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¡Es bellisimo! Nuevo vistazo a Daredevil con el traje que usará en She Hulk.

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✨Manifesting more of this dynamic in Daredevil Born Again✨.

@LordPatriot445 The Netflix Daredevil series is the best thing marvel has made in my opinion..

3. Daredevil by Frank Miller Issue #191: Roulette in particular.

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@ThelastSinn Ikr I’m a huge daredevil fan and I can’t wait to see him back 😍😍😱😱.

@Alberto_Fallen Tengo entiendo que Matt enterró su traje original y que el herrero le armó a bullseye un traje para que fuera un imitador de daredevil.

FIRST LOOK: Charlie Cox as Daredevil in #SheHulk #SheHulkAttorneyAtLaw.

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@Birdstache I was the same way with him but it’s maybe my favorite Daredevil run, it’s pure pulp but he really gets Matt.

OUR DAREDEVIL BORN AGAIN!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🔥🔥 #Daredevil #DaredevilBornAgain.

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@PunishedLobster It’s almost a good concept for armored daredevil but there are a bunch of little things wrong with it.

This is funny and true. Ngl Pretty sure the Accords will play a comeback role in Daredevil: Born Again and that Hydra will somehow make a return in Captain America: New World Order. And I think Secret Invasion might deal with the Blip somehow..

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@ItsLazBoi @JeremyAVO Oh well in that case that is wat brings in the views let’s be real it is wat it is their are she hulk fans but their a lot of ppl gonna tune in for that daredevil episode.

Black widow in A moonknight in S Gotg2 and SP2 in F wandavision, daredevil and punisher in D hawkeye and ragnarok in S Thor lat in A.

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@MentalAwesome @pavlovsdoggos because since daredevil was cancelled people have had a hard on proving that marvel tv wasnt canon and now that its obvious they are wrong they dont want to admit they are wrong.

Charlie Cox is the best daredevil we’ll ever see in our lifetimes and that’s a fact.

therapy watch daredevil ❌ ✅.

@Electroalces Daredevil es genial, pero jamás se podrá comparar con Wanda ... Ella esta sin dudarlo en el top 5 de los mejores personajes del otro nivel además que puede vencer a los otros 3 sin despeinarse.

:) (I guess this is the right time to watch Daredevil. Properly this time)..

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