publicity #CowboysNation 😡.

@JimmyKempski Week 3 is a train ride to DC and the Cowboys have the same amount rest on week 16..

@RepDemBoyz4Life Cowboys haven’t had a losing season when their QB was healthy for more than 5 games since 2010. So yes, I’m ready.

Washington doesn’t have back-to-back home games until the last two games of the season with the Browns and Cowboys. #HTTC.

@JayMorrisonATH Colts vs Cowboys for the KCvCIN week so i doubt that gets flexed either.

@MySportsUpdate Lions and Cowboys on Thanksgiving again!? What are the odds this happens two years in a row?.

@UCBarstool Vs Cowboys since I now live in Dallas. Going to rock the Burrow jersey. Unlike in Cincy tixs at normal prices can be hard to find in DFW, fingers crossed 🤞.

For the second consecutive year, the Cowboys will open the regular season against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers..

I am a cowboys fan. have been all my life. but this guy has it right. THE TRUTH HURTS..

Chase will go for 150 but Diggs will get a tipped interception or something and then Cowboys fans will claim he was locked up.

3 of the Cowboys first 5 games are the two most recent Super Bowl Champions and the most recent Super Bowl runner-up.

Magic Round Bingo. So far I have seen Rabbitohs, Sharks, Eels, Tigers, Dragons, Manly, Cowboys, Panthers, Knights and a lone Roosters fan. Haven’t left Sydney yet. Only 6 to go..

@ScooterMagruder The Cowboys running the clock out on themselves in the first round 🤣!.

@PierreGarcon @Commanders And Wentz gonna wanna show out week 3. We might go 3-0 heading into the cowboys game.

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This looks like two cowboys standing back to back about to have a gun fight.

@stephenasmith @dallascowboys 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!!.

Bills , Cowboys , and maybe one GB L are the only DEFINITE L’s that I see . Patriots , Eagles , and Dolphins are all 50/50 to me 🐻⬇️.

sept 26, my house, watching the cowboys fuck the giants into another dimension. God i love monday night football.

@DonnySm84749368 @RealSkipBayless he down playing it so when the cowboys win a few games he be flexing like they won the super bowl. notice hwo he flexed how badly they beat phila last year an didnt say one thing about them playing 3rd stringer..

@jtrill69 Yeah with McCarthy I wouldn’t be surprised. Fwiw i ain’t a cowboys fan. I just have to pull for our guy. I got no choice.

@ConnorThomas975 Not quite the same at least the cowboys have eras where they dominated the league and won championships we won 1 in 1967 and 1 in 1983 no dominance in sight.

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