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Elo : am good baby Diane : what Elo: am good #BBNaija.

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VOTE Joe to 32052🤧 in the foolishness of Diane, she swapped one of the most valuable members in her Team Cruisetopia leaving the likes of Jackie & Esther behind🙄 Our Lebanese Pussu cannot go home now ooo #BBNaija.

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Tacha, mike, ike, venita, khafi, Diane and mercy are my favorite of them gaz win that money #BBNajia #BBNaija2019.

@KuukuaV The way I hate this Diane now ehhhh. Busy body. Go and meet the people u saved and leave mercy nland Ike alone. Leave them to have their moment..

@Kiara_Diane_ A ain’t shit, stop stop it is where it’s at ! f*ck these opinions.

@UNV_EliClark 프흐흐, 아 진짜, 너무 귀엽다니까. (네 입술에 지긋이 입 맞추고).

@tragicdeedee Literally like a bunch of stupid brats lmaooo it turns into lord of the flies.

@Diane_7A @PaulLeeTicks Well, when you consider who the sire was ... it makes sense..

I had forgotten how hilarious First Wives Club is! Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler have me cracking up!.

@UNV_EliClark 프흐흐, 귀여워라. (꽈압 안에서 부둥부둥) 너무 귀엽다니까..

@RawBeautyKristi Kristi. Listen. I NEED you to know that I 100% impulse-bought a pair of comfy black overalls off Amazon as a direct result of you. Thank you for coming 2 my tedtalk.

@chadbensonshow Research published earlier this year indicates limiting who gets guns is more important in reducing gun homicides than limiting the type of guns. Suggests adding convictions for violent misdemeanors, not just felony’s, as disqualifies would do more. As would adding threats..

@UNV_EliClark 아닌데. 내가 엘리를 왜 놀려, (꼬옥 안고 머리쓰담).

@diane380 Diane, ça serait ben l’fun mais j’ai peur que le nous soit difficile à booker surtout avant cette date. Mais de mon côté au retour du Texas, si ça te convient on s’organise une rencontre 😉.

@Diane_7A @PaulLeeTicks Je. Sus. Fuck. Did they have plastic surgery? At least one of those two had to have had it, just to hide the syndromic phenotype..

Okay but guys. Charlize Theron in Long Shot is giving me ovarian explosion Regina Mills vibes. Also June Diane with dark hair is 😍.

So we forfeited a convo b/w Seyi n Tacha jus so we could have Diane and Elo cooking. beht wait na Buggie what did we do wrong 4 goodness sakes #BBNaija.

Diane had the opportunity to save Ello or ike two people she is close to she went to save sir Dee that does not send she is getting emotionally attached to ello and regretting her If ello leaves on Sunday eye go clear her #bbnaija.

Elo : am good baby Diane : what Elo: am good #BBNaija.

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@MatthewRose86 @GuidoFawkes You’ve been using Diane’s latest Abbotacus, haven’t you?.

This midnight cooking is something else Elo and diane can you guys leave that kitchen and go to bed already #BBNaija.

Napapano ka diane? Nagkamali kana nga sa portal mo pati pa sa contract mo nagkamali kana naman!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

@Im_Akua @wunmi201 And u forgot that Joe might pay Diane back Wen he survives it.

Elo: there are people that kinda get on my nerves. People like Frodd na. Enkay annoys me o. Diane: are you serious? Elo: she annoys me coz i dont fully understand her & her intentions when she talks #bbnaija.

@capedjoosader Thanks to you, I just learned Diane Abbott has blocked me. A badge of honour..

@TRHLofficial Ck her for ticks. Read some other stuff they carry besides lime deaseas. 💜🇺🇸.

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